Please correct the dead links such as
« Priddy, former leader of the Sai Organisation in his country, interprets for Sai Baba and the tsunami. » The correct link is

The link to the main allegations does not work. One can go to for sexual abuse history and
for the 1993 and other murders history

On the water project the extra link should be

The site said to be removed ( may be a mistaken title There is a very active site at
which is the English part of Danish/Swedish

Note that the Snowcrest link given, which is stated to be NEW, is age old and has not been updated for one decade.

The Sai Critic Website

attends different facets of the various controversies
surrounding Sathya Sai Baba, originally brought into
the public arena by publication of The
and the subsequent online
conversations also generated by The Findings.

The Sai Critic provides summary analysis and reply to
The Findings and also examines more recent
coverage of controversy since the document called The Findings was
published during the year 2000.

Sai Baba

Summary of reply provides a
summary reply to all the minor points raised in The
Findings. Examine the Guru examines criteria by which a
Guru can and should be assessed. Sai Baba is examined
and assessed in terms of his teaching, transformation
of persons, and leadership or lack thereof.

The Snowballing Controversy
looks at the media storm of controversial responses to
Sathya Sai Baba by devotees and non-devotees alike. The
nature of controversy, along with aspects and outcomes
of controversy are examined.

The Water Project Controversy
examines allegations about the Water Project.

The Sai-Baba-is-not-Omniscient
considers the four accounts
of Sai Baba not being Omniscient

The Materialisations
examines ways of assessing
whether or not Sai Baba engages in fakery or conjures
his materialisations. Are ALL materialisations fake?
Are some fake? Are all materialisations genuine?

The Sexual Abuse Controversy

examines the assertions and claims of sexual
impropriety made about Sathya Sai Baba.

The 1993 Shootings
has been frequently pedalled
as a response to sexual impropriety by disaffected

Sathya Sai Responds provides
the statements made by Sathya Sai Baba to devotees
during the 75th Birthday and Christmas Day discourses.

The Sai Dictum responds to material allegedly tendered
by Sri Sathya Sai Baba about the Earth Changes, 11/11,
the end of the Mayan Calendar, 2012, and the beginning of
Sathya Yuga. Read The Sai Dictum.
New Items on the Internet

Fair is Fair

A new website, originally examining the Sai-Petition
Website, has expanded considerably, and now examines
facets of Controversy. The URL for this website is

Tsunami and Sai Baba

Those inimical to Sai Baba look to the explanations of
the tsunami from Sathya Sai Baba and generously supply
their point of view: (See
and pages linked.) Only too eager to doctor Sai Baba’s
utterances and twist with the Truth, you can view a
« screen copy » of their own heading on an excerpt from
the Sankranthi Discourse:

Screenshot of page on where Sai Baba is blamed for the Tsunami


Priddy, former leader of the Sai Organisation in his
country, interprets for Sai Baba
and the tsunami

Consular Advice to Travellers

In several countries, the Expose has been « successful »
in having warnings placed on Consular Advice Websites.
These warnings typically state that there are
allegations of sexual misbehaviour.

screen copy of statement on of agitation for consular warnings

We note with interest that all websites carrying this
advise refer to « persistent allegations » and
« unconfirmed reports ». As we have advised you earlier,
the Sai Expose group have been told by the various
authorities to « get a conviction » if the advise is to
be more severe. No one has confirmed, and no one has
even laid a charge! One advise is to ring the someone
at US Consulate in Chennai, who will advise that the
« prominent local religious leader » is Sai Baba.

The Secret Swami

September 2004, The Secret
, a video focussed on the person
making the main reports of sexual abuse, is broadcast.
The « Sam Young » family admit this video was very poorly
produced and misrepresented the main subject.
Protagonists in the Sai Expose were informed of this.

Arriving in your mailbox, daily:

It is well known that the Anti Sai lobby has conducted
email campaigns targeting prominent devotees. Now, two
years later, group mailing lists and mailto headers on
old emails are combed to find email addresses to send
letters to. Such a mail arrived in a private mailbox on
16 August 2004:

I am one of the member of the US Sai Organization
  (identity private) and we are secretly trying to
  expose our beloved God with the help of FBI officials.

