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Authors & Books

Many Web Pages are maintained, some by authors themselves, some by fans (some have more than one page, so if you see multiple entries, check them out. Fun & content loaded. Also many bibliographies. Here are a few I’ve found of interest. Ed Abbey Page | Chinua Achebe | Kathy Acker | James Agee | Anna Akhmatova | Louisa May Alcott | Mark Amerika | Sherwood Anderson | Louis Aragon | Jane Austen Info Page | Paul Auster Bibliography | Isaak Babel | J.G. Ballard | Clive Barker | Donald Barthelme | Roland Barthes (wikipedia) & at kirjasto | Charles Baudelaire | Greg Bear Page | The Beat Generation (Beat Museum) | Samuel Beckett & at | Brendan Behan Worship Page | Madison Smartt Bell | Robert Benchley | Ted Berrigan | William Blake | Manuel Bocage | Jorge Luis Borges | Ernest Brahmah | Richard Brautigan | Andre Breton surrealist page | David Brin | Joseph Brodsky & at kirjasto or Ralph magazine | John Brunner | John Brunner Bibliography | Pearl S. Buck | Bukowski Hank | Charles Bukowski Buk’s Page | Bukowski Page | Bukowski Black Sparrow Graphic Art | E.R. Burroughs | William S. Burroughs at Levity | William S. Burroughs Archives | William S. Burroughs Archives Litkicks | Captured by The Powers | Secret Agent in Hell | Michel Butor | John Cage | Italo Calvino | Calvino Page | Albert Camus | Albert Camus | Truman Capote | Capote/In Cold Bood | Leonora Carrington | Jim Carroll Page | Lewis Carroll Page | Hayden Carruth interview | Raymond Carver | Neal Cassady | Neal Cassady Dharma | Neal’s Denver |Willa Cather | Raymond Chandler Page | Rene Char | Thomas Chatterton | Agatha Christie |Caryl Churchill | Robert Coover | Douglas Coupland Page | Douglas Coupland File | Douglas Coupland | Stephen Crane | Stephen Crane U Texas | Robert Creeley | e.e. cummings (Virginia) | e.e. cummings (IMSA) | John Curl | Dante Chronology |Simone de Beauvoir | Samuel Delany | Don Delillo Homepage | Delillo’s America | P.K. Dick |Diane di Prima | Dickens Project | Charles Dickens | Emily Dickinson | H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) | John Dos Passos per Daniel Aaron | Dostoevsky | Fydor Dostoevsky | Doyle/Sherlockian Holmepage | Theodore Dreiser | John Dryden | Umberto Eco | Gunnar Ekelof |T.S. Eliot | George Elliot (Mary Ann Evans) | Harlan Ellison Page | Ralph Ellison | Ralph Ellison Bohemian Ink | James Ellroy Confidential (French/English) | new!Hans Magnus Enzensberger & Interview & Editorial-Gazette (German) | James T. Farrell profile | Trussell’s Howard Fast Page | Faulkner Page Yoknapatapha Cty | William Faulkner Page | Lawrence Ferlinghetti | Henry Fielding | F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary Page | Janet Flanner | Robert Frost | Gabriel Garcia Marquez | John Gardner | new!Eduardo Galeano |new!Romain Gary aka Emile Ajar | Jean Genet |Karoline von Ginderrode, et al | William Golding | Goethe | Oliver Goldsmith | Edward Gorey Page | Caesar Hadrian | Thich Nhat Hanh | Joe Haldeman | Radclyffe Hall | Seamus Heaney | Lillian Hellman | Ernest Hemingway Page | The Papa Page | Barry Hughart | Langston Hughes | Victor Hugo Les Miserabe | Zora Neale Hurston | Aldous Huxley | new!Henrik Ibsen (Anarchy Archives) or at Emma Goldman Papers | Eugene Ionesco | Alfred Jarry | Ted Joans | James Joyce | Kiril Kadiiski Bulgarian poet | Constructing Kafka | Jack Kerouac BI | Kerouac Bibliography | Jack Kerouac | The Kerouac Quarterly | Ken Kesey Homepage | Kesey Sites | Further | Stephen King |Stephen King (on the Web) | Jerzy Kosinksi | Milan Kundera Info | D.H. Lawrence | T.E. Lawrence resources | Ursula LeGuin | Philip Levine | Sinclair Lewis Page | Jack London | Jack London Sonoma | H.P. Lovecraft Archives | Malcolm Lowry | Lydia Lunch | Cormac McCarthy | Vonda McIntyre | Claude McKay |Katherine Mansfield | Herman Melville | Edna St. Vincent Millay | Arthur Miller (Amnesty International) | Arthur Miller Nerd World | Czeslaw Milosz | John Milton | Margaret Mitchell | Lucy Maud Montgomery |new!Michael Moorcock | William Morris | Jim Morrison | Jim Morrison Hotel | Peter Morwood and Diane Duane | Jim Nash Page | Pablo Neruda | Tim O’Brien Page | Lance Olsen | Michael Ondaatje | George Orwell Political Writings; Orwell at wikipedia; « Barcelona, 1936 » at Anarchy Now!; at Spartacus
| Dorothy Parker | Kenneth Patchen | Walker Percy | Benjamin Péret | Sylvia Plath Links | Charles Pymell | Edgar Allan Poe (Wonderland) | Powys Notes | Terry Pratchett | Proust Said That | Alexandr Pushkin | Thomas Pynchon | Pynchon at Hyperarts | Pynchon at Not Bored | Kenneth Rexroth | Rimbaud Bohemian Ink | Rimbaud Pages | Rimbaud LitKicks | Kim Stanley Robinson | Henry Rollins’ Stuff | Salman Rushdie | Salman Rusdie @ | George Bernard Shaw | Shel Silverstein | Upton Sinclair | Patti Smith Babelogue | new!Gary Snyder: The Beat Page, Poetry Flash, Anarchist Poets | Alexander Solzhenitsyn | Alexandr Solzhenitsyn Gallery | Norman Spinrad’s Page | John Steinbeck | Bruce Sterling | Bruce Sterling (Rice) | Wallace Stevens | Robert Louis Stevenson |Jonathan Swift | Allen Tate | Paul Theroux | Dylan Thomas | Dylan Thomas | Hunter S. Thompson Page | Hunter S. Thompson Graffiti | Thurber’s World | J.R.R. Tolkien | B. Traven | Mark Twain Resources | Jack Vance Archives | Jack Vance Information Page | Boris Vian | Gore Vidal Page | Gore Vidal | William Vollmann |Kurt Vonnegut |Alice Walker | Mika Waltari | Evelyn Waugh | H.G. Wells | Rebecca West | Walt Whitman | The Wild (Oscar) Wilde Web & at Workers Solidarity | Robert Anton Wilson | A.D. Winans | Gene Wolfe |Thomas Wolfe | Ira Wolfert Rideout author | Richard Wright | William Butler Yeats |

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new!The Anarchist Music Quiz
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songsters, Contemporary anarchist bands, Classical anarchists
Classical music


| Busby Berkeley | Luis Bunuel in Spanish | Charlie Chaplin | Gordon Parks |

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Research, Reference, Library & Other Useful LinksAl Filreis’ Homepage (is Al one guy?! …what one Al can do | ABA Bookweb new books | American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies | American Publisher’s Association publishers in the US | Anarchist Librarians Web | Anglo-Saxon & Medieval Period | Aspiring Writer’s resource | Author Pronunciation Index | Autographs Online | Bibsocan bibliography | Book_Arts-L Mailing List | Book Arts & History on the Net | Book Binding, A Tutorial | Books Out-of-Print: Searchable database | LoC FAQ: Book Preservation/cleaning | Center for Book Arts | Conservation OnLine. Stanford | Directory of Library/Archives Exhibits on WWW | Doug’s Library Science Fiction | 18th Century Resources | Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy & Utopia | Bibliophile Research Materials | Genealogy | Hytelnet via Inter-Links or the U of Kansas Links to many libraries | Inkspot writer’s resource | Internet Book Information Center | Booklovers: Fine Books and Literature | J Godsey, Book Binder’s Page: Massive resource | Jones on Bookbinding | The Labyrinth medieval resources. | Library of Congress. | Literary HyperCalendar | Modern Fine Printing. | Rare Books on the Web resources | The National Archives. | Peter Verheyen’s Book Arts Web | The Publishing Resource getting published | rec.arts.books FAQ Page | Renaissance & 17th Century | Research Libraries Group 63 million bibliographic citations in RLIN search engine & English Short Title Catalogs known books in English pre-1800. | Restoration & 18th Century | University of Virginia Rare Book School | Vanderbilt Book Research | Your Old Books FAQ Princeton |

