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The secret behind the meaning of the new hand salute

is introduced by ‘Hunger Games’. Its actual dynamic meaning has been reversed engineered on Tuesday evening 5-8-2012.  This comes after the original blog article appeared in which I deciphered Hunger Games for Occult messages.



See The Hunger (Hunter) Games: Children are gladiators under Occult rule posted on 4 -30-2012 for an in depth discussion of the entire symbolic references to the neo-Nazi resurgence.


Not only is the Girl Scout salute the obvious prelude to Hitler’s youth movement submission to fascism,

A google image result returns the two pictured in a side by side comparison.  The propaganda illustration to the right is 70 years old.  It is nearly identical to the girl on the left.  Is it by purpose that these two are of the only images that result when looking for the Girl Scout Salute?  Note:…

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