  US Embassy of India has already started alerting our
  countrymen not to travel to Puttaparthi, India. This
  is stated in the Travel Advisory as the 'state of
  Andhra Pradesh' where foreigners are sexual abused
  (mostly young boys) at a 'big ashram'. 

  Please try to understand and know it for yourself that
  Swami is a big FRAUD!!! Know the real 'sathya' sai
  baba: &

  The one you worship day and night is not God at all!
  Know it for yourself by reading numerous reports
  aginst this 'Baba'.


  * Watch the videos on how he materializes the vibhuti
  and lingam:

  * Cheap acts of Sathya Sai Baba:

  * Read the hundreds of signatures at:

  May the real God give you some wisdom and strength to
  get out of the trap of this mind controller. OPEN YOUR


Sai Expose: A New Thrust

Former devotees have taken up the gauntlet to expose
Sai Baba to the world via any form of media and
multimedia available unto them. The Internet provides
an unprotesting, silent medium for these woof-woofs.
Some useful sites include that of Robert Priddy, former head of the
Sai Organisation in Norway. The opening page on that
site promises data on the following:


(A major set of pages with exhaustive discussion
of many aspects of Sathya Sai Baba and the Sai

  • THE SATHYA SAI ORGANISATION EXAMINED(A broad, critical sociological perspective on
    the SSO & issues about it, with extensive
    documentation. An inside view of the organisation?s
    aims and common practices. With feedback from

(including his claims to be Rama, Krishna &
all other deities plus his accounts of the ancient
past etc. Mr Priddy kindbly begins with a note that
he is author of « Source of the Dream, My way to Sai
Baba ». Perhaps Mr Priddy wishes it was all just a
dream, but this does not deter Priddy from
mailbombing any Sai Organisation officer whose email
address he can get his hands on

History on Google

A Google search on the internet reveals the current
situation online regarding controversies surrounding
Sai Baba. The third hit in the search results on Sunday
15 August 2004 is from Denmark, and has the following
opening paragraph:

Message: Robert Priddy mentions the flood of mail by
Sathya Sai Baba devotees to the BBC – even before the
programme screened!

In confirmation of this, I have a letter from David
Savill, assistant producer of ‘Secret Swami.’ Writing
immediately after the screening, he says, « We received
literally hundreds of email correspondence before and
after the broadcast, phone calls and letters which keep
coming in. »

He also informs, « The World Service, the world’s
biggest radio network , broadcasting to millions in the
subcontinent, Africa and the Far East picked up on the
programme and broadcast a summary… In the end we had
80 hours to cut to an hour… The critical success of
the film was reflected in incredible reviews from
newspapers and magazines. »

The Sathya Sai Organisation may be concerned about
those 225 million homes in over 200 countries that
Robert Priddy mentions. However, I give my complete
assurance that other upcoming projects will extend to
vastly greater numbers of this. Their attempts to
prevent the major television corporations DR (Denmark),
SBS (Australia) and BBC (UK) all failed ignominiously.
How do they think they will be able to resist even
greater forces than these?

A Mashup of Links

Sathya Shree Sai Baba Full title:
Sarva-daivatva Swaroopa Bhagawan Sri Sri Sri Satya Sai
Baba Dale Beyerstein’s Sathya Sai Baba’s Miracles;
complete text Sathya Sai Baba’s Miracles; Swedish book
review; other Swedish review Sai Baba accused of sexual
harassment by Conny Larsson Sai Baba and sexual
harassment Divine Downfall, Daily Telegraph Sexual
abuse issues in other movements Sai Baba debates; by
Professor David Lane Sai Baba, the Avatar Imposter
Berry Beyerstein on Sai Baba; book review Sathya Sai
Baba discussion club; for and against The Sai Baba
discussion forum; for and against Indian Skeptic: many
articles on Sai Baba Harry Edwards on Sai Baba NHNE
special report on Sai Baba Satya Sai Baba – Retelling
The Story; by R.R. Gogineri Sai Baba; by Louis Hughes,
Ireland Skeptics Dictionary: Sai Baba Sai Baba row with
South African TV Sai Baba and the Gold Control Act;
book review Six murders in Sai Baba’s bedroom book Sai
Baba caught faking (info on video) Sai Baba files Guru
Sai Baba exposed; Global Ideas Bank Sai Baba and Sri
Lankan politician Jayawardene The extreme Right
psychologist Hans Eysenck believed in Sai Baba’s
miracles Benjamin Creme (Maitreya movement) also
believes in Sai Baba Sai Baba; in English; Deutsch;
Polish Sai Baba; Site Schweiz Sai Baba; Berliner Dialog
Sai Baba; Information von (alte) Regierung osterreich
Sai Baba; critical; French Alerte Sathya Sai Baba;
Quebec Sai Baba, the unemployed, and alternative
medicine; French Spanish on Sai Baba Sai Baba; CICAP.