The Vietnam War Over 4,500 entries, many annotated, & growing: Recollection Book’s Vietnam War Checklist / Bibliography / …
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Labor| Ballad of Ned Ludd in stereo | Bottom Dogs Work-related writers/literature list | Brock University Labor Studies | CNT/AIT (France) (French, Spanish, English text) | Czarnecki’s Labor Education Newsletter & Worker’s Education Local 189 Home | Eugene Debs | Debs Grolier | Debs’ Canton speech | DSA Labor Activist Page | Eclectic Events in US Labor History | Everett Massacre | Freien ArbeiterInnen Union | The General Strike | Goodbye To The Unions Autonomous Class Struggle In Great Britain – Echanges Pamphlet | Haymarket Massacre | History of Worker Coops & Collectives | Holt Labor Library | Immigration & Environment Campaign | Industrial Workers of the World | IWW Little Red Song Book | IWW (Hoosier Slim) | Illinois Labor History Society | Labor WBAI-FM | Labor Research & Resources | H-Labor Resources | International Association of Labour History Institutions | The Luddites Dictionary | Kirkpatrick Sale Interview with Neo-Luddite | Mr. Block (IWW) | « Mother Jones » | LaborNet (Australia) | Labour Net (England) | LaborNet (US) | Netizen Labor Links | Pullman Strike (1894) | Indiana U Labor Studies | Robin’s Red Channels, Left Links & Proletarian Places | Tamiment Institute Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives | Worker’s Solidarity Alliance (IWA)
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Politics: Radical / Social Movements / People| Amnesty International | The Anarchist Timeline 3,500+ dates & events | The Anarchist Encyclopedia | The Anarch | Anarchy Now! | Targowski’s Anarchy Page | Anarchist Archives | Anarchist Black Cross Federation | Anarchist Communist Federation (UK)| Anarchist Posters Exhibition Labadie/U of Mich | The Anarchist Press History | Anarchist Resources on the Net | Anarchist Ring | Anarchy List | Anarchist Studies | Anarchist Yellow Pages | Archivio Pinelli (Centro Studi Libertari) | Angry Brigade 1967-84 | Michael Bakunin | Marie Louise Berneri | Hakim Bey Page | Hakim Bey EFF Archives | Hakim Bey Scream & Whisper Page | Murray Bookchin | Bureau of Public Secrets Situationist | Catholic Worker | Ché Café Collective (San Diego) | Chomsky Archives | Chomsky Page (MIT) | Chomsky Page (Necessary Illusions) | CIRA (Centre International de Recherches sur l’Anarchisme, Switzerland) | CIRA (Marseille)| Coprophagy Activist links/texts | Coxey’s Army | DadA (German) @ research database | Guy Debord | Voltairine de Cleyre Presley | Voltairine de Cleyre Burn | Durruti Interview article #2386 |Dick Ellington |Emperor Norton (Live Like Him!?) | For Communism | Michel Foucault | Freedom Press | Emma Goldman Page | Grauspace/Species Being | Green Anarchist zine | Che Guevara Page Spanish | Che Guevara Page | Infogruppe Hamburg (English, German, Spanish) | Institute for Anarchist Studies | International Institute of Social History (IISH) | International Assoc of Labour History Institutions (IALHI) | Jay’s Left/Progressive Directory | Leszek Kolakowski | Joel Kovel’s Monthly Column | Kaspahraster anarcho-scifi magazine | Kate Sharpley Library | Frank Kofsky | Peter Kropotkin Page | Labadie Library Collection | The Left (a history) | Lepore’s Socialist Resources | Libertarian Book Club | Media Collective | @Infoshop | Memory Hole @ links/resources | Mumia Abu Jamal Case (support needed) | Nestor Mahkno | William Morris Internet Archive | Netizen @ Links | New Lllano Socialist Colony | Nobody for President | Situationist/Anarchist | NION (Not In Our Name – Seattle) | Lucy Parsons Project | People’s Libertarian Index | new!Poets Against War | Fredy Perlman | Prevailing Winds | Progressive Directory Labor, Peace, Womens… | Proudhon Page | John Reed Clubs | Real History Archives | Reseau anarchiste quebecois (French) | Research on Anarchism (French & English) Rudolf Rocker | Bertrand Russell | Sacco & Vanzetti | Sacco & Vanzetti Al Filreis | Passion of Sacco & Vanzetti Ben Shahn | SF Bay Anarchists | Seattle Anarchism Page | Spanish Revolution, 1936-39 | Stichting Backslash | Situationist International Archives (English / French) | E.G. Smith Project | Social Anarchism zine | Socialist Party history | Solidaritygroup Political Prisoners | Spanish anarchism | Spectacular Times | Spunk Press Anarchist texts | Stan Iverson Memorial Archives Anarchist materials, Charlatan Stew, literary & more| Max Stirner Web Site | Anarchist events, news, action, discussion TAO site | Ursula LeGuin on Anarchism | Wavy Gravy Page | John Zerzan Connection |

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| Mumia Abu-Jamal |American Indian Movement (AIM) | Anarchism in Russia news/zines | Indigenous Fires | The Internet Anti-Fascist Newsletter, resources | Klan Watch | The Nizkor Project Holocaust Anti-revisionism | On Gogol Boulevard Anarchist news service| The Patrin Romani (Gypsy) culture/history | Project Censored | Public Information Research |


Anarcho-Primitivist, anti-civilization, & neo-luddite articles: Fredy Perlman, John Zerzan, Stewart Home, Thomas Pynchon, Hakim Bey, et al | Civilization & Its Latest Discontents Review | « On The Poverty of Student Life » | Richard Gombin: Council Communism

Paul Goodman: The Children & Psychology
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Funky16Corners Podcast Archive


Greetings all.

This is the long awaited Funky16Corners Radio Podcast Archive.

Here you will find titles, tracklists and download links for all the editions of the Funky16Corners Radio podcasts.

You will also find, with each podcast a link to the original post.

This page will be updated as each new podcast is added. I hope you dig it.



Funky16Corners Mix v.1 – Funky Philadelphia


The Nu Sound Express Ltd.

Track listing The Show Stoppers – Shake Your Mini (Showtime) Interpretations – Blow Your Mind (Jubilee) Panic Buttons – Hitch It To The Mule (Chalom) Alfie & The Explosions – Safire (Phil-L.A. of Soul) Hidden Cost – Bo Did It (Marmaduke) Alliance – Pass The Pipe (Wand) Landslides – We Don’t Need No Music (Huff Puff) United Image – African Bump (Branding Iron) Broad Street Gang – 12th Street Man (Cougar) Big Al T Orchestra – Do The Slide (Virtue) Nu Sound Express – One More Time You All (Silver Dollar) Nat Turner Rebellion – Plastic People (Delvaliant) Fantastic Johnny C – Let’s Do It Together (Kama Sutra) Radars – Finger Licking Chicken (Yew) Georgie Woods – Potato Salad Pt 1 (Fat Back) Four Larks – Keep Climbing Brother (Uptown) Brothers of Hope – Nickol Nickol (Gamble)


Listen/Download Mixed MP3 – 42MB

Download Zip File – 44MB




Funky16Corners Radio v.2 Sookie!


The Mighty Hannibal, Andre Williams,

Chuck Edwards and Mickey Lee Lane.

Track listing Roy Thompson – Sookie Sookie (Okeh)

Andre Williams – Pearl Time (Sport)

Cha Cha Hogan – Grit Gitter (Soulville)

Mighty Hannibal – Jerkin’ The Dog (Shurfine)

Mickey Lee Lane – Hey Sah-Lo-Ney (Swan)

Charles Kynard – Here Now! (World Pacific)

Bobby Parker – Watch Your Step (V-Tone)

Teddy & The Fingerpoppers – Soul Groove Pt1 (Arctic)

Don Gardner – My Baby Likes To Boogaloo (TruGloTown)

Johnny Jones & The King Casuals – It’s Gonna Be Good (Brunswick)

Flamingos – The Boogaloo Party (philips)

David Rockingham Trio – Soulful Chant (Josie)

Gate Wesley & Band feat. Billy LaMont – (Zap Pow) Do The Batman (Atlantic)

Roy Lee Johnson – Boogaloo #3 (Josie)

Chuck Edwards – Downtown Soulville (Punch)

Sir Latimore Brown – Shake and Vibrate (SS7)

Perry & The Harmonics – Do The Monkey With James (Mercury)


Listen Download Mixed MP3

Download Zip File



Funky16Corners Radio v.3 – Soul Food (That’s What I Like) Pt1



Track listing

Brother Jack McDuff – Hot Barbecue (Prestige) Soul Runners – Chittlin’ Salad Pt1 (MoSoul) Lionel Hampton – Greasy Greens (GladHamp) Albert Collins – Cookin’ Catfish (20th Century) Andre Williams – Rib Tips (Avin) Maurice Simon & The Pie Men – Sweet Potato Gravy (Carnival) Mel Brown – Chicken Fat (Impulse) Lonnie Youngblood – Soul Food (That’s What I Like) (Fairmount) Prime Mates – Hot Tamales (Sansu) Just Brothers – Sliced Tomatoes (Music Merchant) Leon Haywood – Cornbread and Buttermilk (Decca) Bobby Rush – Chicken Heads (Galaxy) Booker T & The MGs – Jelly Bread (Stax) Gentleman June Gardner – Mustard Greens (Blue Rock) West Siders – Candy Yams (Infinity) Hank Jacobs – Monkey Hips and Rice (Sue) George Semper – Collard Greens (Imperial) Billy Clark & His Orchestra – Hot Gravy (Dynamo)

Listen Download Mixed MP3

Download Zip File



Track listing

Velvelettes – Lonely Lonely Girl Am I (VIP)

Betty Harris – I Don’t Want To Hear It (Sansu)

Irma Thomas – What Are You Trying To Do (Imperial)

Flirtations – Nothing But A Heartache (Deram)

Cooperettes – Shingaling (Brunswick)

Barbara West – You’re No Good (Ronn)

Kim Weston – Helpless (Gordy)

Betty Everett – Getting Mighty Crowded (VeeJay)

Shirley Ellis – Soul Time (Columbia)

Christine Cooper – S.O.S. (Heart In Distress) (Parkway)

Persianettes – It Happens Every Day (OR)

Marvelettes – I’ll Keep On Holding On (Tamla)

Thelma Jones – Stronger (Barry)

Bonnie & Lee – The Way I Feel About You (Fairmount)

Martha & The Vandellas – In My Lonely Room (Gordy)

Linda Jones – I Can’t Help Loving My Baby (Loma)

Liberty Belles – Shingaling Time (Shout)

Jean Wells – With My Love and What You’ve Got (Calla)


Download Zip File




Mr. Danny White

Funky16Corners Radio v.5 – Funky Nawlins Vol. 1

Track listing

1.The Meters – Cardova (Instant) 2.Chris Kenner – Fumigate Funky Broadway (Instant) 3. Jimmy Hicks – I’m Mr Big Stuff (Big Deal) 4. The Unemployed – Funky Thing Pt1 5. Skip Easterling –Too Weak To Break The Chains (Instant) 6. Lee Dorsey – When the Bill’s Paid (Polydor) 7.Cyril Neville – Tell me What’s On Your Mind (Josie) 8.Danny White – Natural Soul Brother (SSS Intl) 9. David Batiste & The Gladiators – Funky Soul Pts 1&2 (Instant) 10.Wilbert Harrison – Girls On Parade (Buddah) 11. Chuck Carbo – Take Care of You Homework (Canyon) 12. Allen Toussaint – We The People (Bell) 13. Oliver Morgan – Roll Call (Seven B) 14.Deacon John – You Don’t Know How To Turn me On (Bell) 15. Mary Jane Hooper – Harper Valley PTA (Power) 16. Eddie Bo – Don’t Turn Me Loose (Bo Sound)

