An exited prostitute debunks Slutwalks.

The Prime Directive

Only a few months ago, many sex-positives feminists and some of the left were rallying to Slutwalks – they were reclaiming Slut as a word of empowerment, a word of satire, a word to say how sexually liberated they were.

Slut became the word of the moment, the word to show how trendy and ironic you could be.

But then some right-wing shock-jock call educated and middle-women Sluts and Whores for wanting basic health precautions.

Suddenly Slut is a bad word – it a word that shouldn’t said to nice women and girls.

But, it is really true that Slut has magically become a bad word for those who backed Slutwalk – or could be that it is only bad when women they can identify with are named as Sluts.

For as an exited woman – I have not noticed that the prostituted class are no longer branded as…

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