That’s a difficult paragraph to read (I can’t apologise
to my reader, I never wrote that). That paragraph aptly
captures most of what has been given truck prior to
August 2002. Most of this is covered in one way or
another on this site. However, it would seem there is
something of a thriving industry in muckraking about
Sai Baba. Or, there could be just a search engine
turning up links to dead sites.

The End of Scandal?

Perhaps the end of scandal is indeed in sight. During
mid-august 2002, the saibabavictims website was
unavailable. The highly popular
was a popular site and received hundreds of visitors
daily. It fell into the clutches of the advertising
moguls of Belize Domain WHOIS Service Lt . After some
merriment at this leela, a new incarnation has
surfaced. Here is a direct link to that site. Find it

On the other hand, the scandal effort appears to have
petered out with a marked lack of attention and success
to the Online Petition to Investigate Sai
. Perhaps this is THE signal that the end of
scandal has come, as quarrels now arise about deletions
from the Petition. On the other hand, the Quicktopic
board administerd by Anthony Thomas has been suspended. Perhaps this is
the sign of the times.

The Closed Online Petition against Sai Baba

Hackers, Bashers and trawling for scandal

Hackerz have trawled varia sites connected with this
controversy. As mentioned hereunder, the Sai Critic
Committee neither condones nor justifies any form of
defacement on ANY, repeat ANY website. Such behaviour,
apart from nuisance value, contributes nothing to the
debate nor the status of the conversation on the
critical sites that remain. Hacking (an illegal
activity in many jurisdictions) is roundly condemned at
all times and in all places. Those who would bask in
attention trawl for the scandalised and seek
signatories for an online petition requesting
investigation into Sai Baba and his affairs. One can
find natives posting for other natives requesting
support here.

Chameleons and Clubs – Yahoo Necessitated Changes

Yahoo merged Yahoo Clubs with Yahoo Groups, and several
clubs have resurfaced in Yahoo Groups. The inane
Neuralsurfer group, once the haunt of people who write
like they are little more than animals, has been
restarted in Yahoo Groups. Some clubs disappeared for
several days while their existence was evaluated by
Yahoo. See the New Neuralsurfer Group (age
restricted group – due language). Various other clubs
continue. Some change form and require membership to be
disclosed. Here, one club went from public to
private forum, (and fell over – the image below tells
all). So you can see, not much activity from the

Yahoo Group fell over

A struggle for survival?

Some Yahoo groups are getting absolutely no attention. You can take it from
us below, or click the link and verify this.

Yahoo Discussion Club stats

Disgruntled Devotees Online

There is never a dearth of those who would testify how
Sai Baba failed their test or duped them. Some sit in
darshan lines for years and then criticise. Some sit in
lines and say they were devotees; freely admitting that
they never undertook the simple minimum requirements for
grace for devotees (it’s really simple, this, yet these
authors shoot themselves down in their disgruntlement.
Here, read the chapters of discontentment, of cry foul
and tell all: Here, in Norway, one can read author Robert
Priddy who penned many articles in Sanathana Sarathi, and
scribe his own books on Sai Baba: Enigmas Reconsidered Here

Another author who prepared indexes on Sai Baba’s
teachings and other relevant material to explain in an
orderly way the entire language and acculturation of
Hinduism surrounding Sai Baba has also penned his
disgruntlement: Spanish Taught Here

Change, Change, Change

Due various forms of economic pressure experienced in
the continutally changing environment of the Internet,
changes occured to site locations, the content of many
sites has run out of scope and and a distinct change of
tempo has come with regard media exposures of the kind
that the Sai Baba critiques are famous for flinging in
the face of all comers. The Catholic Church is in
crisis and is currently experiencing the consequences
of abberant behaviour by priests and religious.
Institutional change looms large.