Download – 45MB Mixed Mp3

Download – 46MB Zip File


Funky16Corners Radio v.6 – Bold Soul Sisters


Track listing

1. Thelma Jones – The House That Jack Built (Barry) 2. Gladys Knight & The Pips – The Nitty Gritty (Soul) 3. Ike & Tina Turner – Bold Soul Sister (Blue Thumb) 4. Tina Britt – Sookie Sookie (Veep) 5. Ann Sexton – You’re Losing Me (Seventy Seven) 6. Viola Wills – Sweetback (Supreme) 7. Martha Turner – Dirty Old Man (Royal American) 8. Shirley Vaughn – Escape (Columbia) 9. Ruby Andrews – You Made a Believer Out Of Me (Zodiac) 10. Helena Hollins – Baby You’re Right (Stonegood) 11. Monica – I Don’t Know Nothing Else To Tell You But I Love You (Toxsan) 12. Lyn Collins – Mama Feelgood (People) 13. Gi Gi – Daddy Love (Sweet) 14. Erma Franklin – Baby What You Want Me To Do (Shout) 15. Yvonne Fair – Say Yeah Yeah (Dade) 16. Brenda & The Tabulations – Scuze Uz Y’All (Top & Bottom) 17. Cold Blood – You Got Me Hummin’ (San Francisco)

Download Mixed MP3

Download Zip File


Funky16Corners Radio v.7 – Funky Shingaling


Track listing

Milton Howard – Funky Shingaling (Sound Stage 7)

Bill Moss – Sock It To Em Soul Brother (Bell)

AC Jones & The Soulettes – Hole In Your Soul (Imperial)

Andre Williams – Loose Juice (Wingate)

Lonnie Brooks – Let It All Hang Out (Chess)

Zip Codes – Sweet Meat (Better)

Lionel Hampton – Them Changes (Glad Hamp)

Willie Mitchell – Up Hard (Hi)

Al James – Groove City USA (Big Beat)

Freddie & The Kinfolk – Blabbermouth (Dade)

Ernie Wilkins Big Band – Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) (Mainstream)

Harry Deal & The Galaxies – Funky Fonky (Eclipse)

Joe Youngblood Cobb – It’s L.B. Time (exSPECT More)

Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band – Caesars Palace (WB)

Elijah & The Ebonies – Hot Grits (Capsoul)

Alvin Cash – Funky 69 (Toddlin Town)

Lee Fields – Tell Her That I Love Her (Bedford)

Lowell Fulsom – Funky Broadway (Kent)

Slim Harpo – I Got My Finger On Your Trigger (Excello)


Download Mixed MP3

Download Zip File


Funky16Corners Radio v.8 – Hammond Internationale


The Nilsmen


Keith Mansfield Orchestra – Boogaloo (Epic / UK)

New London Rhythm & Blues band – Soul Stream (Vocalion / UK)

Jackie Mittoo – Hip Hug (Coxsone / Jamaica)

Les Charlots – Pas de Probleme (Vogue / France)

Roger Coulam – Let’s Put Out The Lights (and Go To Bed) (Contour/UK/France)

Georgie Fame – El Bandido (Imperial / UK)

The Nilsmen – Le Winston (RJR / Sweden)

Federalmen – Soul Serenade (Steady / Jamaica)

Andre Brasseur – Special 230 (Palette / Belgium)

Walter Wanderley – Kee Ka Roo (Verve / Brazil)

Wynder K Frog – Oh Mary (UA/UK)

Tony Newman – Soul Thing (Parrot / UK)

Winston Wright – Heads or Tails (Green Door / Jamaica)

The Mohawks – The Champ (Philips / UK)

Andre Brasseur – The Duck (Palette / Belgium)

Alan Price Set – Iechyd Da (Decca / UK)

Brian Auger Trinity – In and Out (Atco / UK)

Keith Mansfield Orchestra – Soul Confusion (Epic / UK)

Listen – 50MB/53:04 Mixed Mp3

Download – 51.9MB Zip File

Funky16Corners Radio v.9 – Soul Food Pt2




1. Simtec Simmons – Tea Box (Maurci)

2. Johnny Barfield & The Men of S.O.U.L. – Soul Butter (SSS Intl)

3. Ronnie Woods – Sugar Pt2 (Everest)

4. Stan Hunter & Sonny Fortune – Corn Flakes (Prestige)

5. Fabulous Counts – Scrambled Eggs (Moira)

6. Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band – Spreadin Honey (Keymen)

7. Freddie Roach – Brown Sugar (Blue Note)

8. Albert Collins – Sno Cone Pt1 (TCF Hall)

9. Chuck Edwards – Chuck Roast (Rene)

10. Willie Mitchell – Mashed Potatoes (Hi)

11. Booker T & The MGs – Red Beans & Rice (Atlantic)

12. Righteous Brothers Band – Green Onions (Verve)

13. George Semper – Hog Maws & Collard Greens (Imperial)

14. Lee Dorsey – Candy Yam (Amy)

15. Roosevelt Fountain & his Pens of Rhythm – Red Pepper Pt1 (Prince Adams)

16. Bad Boys – Black Olives (Paula)

17. Willie Bobo – Spanish Grease (Verve)

18. American Group – Enchilada Soul (AGP)

DOWNLOAD – 39.3 MB Mixed MP3

DOWNLOAD – 41MB Zip File

Funky16Corners Radio v.10 – Funky Nawlins Vol 2


Mr. Eddie Bo

Funky16Corners Radio v.10 – Funky Nawlins Vol. 2


Lee Dorsey – Who’s Gonna Help Brother Get Further (Polydor) – Meters – Dry Spell (Josie) – Lee Bates – Simon Says (Instant) – Curly Moore – We Remember (Sansu) – Fantoms – Mau Mau Pt1 (Big Deal) – Porgy Jones – Catch Joe Potato (Great Southern) – Sonny Jones – Sissy Walk Pt1 (Scram) – Doug Anderson – Hey Mama Here Comes The Preacher (Janus) – Ironing Board Sam – Original Funky Bell Bottoms (Styletone) – Betty Harris – There’s a Break In The Road (SSS Intl) – Lee Dorsey – A Lover Was Born (Amy) – Bobby Williams Group – Boogaloo Mardi Gras Pts 1&2 (Capitol) – Senator Jones – Mini Skirt Dance (Bell) – Robert Parker – Everybody’s Hip Huggin (NOLA) – Eddie Bo – Can You Handle It (Bo Sound) – James Rivers – Tighten Up (Eight Ball) – Warren Lee – Underdog Backstreet (Tou-Sea)

Download – 45MB Mixed Mp3

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Funky16Corners Radio v.11 – Chitown Hustlers


Tom (right) and Jerrio (left)



Etta James – Payback (Argo)

Five Du Tones – Shake A Tail Feather (One-Der-Ful)

Marvelows – I Do (ABC)

Dukays – The Jerk (Jerry-O)

C.O.D.’s – Michael (the Lover) (Kellmac)

Tom & Jerrio – Come On & Love Me (ABC/Paramount)

Billy Stewart – Once Again (Chess)

Fascinations – Girls Are Out To Get You (Mayfield)

Jamo Thomas – I Spy (For the FBI) (Thomas)

Shells – When I’m Blue (Conlo)

Tommy & Cleve – Boogaloo Baby (Checker)

Mamie Galore – Special Agent 34-24-38 (St Lawrence)

Fred Hughes – Oowee Baby I Love You (VeeJay)

Major Lance – Too Hot To Hold (Okeh)

Maurice & the Radiants – Baby You’ve Got It (Chess)

Vontastics – Never Let Your Love Grow Cold (St Lawrence)

Billy Butler – I’ll Bet You (Brunswick)

Soulful Strings – The Stepper (Cadet)

Download – 41MB Mixed Mp3

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Funky16Corners Radio v.12 – Hammond Funk #1


Track Listing
1. Louis Chachere – The Hen Pt1 (Paula 45)
2. Georgie Fame – Beware of Dog (Epic 45)
3. Billy Larkin – Russell & Williams Sts (World Pacific LP)
4. Willard Burton & The Funky 4 – Funky In Here (Capitol 45)
5. Melvin Sparks (feat Leon Spencer) – Thank You (Prestige 45)
6. Brown Brothers of Soul – Cholo (Specialty 45)
7. Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers – Doin’ What We Wanna (Atlantic 45)
8. Ohio Players – Walt’s First Trip (Westbound 45)
9. Willie Mitchell – My Babe (Hi 45)
10. Joe Chopper & the Swinging 7 Soul band – Soul Pusher (Lanor 45)
11. Mickey & The Soul Generation – Iron Leg (Maxwell 45)
12. Kossie Gardner – Fire (Dot LP)
13. Village Callers – Hector (Rampart 45)
14. Bill Doggett – Honky Tonk (King 45)
15. O’Jah’s – Roadside 75 (Sound Stage 7 45)
16. Toussaint McCall – Sweet Tea (Dore 45)
17. Dave Baby Cortez – I Turned You On (T-Neck 45)
18. Art Butler – Soul Brother (Epic 45)
19. Jimmy McGriff – Fat Cakes (Capitol 45)
20. Lou Garno Trio – Chicken in the Basket (Giovanni 45)

Download – 54MB Mix MP3

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Funky16Corners Radio v.13 – Everything I Do Gohn Be Funky


Track Listing
1. Get Out of My Life Woman (Amy 45)
2. Go Go Girl (Amy 45)
3. Love Lots of Lovin’ (Sansu 45) w/ Betty Harris
4. Wonder Woman (Amy 45)
5. Four Corners Pt1 (Amy 45)
6. Four Corners Pt2 (Amy 45)
7. A Lover Was Born (Amy 45)
8. Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky (From Now On) (Amy 45)
9. Give It Up (Amy 45)
10. What You Want (Bell 45)
11. Yes We Can Pt1 (Polydor 45)
12. Yes We Can Pt2 (Polydor 45)
13. Who’s Gonna Help Brother Get Further (Polydor LP)
14. Gator Tail (Polydor LP)

Download – 38MB Mix MP3 (40:35)

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Funky16Corners Radio v.14 – Butter Your Popcorn


Track Listing
1. James Brown – The Popcorn (King)
2. Bill Doggett – Honky Tonk Popcorn (King)
3. Hank Ballard – Butter Your Popcorn (King)
4. James Brown – Mother Popcorn Pt1 (King)
5. James Brown – Mother Popcorn Pt2 (King)
6. James Brown – Lowdown Popcorn (King)
7. Vicki Anderson – Answer to Mother Popcorn (King)
8. Charles Spurling – Popcorn Charlie (King)
9. James Brown – Let a Man Come In and Do the Popcorn Pt2 (King)
10. South Street Soul Guitars – Poppin Popcorn (Silver Fox)
11. Lou Courtney – Hot Butter n’All Pt1 (Hurdy Gurdy)
12. Mr. C & Funck Junction – Hot Butter n’All Pt2 (Hurdy Gurdy)
13. Eldridge Holmes – Pop Popcorn Children (Atco)
14. Johnny Jones & The King Casuals – Soul Poppin’ (Brunswick)
15. Juggy – Buttered Popcorn (Sue)