Prime Ministers and Letters on the Internet.

Various letters have been posted on the internet. One
letter is from the Sri Sathya Sai Charitable Trust of
the UK to the Prime Minister of England, Mr. Tony
Blair. Read it here

Another letter on another website is from the PRIME
other dignitaries. Read it here

Is Sai Baba Co-ordinated Expose Over?

Various activists concede that the Expose effort
against Sai Baba is over and has run out of steam.
Pointing to the US Consulate posting of Warning to
Travellers regarding Crime in Andhra Pradesh, they
themselves admit the CAMPAIGN is over. Read the
references here

Stalled Investigations

The status of various asserted investigations into
accusations appears to be halted?

Attending more fully to this, The main protagonists in
this matter admitted online that the FBI has dismissed
« evidence » as inadmissible in a US Court. What
co-ordination is occuring between instruments of the US
Government in this matter? These US Government Agencies
and Instrumentalities look inconsistent with feet of
clay…. However, we can look at some of this
Government Investigation material and its history, here

Spam halts discussions

Spam messages, of the animal rights nature and postings
of Sai Baba messages on various online message boards
have caused many conversations to dry up. The
reincarnated Quicktopic Board « sai-baba-antichrist » has
halted and is now employing an authentication method on
the Sunrise board. You can find the threads here.

Another Quicktopics discussion list surfaced with the
alleged listing of molested students. It has seen
little action, and is not worth consideration. Several
persons named therein vehemently objected to being so
listed. The original compilers of this list erased its
listing on the « anti-christ » board and in other places,
but not before it was listed in several other places on
the Internet. There were some lame duck calls for
students to come forth and verify that the listings
were true. This was posted on David Lane’s Yahoo Clubs
board, and saw NO responses.

A 2001 Sai Baba Expose Club was started by a chameleon
who seems to change coats and colours with the season,
if not the very day. Find it here.

Ex Vice-Chancellor of Sai University writes

Dr Venkataraman, former Vice-Chancellor of the Sai
University, has replied to the recent articles in The
Times. Read Dr Venkataraman’s letter to The Times here.

The Times, Suicide and a Cult

August 27, 2001: The Times, a once venerable and
stately news media leader [London, UK], the Times of
India and The Hindustan Times, whom some claim are
« highly respected » newsapapers have run stories
centering on an anti-cult campaigner seeking a Foreign
Office warning, three unrelated suicides, the Education
in Human Values Progam. These are stories largely based
on concoctions, hearsay and old stories presented as
factual news. Read the media evaluation here.

Sathya Sai Victims Website

On account of the recent closure of and the demise of, two active
protaganists in the Sai Baba controversy have created
yet another website to provide their point of view,
refer to their ‘evidence’ and select coverage of media
events. The site is called Sai Baba Victims.
( The name of the website
preempts attitudes toward Sai Baba before any
individual might peruse and assess the content the
pages. Most pages were still under construction, late
of July, 2001. It hints account of legal and
international interventions against Sai Baba as
reported in other places.

See it here

New Sai Baba Allegations Site

Another site over at Snowcrest Net ( provides
links and archives discussions. The main introduction
runs thus:

« In India today there is a man who claims to be God
himself, an avatar. He claims to be all forms of God,
perfect and pure. His followers claim that he performs
many miracles. He is said to materialize sacred ash,
rings, watches and other objects out of air. He
allegedly heals the sick, saves followers from fatal
accidents, and even raises the dead. Is Sai Baba who he
claims to be (God) or is he an imposter and trickster? »

View the site here

New Sai Baba and Sex Website


Ram Das Awle, an American Devotee and long-time sadhaka
of various gurus, has created a new web site. This site
directly addresses issues covered on the Sai Critic
Site and presents another perspective and useful points
of view. It also considers other spiritual issues not
covered here. You may read an evaluation of this new
site and link to it from this page. – Nederlands Website is a Nederlands site that has material
in both Dutch and a rapidly expanding English section.
It has an introductory paragraph thus: The
purpose of this site is to inform the public about a
number of disconcerting reports that must be painful to
many of Sai Baba’s devotees. For some time now a lot of
information in English is to be found on the web
referring to his sexual dealings with male devotees of
ages ranging from seven to thirty.

This in fact was four websites. There were two sites
with two mirror sites set up, a very clever device to
befuddle search engines and get higher search engine
results for text and material. The websites were:


All run by the one person. In 2008 one of the sites was
taken down; Ex-baba dot com remains active.

View the site here

Former Teacher co-ordinates action

Recently, on the moderated Quicktopic message-board,
(the link is further down the
) a post was made on behalf of Barry
Pittard, a person who claims he was a former teacher at
the Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Whitefield
Campus, (not quite true, Mr Pittard was a part time
lecturer two days a week for two terms in the
pre-institute days
) which says, inter alia, (among
other things), that Sai Baba is an abuser. Pittard
himself did not post this and the poster responds that
Pittard gave him permission to post on his behalf. Link
and text can be found here

Discussion boards

An early free discussion board recently had all its
messages deleted by the owner as it was spammed
(blocked) by mischievous and ill-intending persons,
simply intent on halting conversation. This discussion
list now sees little traffic, if any. It has probably
been abandoned, and currently shows some erratic posts.
It may be found here.

Another discussion board called Sai Baba – anti christ? may be
found here, where some references to US
Government responses in India were listed. This was a
heavily moderated list, not allowing for dissenting
points of view or debate of issues. This list was
closed on or about 18 August 2001. It reincarnated
shortly thereafter, here

Closed List:

New List:

These two sites have now been excised considerably by
the the original author who dropped his bundle fairly
early in the piece with alleged students posting about
molestations (most fake) and reprisals and slanging
matches going on in the various posts. Spam
necessitated suspensions and serious cleaning up. Now,
all has been excised. closes

Recently, the site that was host to many messages,
letters of resignation, archives, testimonials and many
links, (and an amazing hit counter) has closed down
( The handwritten testimony of the
15 year old boy was removed from this site on legal
advice. The webmaster, Keenan Alethia, had received
death threats and unsalutary mail from mischievous and
ill-intending persons. The Sai Critic does not condone
any harmful, threatening or unlawful behaviour. The
site has since been taken over by a domain squatter.
See here

Recant, Defense and Doubt

Timothy Conway, author of the circular email referred
to in ‘We don’t know’ has retracted a statement he made
in those circular letters. He has continued to speak in
his former vein of ice cool outrage against sexual
crimes, and expresses more even-handed doubts about Sai
Baba. Read here.


This document was created by Jack Hawley, in Prasanthi
Nilayam, on or about 13 December 2000 and distributed
online as email by Jack Hawley (Author of
Re-Awakening The Spirit in Work – The Power
of Dharmic Management
) and others. You
may read this here.

Some others have chosen to distribute this note among
former devotees and followers of Sai Baba together with
analysis and criticism of Jack Hawley’s writing. The
Sai Critic choses to take an opportunity to respond to
Hawley’s critics and detractors. After all, there is
savage criticism that does not consider the context and
target of Hawley’s written note. You may read of this
opportunity here: here


At the present time, the amount of information on the
Internet relating to Sai Baba and controversy is
expanding. Further reports have appeared in the press
since the 75th Birthday celebration, and online
critiques are claiming objectivity and clarity;
Newspaper and Online editorial staff have been
interviewing devotees and ex-devotees worldwide. It has
also emerged that some checkbook-journalism, paying the
disaffected to talk, and bribing others to speak out
against Sai Baba has occurred.