Download – 39MB Mix MP3 (41:17)

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It’s a celebration! Grab a Dr. Pepper…

Track Listing

1. King Coleman – The Boo Boo Song (King)
2. Lou Courtney – Rubber Neckin’ (Chick Check’n) (Verve)
3. Warm Excursion – Hang Up Pt1 (Pzazz)
4. Joe Haywood – (Play Me a) Cornbread Song (Kent)
5. Johnny Otis Show – The Watts Breakaway (Epic)
6. Chairmen of the Board – Since the Days of Pigtails (and Fairy Tales) (Invictus)
7. Clea Bradford – My Love’s a Monster (Cadet)
8. JB’s – The Grunt (King)
9. Apostles – Six Pack (Kapp)
10. Laura Lee – Crumbs off the Table (Hot Wax)
11. Cyril Neville – Gossip (Josie)
12. Syl Johnson – Dresses Too Short (Twinight)
13. Preston Love – Cool Ade (Kent)
14. Sammy Gordon & The Hiphuggers – Upstairs on Boston Road (Archives)
15. Dramatics – Get Up and Get Down (Volt)
16. Interpretations – Jason Pew Mosso (Jubilee)*
17. Jeanne & the Darlings – Soul Girl (Volt)
18. Electrostats – 21st Century Kenya (Three Oaks)

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Funky16Corners Radio v.15 – So Much Trouble


Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul

Track Listing

1. Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul – (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind (GSF)
2. Capitols – Afro Twist Time (Karen)
3. Slim Harpo – Dynamite (Excello)
4. Bill Cosby – Hikky Burr Pt1 (UNI)
5. Brother Jack McDuff – Hunk of Funk (Blue Note)
6. Donald Height – Life Is Free (Hurdy Gurdy)
7. Stevie Wonder – We Can Work It Out (Tamla)
8. Hoctor – Cissy Strut (Hoctor)
9. John Phillip Soul & His Stone Marching Band – That Memphis Thing (Pepper)
10. NF Porter – Keep On Keeping On (Lizard)
11. Joe & Everyday People – Sleep Walk (Brooks)
12. Dyke & The Blazers – Funky Walk (Original Sound)
13. Mongo Santamaria – We Got Latin Soul (Columbia)
14. Mickey & the Soul Generation – Football (Maxwell)
15. Johnny Talbot & De Thangs – Pickin’ Cotton (Jasman)

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Funky16Corners Radio v.16 – Hammond Funk vol 2 The Long Players


Clarence Wheeler & the Enforcers

Track Listing

1. Sonny Phillips – Make It Plain (Prestige)
2. Lonnie Smith – See Saw (Blue Note)
3. Leon Spencer – Message From the Meters (Prestige)
4. Charles Earland – Here Comes Charlie (Prestige)
5. Houston Person feat. Sonny Phillips – Cissy Strut (Prestige)
6. Shirley Scott – You (Atlantic)
7. Brother Jack McDuff – The Natural Thing (Cadet)*
8. Jimmy McGriff – A Thing to Come By Pts 1&2 (Solid State)
9. Clarence Wheeler & the Enforcers feat. Sonny Burke – The Mighty Burner (Atlantic)

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Funky16Corners Radio v.17 – James Brown SMASHing Time


JB at the B3

Track Listing

1. Jimmy Mack
2. Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag Pt1
3. Out of Sight
4. Grits
5. Tempted
6. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
7. 634-5789
8. The King
9. Fat Bag
10. All About My Girl
11. Sumpin’ Else

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Funky16Corners Radio v.18 – Blues, Tears and Sorrows


The Great O.V. Wright

Track Listing
1. Howard Tate – Get It While You Can (Verve 45)
2. Toussaint McCall – Nothing Takes the Place of You (Ronn 45)
3. Van Dykes – No Man Is An Island (Bell LP track)
4. O.V. Wright – I Want Everyone To Know I Love You (Back Beat 45)
5. Diamond Joe – Fair Play (Minit 45)
6. Little Buster – I’m So Lonely (Jubilee 45)
7. Mable John – Your Good Thing (Stax 45)
8. John Williams & the Tick Tocks – Blues Tears and Sorrow (Sansu 45)
9. James Carr – The Dark End of the Street (Goldwax 45)
10. Johnny Soul – I Almost Called Your Name (SSS Intl LP track)
11. Otis Redding – Cigarettes and Coffee (Atco LP track)
12. Otis Clay – You Don’t Miss Your Water (Cotillion 45)
13. Rubaiyats – Tomorrow (Sansu 45)
14. Lee Dorsey & Betty Harris – Please Take Care of Our Love (Sansu 45)
15. Billy Very & Judy Clay – Do Right Woman – Do Right Man (Atlantic LP track)
16. Eldridge Holmes – A Love Problem (Decca 45)
17. Little Royal – Losing Battle (Trius LP Track)

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Funky16Corners Radio v.19 – NOLA Soul vol1


Mr. Robert Parker

Track Listing

1. Marie Boubarere – I’m Going Home (Nola)
2. Eddie Bo – You’re Going To Be Somebody’s Fool Too (Nola)
3. Barbara George – Satisfied With Your Love (Seven B)
4. Art Neville – Hook Line and Sinker (Instant)
5. Eddie Bo – Just Like a Monkey (Cinderella)
6. Warren Lee Taylor- Every Day Every Hour (Nola)
7. Diamond Joe – Fair Play (Minit)
8. Eldridge Holmes – Gone Gone Gone (Jet Set)
9. Wallace Johnson – I’m Grown (Sansu)
10. Aaron Neville – Why Worry (Parlo)
11. Robert Parker – In the Midnight Hour (Nola)
12. Benny Spellman- If You Love Here (Sansu)
13. John Williams & the Tick Tocks – A LittleTighter (Sansu)
14. Irma Thomas – Breakaway (Imperial)
15. Eldridge Holmes – No Substitute (Deesu)
16. Eddie Bo – A Solid Foundation (Seven B)
17. Willie West – Hello Mama (Deesu)

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Funky16Corners Radio v.20 – NOLA Soul Vol 2


Mr. Aaron Neville

Track Listing
Diamond Joe – Look Way Back (Deesu)
Wallace Johnson – Something To Remember You By (Sansu)
Mary Jane Hooper – That’s How Strong My Love Is (World Pacific)
Irma Thomas – I Wish Someone Would Care (Imperial)
Eldridge Holmes – If I Were a Carpenter (Deesu)
Rubaiyats – Tomorrow (Sansu)
Eddie Bo – Watcha Gonna Do (Seven B)
Warren Lee – Climb the Ladder (Deesu)
Betty Harris – I Don’t Want To Hear It (Sansu)
Eddie Lang – Something Within Me (Seven B)
Eddie Bo – Let’s Let It Roll (Chess)
Benny Spellman – Sinner Girl (Sansu)
Chris Kenner – Land of 1000 Dances (Instant)
Robert Parker – I Caught You In A Lie (NOLA)
Bobby Marchan – ShakeYour Tambourine (Cameo)
Aaron Neville – Ape Man (Safari)
Diamond Joe – Gossip Gossip (Sansu)

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Funky16Corners Radio v.21 – Philly Soul Vol 1


The Volcanos

Track Listing
Volcanos – Storm Warning (Arctic)
Agents – You Were Meant For Me (P&L)
Herb Johnson – Two Steps (Ahead of a Woman) (Swan)
Globeliters – The Way You Do (Philtown)
Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes – Get Out (And Let Me Cry) (Landa)
Butlers – Laugh Laugh Laugh (PHILA)
Common Pleas – I Wanted More (Crimson)
Casinos – If I Told You (Del-Val)
Formations – At the Top of the Stairs (MGM)
Eddie Holman – I’ll Cry 1,000 Tears (Bell)
Ambassadors – I Can’t Believe You Love Me (Arctic)
Intruders – All the Time (Excel)
Patti & The Emblems – Please Don’t Leave Me Baby (Kapp)
Cruisers – Take a Chance (Gamble)
Intrigues – In a Moment (Yew)
Ethics – Look at Me Now (Vent)
Gene Faith – My Baby’s Missing (Virtue)

Download – 39MB Mixed MP3

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Funky16Corners v.22 – Horse Power


Mr. Cliff Nobles



Track Listing

Cliff Nobles & Co. – The Horse (Phil L.A. of Soul)
Preparations – Get E Up (The Horse) (Heart and Soul)
Delights Orchestra – King of the Horse (Atco)
Cliff Nobles & Co. – Love Is Alright (Phil L.A. of Soul)
Fantastic Johnny C – Hitch It To the Horse (Phil L.A. of Soul)
Soul Brothers – Horsing Around (New Miss)
James Boys – The Mule (Phil L.A. of Soul)
Lou Courtney – Do the Horse (Verve)
Chevelles – The Gallop (Flaming Arrow)
Cliff Nobles & Co. – Horse Fever (Phil L.A. of Soul)
Roy Ward – Horse With a Freeze Pt1 (Seven B)
The Ventures – Horse Power (Liberty)
Johnny Jones & the King Casuals – Horsing Around (Brunswick)
Lester Young & the California Playboys – Funky Funky Horse (Unity)
James Boys – The Horse (Phil L.A. of Soul)

Funky16Corners Radio v.23 – Funky Nawlins Pt3


The Explosions

Funky16Corners Radio v.23 – Funky Nawlins Vol. 3

Track Listing

Eddie Bo – Hook and Sling Pt1 (Scram)
Lee Dorsey – Yes We Can (Polydor)
Explosions – Hip Drop Pt1 (Gold Cup)
Diamond Joe – ABC Song (Deesu)
Gaturs – Booger Man (Gatur)
Larry Darnell – Son of a Son of a Slave (Instant)
Anthony Butler & the Invaders – Katty’s Thing (Big Deal)
James K Nine – Live It Up (Federal)
Roger & the Gypsies – Pass the Hatchet Pts 1&2 (Seven B)
Curly Moore – Sophisticated Cissy (Instant)
Warren Lee – Funky Belly (Wand)
Lee Dorsey – Give It Up (Amy)
Mary Jane Hooper – I’ve Got Reasons (Power Pac)
Eddie Bo & the Soul Finders – Rubber Band Pt1 (Knight)
Curley Moore & the Kool Ones – Shelleys Rubber Band (House of the Fox)
Rubaiyats – Omar Khayyam (Sansu)
Professor Longhair – Big Chief Pt2 (Watch)

Download – 44MB Mixed Mp3

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Funky16Corners Radio 23.5 – Old School Hammond