During the week of 27 November, 2000, India Today
(December 04, issue), ran a cover story and several
subsidiary stories centered on Sai Baba and surrounding
issues of divinity and Sai Baba’s credibility. You may
read these here. Response to this particular
coverage of Sai Baba is afforded and NECESSARY because
some stories, without verification, are now passed off
as fact, and assumptions are presented as « common
knowledge ». You may peruse story and critique here.

Concerned devotees have expressed reservations at the
cavalier treatment of Sathya Sai Baba by the India
Today Magazine. You may read one such response here

Sexual Abuse Allegations

India Today Magazine claims to account status of
allegations from some persons vocal about their
experience of Sai Baba and presents its own precis of
the allegations against Sai Baba. In fact, India Today
has NO writs, affidavits or charge sheets. Read here.


Jimi Hendrix a devotee? Steve Waugh, Captain of
Australia Cricket Team and the beady eyed
Israeli Army trained Seva
??? Whoa,
this is NEWS … Read On!
The Sai Critic advises that as at late August 2001, is in financial difficulties and may not be
available online.

History on the Internet

Do you know what was being said several years ago by
the main protagonists? How have they kept to the facts,
how have they stuck to their guns with their original
story; what embellishments and hyperbole have gained
accreditation over the passage of time? What rumours
are now passed off as fact? How and by what means has
this exchange, debate, and polemic expanded?

Discussing Doubt

It is useful to know what has passed on the Internet
with regard to the stories told by these unhappy
protagonists. First there was the exchanges in the
newsgroups (the earlier verison of Internet Chat)
soc.culture.indian. A Sandeha Nivarini (Dissolving
Doubt) thread was maintained for years there.

A rather well known site was maintained for years at by Bon Giovanni. His pages on the three
types of online carpers
addresses the history of several persons mentioned on
these two pages. Bon Giovanni also maintains SatGuru, international online
Satsangh. There is one forum, Sandeha Nivarini, for discussion
of issues covered on those pages.

Dr Lane’s Many Sites

Further internet exposure came via David Lane’s site where he kept and posted copies
of emails between many of the early protagonists in
this debate. Since then, David Lane has set up a
discussion venue in Yahoo Clubs, in which little more
than noisy posturing and invective obtain. Many
exchanges are defiled by invective, filth and are
otherwise immature, frequently. It is a poor example of
human communication.

One of the original protaganists possessed a well-known
site: the Web Site of Khorramshahgols. In early January,
2001, this site became unavailable as the site provider
became a part of the crash.
is no longer available. This site was linked with
another Sai Baba Discussion Club at Yahoo Clubs. This club was very well
moderated until late 2000 and mid 2001 when the
discussion descended to the approximately same level as
David Lane’s Club. Lately, this club has been
selectively moderated.

A Summary Response to the Findings


… is an issue of the magazine formerly edited by
Peggy Mason and taken over by Faye Bailey. The Magazine
has been renamed « The Quarterly » and still tends to be
an encyclopaedia of psychism, Spirituality, with a
healthy injection of Faye Bailey’s iridology, food
balancing, diet and maintenance of a healthy body. Faye
is a very highly qualified person in her fields of
excellence. Many good and wonderful people subscribe to
this magazine. There has been advice that this magazine
will cease circulation in 2001.

Faye Bailey was appointed editor on the instructions of
Peggy Mason, shortly before Peggy Mason dropped her
body and passed over into the light. Peggy Mason and
Her husband Ron Laing jointly published their books on
Sai Baba many years ago.