The Gene Ludwig Trio

Listen/Download – Funky16Corners Radio v23.5 MP3 (41MB Mixed MP3)

Download – Funky16Corners Radio v 23.5 ZIP File

Leo Valentine Trio – Behind the Out House (Camelia)
Jon Thomas – Hot Tip (Mercury)
The Three Souls – Chittlins Con Carne (Argo)
RD Stokes – My Sandras Jump (II Bro’s)
Dave Baby Cortez – Getting to the Point (Chess)
The Mark III – Jaw Breaker (Night Owl)
The Lloyd Price Band feat. James Booker – Ooh-Pee-Day (Double L)
Dave Davani Four – The Jupe (Capitol)
Brother Jack McDuff – Grease Monkey (Prestige)
Gene Ludwig – The Vamp (Travis)
Big Bubbles & the Soul Brothers – Ginger Snap Pt1 (Raldo)
Luther Randolph & Johnny Stiles – Talkin’ Bout You Pt1 (Harthon)
Leo’s Five – Hold It (L-G)
Freddy Robinson & Paul Hankins- The Hawk (Queen)
Terrell Prude – Frog Eyes (TRC)
Sonny Knight Quartette – Let’s Get It On Pt1 (Aura)
Rhoda Scott Trio – Hey Hey Hey (Tru-Sound)
Charles Kynard – Here Now! (World Pacific)

Funky16Corners Radio v.23.75 – Slystravaganza


Listen/Download – Funky16Corners Radio v23.75 MP3 (33MB Mixed MP3)

NOTE: There never was a ZIP file for this Mix

Sly & the Family Stone – Stand * Gladys Knight & the Pips – Everybody Is a Star * The Meters – Simple Song * The Family – Family Affair * Woody Herman – Sex Machine * Keef Hartley – Dance To the Music * Brian Auger & the Trinity – I Want To Take You Higher * Sly & the Family Stone – Luv & Haight

Funky16Corners Radio v.24 – Funky Soul Train


Listen/Download – Funky16Corners Radio v24 MP3 (43MB Mixed MP3)

Listen/Download – Funky16Corners Radio v24 MP3 (43MB ZIP File)

Ramrods – Soul Train Pts 1&2 (Rampage)
Tommy Wills – Night Train ’66 Style (AirTown)
Charlie Nesbit Organ Trio – Soul Train (Salvador)
Eddy G Giles – Eddy’s Go Go Train (Murco)
Bobby & the Heavyweights – Soul Train (Mor Soul)
Willie Mitchell – Night Train (Hi)
Hank Ballard – Funky Soul Train (King)
Jackie Paine – Go Go Train (Jet Stream)
Bo Diddley – Soul Train (Checker)
Robert Parker – Funky Soul Train (NOLA)
Relations – Soul Train/Funky Monkey (Community)
Gladys Knight & the Pips – Friendship Train (Tamla)
Little Royal – Soul Train (Trius)
Jason & Pam – Soul Train (Happy Fox)
New Bermuda Steelers – Soul Train (Edmar)
Rim Shots – Soul Train Pts 1 &2 (A1)

Funky16Corners Radio v.24.5 – The Beat Goes On


Listen/Download – Funky16Corners Radio v24.5 MP3 (45MB Mixed MP3)

Download – Funky16Corners Radio 24.5 ZIP File

Brother Jack McDuff – Oblighetto (Blue Note) – Freddy McCoy – Gimme Some (Cobblestone) – Vince Guaraldi – The Beat Goes On (WB) – Soulful Strings – (I Know) I’m Losing You (Cadet) – Hugh Masekela – Bajabula Bonke (Healing Song) (UNI) – Gabor Szabo – Gypsy Queen (Impulse) – Jeremy Steig – Howling for Judy (Blue Note) – Merl Saunders – Julia (Fantasy) – Gary McFarland – Fried Bananas (Verve) – Sly Stone – Rock Dirge Pt1 (Woodcock) – Bob James – Nautilus (CTI) – Brian Augers Oblivion Express – Inner City Blues (RCA)

Funky16Corners Radio v.25 – Great Googa Mooga It’s Jerry O


Listen/Download – Funky16Corners Radio v25 MP3 (27MB Mixed MP3)

Download – Funky16Corners Radio 25 ZIP File (27MB)

Tom & Jerrio – Boo-Ga-Loo (ABC)
Tom & Jerrio – Great Goo-Ga-Moo-Ga (ABC)
Tom & Jerrio – Papa Chew (Do the Boo-Ga-Loo) (Jerry-)
Jerry-O – Popcorn Boogaloo Pt1 (Jerry-O)
Jerry-O – Karate Boogaloo (Shout)
Jerry-O – Funky Boogaloo (Shout)
Jerry-O – Afro Twist Time (Um Gow Wow) (Shout)
Jerry-O – Funky Four Corners (Shout)
Jerry-O – There Was a Time (Shout)
Jerry-O – Soul Sister (Shout)
Jerry-O – Funky Football (Wand)

Funky16Corners Radio v.25.5 – Scream Mackula Scream


Listen -/Download 44MB Mixed MP3″

Listen – Download 40MB Zip File”

Funky16Corners Radio 25.5 – Scream Mackula Scream!Playlist
Kool & the Gang – Funky Man (De Lite)
Ron Holden – Need Ya (Now)
Jay Dee Bryant – Get It (Come and Get It) (Enjoy)
Chambers Brothers – Funky (CBS)
Joe & Everyday People – Sleep Walk Pt1 (Brooks)
Bronc Glows – The Charge (Bull City Sounds)
Lee Bates – International Playboy (Instant)
Fred Lowery, Big Bo & the Arrows – Ride the Iron Horse (Cotillion)
King Earnest Baker – Somebody Somewhere (Funk)
L’il Willie & the Rockin’ Imperials – Crazy Stomp (Golden)
Roy Hightower & Gant Green – False Advertising (Number One)
Nu Sound Express – Ain’t It Good Enough For You (Silver Dollar)
Barrett Strong – Stand Up & Cheer for the Preacher (Epic)
Otis Goodwin & the Casternetts – I Feel It (Just a Little Bit) (Jazz-EE)
Niteliters – Tanga Boo Gonk (RCA)

Funky16Corners Radio v.26 – Lovin’ Machine


Funky16Corners Radio v.26 – Lovin’ Machine!

Lewis Clark – Dog (Ain’t a Man’s Best Friend) (Brent)
Gate Wesley & Band feat. Billy LaMont – Zap! Pow! Do the Batman! (Atlantic)
Rodge Martin – Lovin’ Machine (Bragg)
Count Rockin’ Sidney – Dedie Dedie Da (Goldband)
Little Milton – Grits Ain’t Groceries (Checker)
Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham – Lover and a Friend (Capitol)
Lou Courtney – I’ve Got Just the Thing (Riverside)
Alvin Robinson – Baby Don’t You Do It (Atco)
Freddy King – Sen Sa Shun (Federal)
Eddie Bo – Every Dog Has His Day (Ric)
Billy Clark & his Orchestra – Hot Gravy (Dynamo)
James Brown & Vicki Anderson – Think (King)
Shells – Whiplash (Conlo)
Mighty Hannibal – Fishing Pole (Shurfine)
Chuck Edwards – Downtown Soulville (Punch)

Listen -/Download 37MB Mixed MP3″

Listen – Download 36MB Zip File”

Funky16Corners Radio v.27 – Soul Organs Vol 1


Funky16Corners Radio v.27 – Soul Organs Vol1

1. Chicago Cubs Clark St Band – Slide (Cadet)
2. TKOs feat Hank Jacobs – The Charge (Ten Star)
3. East Bay Soul Brass – The Panther (Rampart)
4. Hindal Butts – In The Pocket (MS)
5. Ordells – Big Dom (Dionn)
6. Philly Four – The Elephant Pt1 (Cobblestone)
7. Mr D & the Highlights – Nose Full of White (Jas)
8. Jimmy Brown – Soul Man (Abet)
9. Beverly Pitts – Just Some Soul (Soul Shot)
10. Hank Marr – White House Party (Wingate)
11. Soul Set – Flunky Flunky (BB)
12. Toussaint McCall – Toussaint Shuffle (Ronn)
13. Soul Toranodoes – Go For Yourself (Burt)
14. Truman Thomas – Cold Sweat (Veep)
15. Lonell Dantzler – Bo Ghana (Met)
16. Deacons – Sock It To Me (Shama)
17. LaBert Ellis – Dancing In the Street (A&M)

Listen -/Download 38MB Mixed MP3″

Listen – Download 39MB Zip File”


Funky16Corners v.28 – Rubber Souled Pt1


Funky16Corners Radio v.28 – Rubber Souled Pt1

Billy Preston – Eight Days a Week (Exodus)
Music Company – TheWord (Mirwood)
Bunny Sigler – Yesterday (Parkway)
Stevie Wonder – We Can Work It Out (Tamla)
Vontastics – Day Tripper (St Lawrence)
Chris Clark – Got To Get You Into My Life (Motown)
El Chicano – Eleanor Rigby (Kapp)
Junior Parker – Tomorrow Never Knows (Capitol)
Bill Cosby – Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (WB)
Soulful Strings – Within You Without You (Cadet)
Bud Shank – I Am the Walrus (World Pacific)
Soulful Strings – Hello Goodbye (Cadet)
Soulful Strings – The Inner Light (Cadet)

Listen/ Download 37MB Mixed MP3
Download 37MB Zip File


Funky16Corners Radio v.28 – Rubber Souled Pt2

Ramsey Lewis – Mother Natures Son (Cadet)
Bobby Bryant – Happiness Is a Warm Gun (Pacific Jazz)
Orchestra Harlow – Larry’s Complaint (Me & My Monkey) (Fania)
Ramsey Lewis – Back In the USSR (Cadet)
Chubby Checker – Back In the USSR (Buddah)
Groove Holmes & Ernie Watts – Come Together (Pacific Jazz)
Jazz Crusaders – Golden Slumbers (Chisa)
Gene Ammons – Something (Prestige)
Ike & Tina Turner – Get Back (UA)
Shirley Scott – Get Back (Atlantic)
Mohawks – Let It Be (Supreme)

Listen/ Download 37.5MB Mixed MP3
Download 37.5MB Zip File


Funky16Corners Radio v.30 – Rubber Souled Pt3

Overton Berry Trio – Hey Jude (Jaro)
Freddy McCoy – Hey Jude (Cobblestone)
Jimmy Caravan – Hey Jude (Vault)
Clarence Wheeler & the Enforcers – Hey Jude (Atlantic)
Fabulous Counts – Hey Jude (Cotillion)
Wilson Pickett – Hey Jude (Atlantic)

Listen/ Download 25MB Mixed MP3
Download 25MB Zip File


Funky16Corners Radio v.31 – Soul Satisfaction

Otis Redding – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Volt)
Wynder K Frog – Jumping Jack Flash (UA)
Baby Lloyd – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Smash)
Soulful Strings – Paint It Black (Cadet)
George Semper – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Imperial)
Merry Clayton – Gimme Shelter (Ode)
Curtis Knight with Jimi Hendrix – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (MPE)
Gabor Szabo – Paint It Black (Impulse)
Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (WB)
Thelma Houston – Jumping Jack Flash (Dunhill)
Mongo Santamaria – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Columbia)
Sam Butera & the Witnesses – Symphony for the Devil (Pr1ma)

Listen/ Download 37MB Mixed MP3
Download 37MB Zip File


Funky16Corners Radio v.32 – Summer Dog Daze

Bobby Bryant – I Want To Testify (World Pacific)
Jimmy Smith – Uh Ruh (MGM)
Bobby Hutcherson feat Harold Land- Ummh (Blue Note)
Ekseption – This Here (Philips)
Cal Tjader – Along Comes Mary (Verve)
Gabor Szabo – Sombrero Sam (Blue Thumb)
Freddy McCoy – Pet Sounds (Prestige)
Grant Green – Ease Back (Blue Note)
Woody Herman – It’s Your Thing (Cadet)
Brian Auger Trinity – Listen Here (RCA)

Listen/ Download 44MB Mixed MP3
Download 44MB Zip File


Funky16Corners Radio v.33- Soul Message – the Soulful Strings


Burning Spear (B) (Evans)
The Stepper (C) (Evans)
Soul Message (C) (Evans)
Listen Here (E) (Eddie Harris)
I Wish It Would Rain (E) (Whitfield/Strong/Penzabene)
There Was a Time (E) (James Brown)
You’re All I Need (E) (Ashford/Simpson)
Zambezi (F) (Evans/Hathaway)
Chocolate Candy (F) (Upchurch)
Valdez In the Country (F) (Hathaway)
1974 Blues (F) (Eddie Harris)
Hey Western Union Man (G) (Gamble/Huff)
I’ve Got the Groove (G) (Gamble/Huff)
I Can’t Stop Dancing (G) (Gamble/Huff)

Listen/ Download 46MB Mixed MP3

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The Fabulous Mr. Wayne Cochran

Funky16Corners Radio v.34- Honky Style


Roy Head – Just a Little Bit (Scepter)
Steve Colt – Dynamite (Big Beat)
Billy Harner – Something You Got (66+6)
Nilsmen – Sand Step (RJR)
Apostles – Six Pack (Kapp)
Bob Seger & the Last Heard – Heavy Music Pt2 (Cameo/Parkway)
Hoctor – Cissy Strut (Hoctor)
Art Butler – Soul Brother (Epic)
Harry Deal & the Galaxies – Fonky Fonky (Eclipse)
Moe, Adrian & the Sculptors – Shotgun (Columbia)
Sensational Epics – It’s a Gass (Cameo)
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds – Funk In Wagnalls (Dunhill)
Wayne Cochran – Chopper 70 (King)
Golden Toadstools – Silly Savage (Minaret)
Flaming Ember – Filet de Soul (Hot Wax)
Jimmy Caravan – UFO (Vault)
Shadows of Knight – Shake (Team)

Listen/ Download 38MB Mixed MP3

Download 38MB Zip File


Mr. Charles Earland at the organ…

Funky16Corners Radio v.35- Soul Organs Vol. 2


Charlie Earland Erector Set – Yes-Suh! (Eldorado)
Brown Brothers of Soul – Cholo (Specialty)
Hank Marr – The Out Crowd (Wingate)
Merl Saunders Quintet – Soul Groovin’ (Galaxy)
Jesse Butler – Messy Jesse (Philips)
Jimmy Brown – Chain of Fools (Abet)
Truman Thomas – Funky Broadway (Veep)
Georgie Fame – El Bandido (Imperial)
Jesse Gresham Plus Three – Bust Out (Jewel)
Dave Lewis – J.A.J. (Panorama)
Butch Cornell’s Trio – Goose Pimples (Ru Jac)
DuKays – Sho Nuff MF (Jerry-O)
Cals – Stand Tall (Loadstone)
Jackie Hairston – Hijack (Atco)
Bill Doggett – 25 Miles (King)

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Download Funky16Corners Presents 45 Beats (22MB)


The Ambassadors

Funky16Corners Radio v.36- Philly Soul Pt2: On the Northern Side


Cooperettes – Shingaling (Brunswick)
Chubby Checker – Hey You Little Boogaloo (Cameo)
Intruders – Up and Down the Ladder (Gamble)
Eddie Holman – Stay Mine for Heaven’s Sake (Parkway)
Fantastic Johnny C – New Love (Phil L.A. of Soul)
Preludes – Deeper Than That (Harthon)
Bob Brady & the Con Chords – More More More of Your Love (Chariot)
Candy & the Kisses – The 81 (Cameo)
Bunny Sigler – Girl Don’t Make Me Wait (Parkway)
Ambassadors – (I Got To Find) Happiness (Atlantic)
Intruders – (You’d Better) Check Yourself (Gamble)
Joe Renzetti’s Sound – Reach Out I’ll Be There (Mala)
Mike & Ike – Sax on the Tracks (Arctic)
Show Stoppers – How Can Your Heart Forget Me (Heritage)
Bunny Sigler – Follow Your Heart (Parkway)
Volcanos – It’s Gotta Be a False Alarm (Harthon)
Bernard Williams & the Blue Notes – It’s Needless To Say (Harthon)
Lee Garrett – It’s Needless To Say (Harthon)
Billy Harner – I Struck It Rich (OR)

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Ti Jean Speaks…

Funky16Corners Radio v.37- Illuminated


1. Ulysses Crockett – Major Funky (Transverse)
2. Jimmy Owens Quartet Plus – Chicago Light Green (Polydor)
3. Gary Burton Quartet – Sweet Rain (RCA)
4. Grant Green – Cease the Bombing (Blue Note)
5. Sonny Phillips – Bean Pie (Prestige)
6. Jack Wilson Quartet – Ramblin’ (Vault)
7. Leon Spencer – The Slide (Prestige)
8. Al Hirt – Harlem Hendoo (RCA)
9. Lonnie Smith (Slow High)
10. Mose Allison – I’m Not Talkin’ (Atlantic)
11. Les McCann – Compared to What (Limelight)
Also featuring Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, William S Burroughs, Herbert Huncke and the mighty Lord Buckley…

Listen/ Download 55MB Mixed MP3

Download 50MB Zip File


You Gotta Wash Your Pumpkin…

Funky16Corners Radio v.38- Fall Funk


1. Manu Dibango – Moni (Atlantic)
2. Fatback Band – Njia (Nija) Walk (Perception)
3. Bird Rollins feat the New Jersey Burners – Do It To It (Calla)
4. Gene & Eddie – Sweet Little Girl (Ru Jac)
5. Bill Coday – Get Your Lie Straight (Crajon)
6. James Rivers – Fonky Flute (Kon Ti)
7. Dave Baby Cortez – Do the Funky Dance (Sound Pak)
8. Brother Jack McDuff – Theme From Electric Surfboard (Blue Note)
9. Ramsey Lewis – Since You’ve Been Gone (Cadet)

Listen/ Download 26MB Mixed MP3

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(One of) The King(s), aka Prince Albert (not in a can…)

Funky16Corners Radio v.39 – Return to Soulville


Lou Courtney – You Can Give Your Love To Me (Verve)
Carl Holmes & the Commanders – My Lonely Sad Eyes (Verve)
Guitar Ray – Patty Cake Shake (Hot Line)
Eddie & Ernie – The Cat (Eastern)
Georgia Soul Twisters – You Shot Me Through the Grease (Mainstream)
Albert King – Night Stomp (Stax)
Jimmy Hanna & the Dynamics – Leaving Here (Seafair-Bolo)
Mighty Hannibal – Fishing Pole (Shurfine)
Sir Mack Rice – Mustang Sally (Blue Rock)
Howard Tate – Baby I Love You (Verve)

Listen/ Download 25MB Mixed MP3

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Rufus Thomas and his Funky Penguin…

Funky16Corners Radio v.40 – Is It Funky Enough?


Communicators & Black Experiences Band – Is It Funky Enough? (Duplex)
Tender Joe Richardson – Hip Huggin’ Mini (Hot Biscuit)
Jackie Moore – Singin’ Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On (Kayvette)
Emperors – Mumble Shingaling (Brunswick)
Willie & the Mighty Magnificents – Funky 8 Corners (All Platinum)
Billy Sha Rae – Do It (Spectrum)
Rufus Thomas – Do the Funky Penguin (Stax)
Maceo & All the Kings Men – Got To Getcha (House of the Fox)
Rimshots – Save That Thing (All Platinum)
Deacons – Sock It To Me Pt 1 (Shama)

Listen/ Download 26MB Mixed MP3

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Yours truly massaging the wheels of steel…

Funky16Corners Radio v.41 – 2007 Year In Review


Joe Tex – You’re Right Ray Charles (Dial)
Edwin Starr – Headline News (Ric Tic)
Lorraine Ellison – Call me Anytime You Need Some Loving (Mercury)
Superlatives – I don’t Know How (To Say I Love You) Don’t Walk Away (Westbound)
JJ Barnes – Chains of Love (Groovesville)
Tom Jones – Keep On Running (Parrot)
Big Al Downing – Gimme Good Loving (House of the Fox)
Banana Splits – Doin’ the Banana Split (Kelloggs)
Earl King – Street Parade Pt1 (Kansu)
Marva Whitney – Things Got To Get Better (Get Together) (King)
Gene Waiters – Shake & Shingaling Pt1 (Fairmount)
AABB – Pick Up the Pieces One By One (Identify)
Betty Wright – Clean Up Woman (Alston)
Mongo Santamaria – Lady Marmalade (Vaya)
Little Richard – Nuki Suki (Reprise)

Listen/ Download 26MB Mixed MP3

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Funky16Corners Meets Dolemite!
Special Mix for Jazz Syndicate Radio

Bill Blacks Combo – Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Be Do Dah Day (Hi)
Mighty Hannibal – Jerkin’ the Dog (Shurfine)
Kool & the Gang – The Gang’s Back Again (Dee Lite)
Rufus Thomas – Sister’s Got a Boyfriend (Stax)
Johnny Goode – Payback (Solid Hit)
Bill Cosby – Road Runner (WB)
Mr C & Funk Junction – Hot Butter’n’All (Hurdy Gurdy)
Della Reese – Compared to What (Avco)
Toby King – Mr Tuff Stuff (Federal)
Marva Whitney – It’s My Thing (King)
Triplett Twins – Get It (Thomas)
Joe Haywood – Sing Me A Cornbread Song (Decca)
Willie Mitchell – Pearl Time (Hi)
Rudy Ray Moore & the Fillmore St Soul Rebellion – Put Your Weight On It (Generation)

Listen/ Download 38MB Mixed MP3


The Late, Great Billy Preston

Funky16Corners Radio v.42 – Soul Organs Vol 3


1. Charles Kynard – Where It’s At (World Pacific)
2. Jimmy Caravan – UFO (Vault)
3. Labert Ellis – Batman (A&M)
4. Bull & the Matadors – Funky Judge (Toddlin’ Town)
5. Little Mac & the Boss Sounds – Midnight Hour (Atlantic)
6. Drippers – Honey Bunch Pt2 (Moon Shot)
7. Derek David – The Morning After (Pagan)
8. Leon & the Burners – Whiplash (Josie)
9. Larry Hale – Organ Shout & Do the Duck (Columbia)
10. Pacesetters – Freedom and Justice (Kent)
11. Jimmy Caravan – Higher & Higher (Vault)
12. JC Davis – Monkey (Chess)
13. Billy Preston – Billy’s Bag (VeeJay)
14. Earl Van Dyke & the Soul Brothers – The Flick Pt2 (Soul)
15. Wild Bill Davis – Breaking Out Pt1 (RCA)
16. Freddie Roach – One Track Mind (Blue Note)
17. Hank Marr – Marr’s Groove (Wingate)

Listen/ Download 40MB Mixed MP3

Listen/ Download 40MB ZIP FILE


Funky16Corners Radio v.43 – The Unquiet Storm


Ken Boothe – Down By the River (Trojan)
Dramatics – In the Rain (Volt)
Grant Green – Never Can Say Goodbye (Blue Note)
Fuzzy Kane Trio – Monday Monday (Bay Sound)
Lou Rawls – Season of the Witch (Capitol)
Ramsey Lewis – Les Fleur (Cadet)
Roy Budd – Get Carter (Pye)
Ernie Fields – Watch Your Step (Kent)
Rhetta Hughes – Light My Fire (Tetragrammaton)
JB & the V Kings – Lazy Soul (Zap Zing)
Lou Bond – To the Establishment (We Produce)
Tony Joe White – Wichita Lineman (Monument)
Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together (Glades)
Brian Auger Trinity – Bumping On Sunset (ATCO)

Listen/ Download 53MB Mixed MP3

Listen/ Download 53MB ZIP FILE


Mr. Rufus Thomas and a stack o’wax!

Funky16Corners Radio v.44 – Hey Mr. DJ!!


Aircheck – John R>>>
John R (WLAC, NASHVILLE) – Keep On Scratchin’ (Rich)
Bernie Hayes (KATZ, ST Louis) – Calling All My Buddies (Bright Star)
Jerry-O (??, CHICAGO)– Funky Football (Wand)
Aircheck – Sonny Hopson>>>
Sonny Hopson (WHAT, PHILADELPHIA)– Unhh-Unhh (Giant Step)
Rufus Thomas (WDIA, MEMPHIS) – Talkin’ Bout True Love (Stax)
Joe Youngblood Cobb (WVON, CHICAGO) – It’s LB Time (Expect More)
Aircheck – Lucky Cordell>>>
Lucky Cordell (WGRY, Gary, IN – WGES/WVON, CHICAGO) – You Made a Man Out of Me (Happiness)
King Coleman (WTMP, TAMPA, FL) – Freedom (Fairmount)
Aircheck – Jerry Blavat>>>
Jerry Blavat & Yon Teenagers (WCAM, CAMDEN, NJ – WHAT, PHILADELPHIA) – Discophonic Walk (LPC/Favor)
Paul Sir Raggedy Flag (WIGO, ATLANTA) – Papa Momma Romper Stomper (Atlantic)
Aircheck – Sly Stone>>>
Sly (KSOL, SAN FRANCISCO) – Buttermilk Pt1 (Autumn)
E. Rodney Jones and Larry and the Hippies Band (WVON, CHICAGO) – Right On Right On (Sex Machine) (Westbound)
Aircheck – Georgie Woods>>>
Georgie Woods (WDAS, PHILA, PA) – Potato Salad (Fat Back)

Listen/ Download 38MB Mixed MP3

Listen/ Download 33MB ZIP FILE


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It wasn’t that long ago, that I came across a picture of Louisiana soul legend Count Rockin’ Sidney. Finding a picture was surprising enough, but not nearly as surprising as what he was wearing. There, atop his head, was one of the most INSANE turbans I had ever seen. A massive, satin popcorn-ball, with his name on the front, and a jewel holding it all together. The picture made me think – not about why he was wearing it – but about other, similar pictures I had seen.
Believe it or not, there was a period, in the 50’s and 60’s where some of your more ‘out there’ performers (many of them hailing from the South) could be found sporting that symbol of the mystic East, the turban.
To many people, unless you live in an area where there is a Sikh community, you probably haven’t seen an old-school turban in person. Most images of turbans we are familiar with come from the movies and TV.
Films set in the Middle East or the British-occupied Raj featured all manner of turban, from run of the mill, everyday Sikh or Muslim turbans, to the wild golden bejeweled numbers (often fitted with Ostrich feathers) on the heads of Pashas and genies. I especially remember one on the cartoon genie on the Fizzies pack from when I was a kid.
When R&B performers started to wear them, it was a risky move. On the right guy (say, Chuck Willis) a turban could give a good-looking cat an intriguing touch of the mysterious. On someone else, say a maniac like Screaming Jay Hawkins, a turban is just another bizarre accessory, there to let you know that this is not a sane man. That dichotomy, a tenuous balance between the suave and the crazy is where turbans would teeter forever more. Some performers could work both sides of the issue. Others wore turbans solely for their novelty value.
I decided that these brave souls deserved to be commemorated in some way. So I bring you, the Turban Hall of Fame. Anyone that knows of other artists (and has a picture of them) that worked the turban, drop us a line at

New Orleans R&B, soul and funk legend, Edwin Bocage or Eddie Bo (as he’s known to his legion of admirers) is a certifiable musical genius. Known for his early R&B sides for Chess, Swan, At Last, Ric, Nola and a host of other labels and his funky work for Bo Sound, Scram, Seven B and others, Bo is giant among Crescent City musical auteurs, and this rare shot of his eminence – au turban – is great.

Harold ‘Chuck’ Willis was an R&B legend that died far too young. He is best remembered for his 1957 version of ‘CC Rider’ and ‘Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes’. Also known as the King of the Stroll. In this shot, Chuck opts for a turban with a jewel

Sidney Simien, better known to his fans as Count Rockin’ Sidney recorded everything from R&B to soul to outright funk before he hit it big as the originator of the zydeco hit ‘My Toot Toot’ (also covered by Jean Knight). He recorded for many years for Louisiana’s Goldband records alongside bayou legends like Boozoo Chavis (subject of NRBQ’s ‘Bozoo, That’s Who’), Iry Lejeune and Cleveland Crochet. Keep an eye peeled for rockin’ soul like ‘Dedie Dedie Da’ and swampy funk like the Count’s anti-Vietnam opus ‘Bury the Hatchet’. Proud owner of perhaps the craziest turban I’ve ever seen.

The Turbans were a Philadelphia based R&B vocal group that had chart success in the mid-50. Featuring Al Banks , Matthew Platt, Charlie Williams and Andrew Jones, the Turbans are credited with performing the first hit record to include the phrase ‘doo-wop’.

James ‘The Mighty Hannibal’ Shaw was an R&B journeyman, recording from the 50’s through the 80’s in a wide variety of settings. His best stuff is the wailing mid-60’s soul-funk of insane tunes like ‘Fishin’ Pole’ and ‘Jerkin The Dog’. He returned in the 1970’s as ‘King Hannibal’. All of his best work is featured in a Norton Records compilation.

Tex-Mex R&B legend Domingo ‘Sam The Sham’ Samudio led the Pharaohs to chart success with mid-60’s hits like ‘Wooly Bully’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Ju Ju Hand’. He sported the turban proudly, while stealing a lot of juice from his stylistic forefather Screaming Jay Hawkins (a far superior performer).

Dr. Lonnie Smith is one of the best of the line of funky Hammond organists that came up in the 60’s. He started his career in George Benson’s combo, before branching out on is own for legendary recordings like ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’, ‘Think’ and ‘The Turning Point’, as well as memorable sideman work in the group of Lou Donaldson. He’s still cooking today, and is the standard bearer for unconventional, musical turban-wearing.

AKA Dolemite. Known to most as the perpetrator of some of the dirtiest, funkiest, blaxpolitationest movies and comedy routines in the guise of Dolemite, Rudy Ray Moore was also an R&B shouter and all around soulful cat. His early recordings have been compiled by Norton Records (perhaps the only label keeping the lamp lit for the ‘turban aesthetic’), and his late-60’s/early-70’s 45’s, like ‘Put Your Weight On It’ are worth tracking down.

Screaming Jay Hawkins was the ORIGINAL rock and roll wildman. Jumping out of coffins, while bugging out his eyes and shaking a skull on a stick, scaring the bejesus out of Eisenhower-era America. He could also sing like a motherf$%#er. Best remembered for ‘I Put A Spell On You’, Hawkins also laid down biscuits like Alligator Wine, Constipation Blues, Frenzy and Feast of the Mau Maus.

Roy ‘Professor Longhair’ Byrd was one of the architects of the New Orleans sound. A master pianist with a twisted sense of humor, « Fess » was a legend, inspiring the likes of Eddie Bo, Allen Toussaint and Dr. John. Here he sports a loosely wrapped model.

The two guys on the left are New Orleans R&B musicians Bobby Reno and Bobby Mitchell. However, it’s anonymous guy on the right that gets your attention. He’s wearing a stylish, bejeweled turban, yet still manages to look like a dentist. Right on my skinny white brother!!

Marshall ‘Rock’ Jones
of the Ohio Players
Jones, bassist with the Ohio Players (and one of the group’s founding members) may not have sported the insane afro of guitarist-vocalist ‘Sugarfoot’ Bonner, but that turban was mighty fine!
Thanks to Sam Lockley for the pic!

Rajinder Singh Raj
& Party

Granted, there’s nothing unusual about a Sikh band appearing in turbans, but how could I pass on this amazing picture sleeve (first posted in a thread on SoulStrut)? They’re like the Punjabi Four Seasons or something.

Sonny Rhodes
Blues singer, guitarist Rhodes is shown here sporting a stylish, be-jewelled model, with a little bit of a drape in the back. Thanks to Glenn Scharback for the picture!

Lynn Hope
Thanks to Bob Shannon and the Magnificent Goldberg who both hipped me to 50’s R&B legend Lynn Hope, aka Al Hajji Abdullah Rascheed Ahmed. Hope had one hit, ‘Tenderly » in 1950, and made his last session 10 years later.
Turban Wearer Lynn Hope, We salute you!

Hamza El Din
Hamza El Din, master of the oud and one of the greatest living instrumentalists from the Sudan (or anywhere else). He has the distinction of having played with the Grateful Dead. Since the mid-60’s his albums have been available in the West, including LPs on Vanguard and Rykodisc.

Korla Pandit
I have been admonished by more than a few readers for not including 1950’s Exotica legend Korla Pandit. Pandit had a successful TV show on which he basically gazed into the camera (bejewelled turban glistening) and played all manner of romantic music on his organ. He played will into the 1990’s, expiring in 1998.

Eddie Kirkland
Jamaican born (but Alabama raised) blues legend Eddie Kirkland has had a career in which he crossed paths with John Lee Hooker and Jimi Hendrix. he has recorded for a bunch of labels since the early 60’s, and sports some of the most original turbans I’ve ever seen.

Binky Griptite
Guitarist for modern funk powerhouse Sharon Jones and the DapKings, Binky no longer rocks the turbaned look, but we celebrate him for the years he did.

Copyright 2005- Turban Hall of Fame

…. RARE FUNK …., archives, LINKS, PODCAST

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Issue #1
Feature: Soul With An African Twist
Eddie Bo Jam of the Month:
Roger & The Gypsies – Pass The Hatchet

Organ Groove of the Month – Georgie Fame – El Bandido
Funky & Soulful 45’s

Issue #2
Feature: The Funky Judge
Eddie Bo Jam Of The Month –
Curley Moore & The Kool Ones –
Shelley’s Rubber Band b/w Funky Yeah

Organ Groove of the Month –
Charlie Earland’s Erector Set – Yes-Suh b/w Cherie Amour

Funky & Soulful 45’s

Issue #3
Feature: The Jerry-O Story
Feature: The History of the Fabulous Highlighters Band of Indianapolis Indiana
Eddie Bo Jam of the Month: Check Your Bucket
Organ Groove of the Month: Toussaint McCall – Shimmy
Funky & Soulful 45’s

Issue #4
Feature: The Genius Of James Brown
Feature: The Soul Roots of the Action
Feature: JB on the B3: James Brown’s SMASH Organ Recordings
Eddie Bo Jam of the Month: Horse With A Freeze
Organ Groove of the Month: James Brown & The Famous Flames – Shhhhhhhh (for A Little While)
Funky & Soulful 45’s

Issue #5
Feature – Betty Harris- The True Soul Queen of New Orleans
Feature – Alvin Robinson
Feature – Interview with James Harris of the Rhythm Machine
Eddie Bo Jam of the Month – Candy Phillips – Timber Pts 1&2
Organ Groove of the Month – The Legendary James Booker
Philly Groove of the Month – The Intruders – You’d Better Check Yourself
Funky & Soulful 45’s

Issue #6
Feature – Horse Fever!
Feature – Albert Collins – The Iceman Cometh
Feature – Wynder K Frog
Feature – Funky Funky Bill Cosby
Eddie Bo Jam of the Month – Hook and Sling Pts 1&2
Organ Groove of the Month – Perry & The Harmonics – Do The Monkey With James
Funky & Soulful 45’s
Philly Groove of the Month – Fabulous Emotions -Number One Fool / Funky Chicken

Issue #7
Feature – The Volcanos
Feature – Odell Brown & The Organizers
Feature – The Fabulous Counts
Eddie Bo Jam of the Month – Mary Jane Hooper – I’ve Got Reasons
Organ Groove of the Month – East Bay Soul Brass – The Panther
Philly Groove of the Month – Family / MFSB – Family Affair
Funky & Soulful 45’s

Issue #8
Feature – Charlie Earland
Feature – Richard Evans
Feature – The Emperors

Eddie Bo Jam of the Month – S.G.B. b/w Solid Foundation

Organ Groove of the Month – Brother Jack McDuff – Theme From the Carpetbaggers

Philly Groove of the Month – Electric Indian – Broad Street

Funky & Soulful 45s


Issue #9
Dave Lewis

10 Great Sansu Sides

Johnny Jones and the King Casuals

Eddie Bo Jam of the Month – Lover and a Friend

Organ Groove of the Month – Hank Marr – White House Party

Philly Grooves – The Ambassadors Atlantic Recordings

Funky & Soulful 45s


Issue #10
Chuck Edwards – Downtown Soulville
Otis Goodwin & The Castanets
The Formations
Philly Groove – The Alliance
Eddie Bo – The Cinderella Sides

Organ Grooves – Truman Thomas’ Veep Recordings
Funky and Soulful 45s

Issue #11
Gene Ludwig – Hammond Master

Warren Lee – New Orleans Soul

Diamond Joe – New Orleans Soul

Philly Groove – The Persianettes

Eddie Bo – The Explosions

Organ Grooves – Winston Wright

Funky & Soulful 45s

Issue #12
Eldridge Holmes
Robert Parker
UK Soul Covers
Philly Groove – United Four
Eddie Bo Double Feature
Organ Grooves Double Feature
Funky & Soulful 45s


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The Witches Brew
KILLER information Deep Funk site from the UK. Lots of great articles, listings etc. Good reading.

Click Here to browse over 50,000 rare vinyl titles

Visit Craig Moerer’s Records By Mail site. One of the better on-line record dealers.

DJ Deepfeel aka Jaime Lopez started a site to go along with his funk/soul DJ nights in Texas. The opening says it all ‘By Dancers, For Dancers’. Includes interviews, Top Ten lists, playlists and downloadable sets of funk and soul. Nice looking site too!
Cool new site dedicated to the Hammond combos of today like the Nick Rossi Set, The Diplomats of Solid Sound, the Slim Allen 3 and the Link Quartet. very Cool!.
Hellhounds & Holy Ghosts
Cool music blog.
Jazzman Records
Home of the Jazzman, Stark Reality and Funk45 labels, as well as Gerald’s set-sale list of ultra rare funk and soul 45’s and LP’s
Soul Strut
Well done site by beat diggers for beat diggers. There’s a hip-hop bent here but they do know their funky beats. Great features, mixes and info.Check out the discussions in their forums too.
The Boogaloo Investigators
Scotlands hottest funk/soul/R&B combo has a brand new site up with info on the group , links etc. Check it out!
Intrepid diggers from Texas. Their Excavation section was a major inspiration when Funky 16 Corners got moving. They craft their own beats as well.
The Black Hole of Funky Music
Peter Wermelinger’s MONUMENTAL funk and soul site features the amazing Funky & Groovy Records Lexikon, which seeks to catalogue all of the great funk, groove and hard soul discs of all time. Also features a huge amount of label scans and cover art, all of which can be purchased in book form.BRILLIANT!
THE place where the elite meet to beat the heat and check out rare funky 45’s. Recently the beneficiary of an outstanding redesign!. Tons of cool stuff to check out!.
Australian funk fan – and all around nice guy – John Item’s new site, with records for sale and trade and links to cool sites.
C.J. Grogan
My brother Christopher’s web site and it’s all about his music, melodic, haunting pop. Not necessarily funk or soul, but quite good. Check out the new album!
Soul Explosion
DJ Soulpushers site, over yonder in Germany. The text is in German, but the graphics are cool, and you know his heart is in the right place.
UK DJ Funkadelia Smith’s site for info on his Clubagogo nights, as well as label scans, sound files, playlists and info. Very nicely done.
Ohio Soul Recordings
Dante Carfagna’s comprehensive survey of Ohio soul and funk labels includes discographies
Very cool new site from the UK! Lots of setlists, 45 scans/reviews and best of all a section of soul food recipes!!
Eddie Bo
The home page of the man himself. See what Mistrah Hook and Sling is up to these days and get in the groove on why he’s so important to the folks at Funky 16 Corners!
Uppers Organization
The Uppers gang recently changed domains to Our link has been updated accordingly.Mod culture website with contributions from Brian Poust, Bill Luther and myself among others. Lots of cool stuff to read, especially the interviews with the Northern Soul and Funk DJs and collectors
Dennis Brennan 45 Records
Home page for Dennis Brennan, another highly reliable record dealer. Dennis sells via his own auctions, and on E-Bay. Good guy!
Hammond Grounds
Super comprehensive site dedicated to Hammond organ sounds. News, reviews, audio, pictures and links make this your number one resource for contemporary organ grooves!
Georgia R&B and Soul Records
Brian Poust’s survey of Georgia record labels includes discographies, label gallery and related articles.
The Ozone
Oliver’s site covers a lot of ground. He’s a writer (mostly on hip-hop) and a CRAZY digger, which is best seen in the Soul Sides section (click on Beats Rhymes & Life) of the site (the man is down with Melvin Brown, so you know his heart’s in the right place). He has stuff on some of the funkiest wax ever pressed.
Soulful Kinda Music
The on-line end of Dave Rimmer’s excellent soul zine. A major source of information (especially the discographies) , lists of upcoming events, articles, interviews etc. One of the best.
Vinyl Exchange
Great DJ/vinyl site. Links to all kinds of turntablist supplies, places to score new (and old) records and cool reading. Check the back issues for interviews with DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and PB Wolf of Stones Throw.

The Doodlin’ Lounge
Excellent Jazz-organ site with bios and tons of info. Lots of info on some of the lesser known (but great) Hammond players of all time.
Solid Hit Soul
Great rare soul and funk site, with lots of cool label scans and sound files. Some very informative features on rare groups like the TSU Tornadoes.
Town B
Very cool one-stop source for internet radio, with a great funk section. Links to live broadcasts and info on when they’re accessible .
John Manship: The Rare Soul Man
UK site for the author of the famous Manship guide and seller of all matter of rare soul vinyl. Monthly auctions, books, CD’s and videos.
And last but certainly not least, Gone, my jazz zine. I haven’t updated in a while but there are some cool articles. Hopefully this fall I’ll get a chance to update it.