« The Findings » includes the following accusations by
more than one person:

  • 8 people allege that Sai Baba is paedophile or gay
  • 6 people allege Sai Baba engages in trickery, unable
    to make miracles
  • 4 people allege that he is not omniscient

A single person, mostly David Bailey or Premanand, each
makes further accusations or opinions, rather rumours
because they are not substantiated:

  1. – Sai Baba does not perform real healing
  2. – Misuse of donations
  3. – To have an aura means nothing
  4. – Hospital is not aseptic
  5. – Theft of a kidney at Hospital
  6. – Water Project is a failure with false claims
  7. – Sai Baba does not solve personal problems
  8. – EHV program not designed by Swami
  9. – Sai schools are expensive
  10. – Sai students are good because they are strictly
    selected for admittance
  11. – Students get no employment after studies
  12. – Vibhuthi growing on Sai pictures is a natural
  13. – Four students went to kill Sai Baba but instead
    policemen willfully killed them

The first three allegations formulated by multiple
persons will be addressed and studied later in these

Most of these minor accusations will not need further
comment because of their lack of substance, but a few
notes will be made on most of them, showing their


1) Sai Baba does not perform real

Sai Baba has helped people get out of wheelchairs,
healed cancer, taken on multiple heart attacks (there
is ample documentation of this) healed broken bones but
the greatest healing is the unseen healing. Attitudes
change, peoples’ hearts have been transformed and many
who have lived loveless lives now give and receive
unconditional love.

2) Misuse of donations

Money mismanagement is impossible. Owing to endemic
corruption in India, it is very difficult to obtain
accreditation as a trust, as the audit requirement is
very time-costly to prove out of financial regularity
and compliance. However, there are in fact 16 Trust
Accounts maintained at Prasanthi Nilayam, and quarterly
audits are conducted. Swami in fact signs the cheques
on several of the accounts, and attends meetings weekly
with the Central Trust. Swami in fact does look at
invoices, and does query accounts. Swami asks very
difficult questions. This is not known to the accusers.
Donations can be made at the Accommodation Office, at
the Branch of the State Bank of India INSIDE the
ashram, direct to Trust Account. Or one may go outside
to the State Bank of India in Main Rd Puttaparthi and
queue up with the villagers, if one wishes. Receipts
are posted to donors from the Central Trust. I was
present when a devotee donated all his left over cash
to the Trust and thereafter, he departed. Upon
returning, he opened some mail, one was a receipt for
his donation; out fell a packet of vibhuti.

3) To have an aura does not mean one is

Everybody has an aura. What is the point of accusing
anyone of a known fact? Swami never mentioned his aura.
What do auras have to do with divinity? Who says an
aura is a sign of divinity? Can everyone see auras? No.
It takes training and skill. Auras simply reflect the
state of the mind at the time of the aura being
revealed. Dr Frank Baranowski, a scientist who has done
a lifetime of studying auras, has documented his
perception of the length, breadth and colours of Sai
Baba’s aura. This has been documented in many books
about Sai Baba.

4) Theft of a kidney at

One family sued the Hospital. The Supreme Court found
the Hospital was not negligent and not guilty. This
matter has been settled in the highest court in that
State. The High Court of Andhra Pradesh heard the case
and ruled in favour of the Hospital. The authors of The
Findings rail against the democracy and Law Courts of
India. India is its own jurisdiction since independence
from the British since 1947. Do the authors wish to
take this independence and jurisprudential right away
from India?

5) Water Project is a failure and claims of
supply to villages are fraudulent

The Water Project was re-initiated in 1998 with the
Andhra Pradesh government, and there are bilateral
agreements to complete the project with joint funding
and make water available to more villages.

Certainly, one may seek villages that did not get the
truly divine present of water, and are angry against
Baba, the doer, after hundreds of years accepting
governments that do nothing. What is the problem,
cracked pipes, pumps not operating due to faulty
workmanship, due to substandard contractor work, or
thousands of years of no pipes, no water? There is a
definite lack of entity in laying fault with the water
project directly at the feet of Sathya Sai Baba.
Further investigation of this matter can be found here.

6) Sai Baba does not solve personal

Most personal problems come from failure to manage the
mind. All can and will be helped by Sai Baba. That is
his duty and his task for incarnation. ON the 23rd of
November 1997 Sai Baba told, in a discourse « I have no
devotees. You may describe yourselves as Sathya Sai
devotee. I am myself a devotee. Whose devotee? A
devotee of those who claim to be my devotees. My duty
is to fulfill their desires. I belong to you and you
belong to me. Understand and strengthen this
relationship. This is my sole desire. »

Persons can hold onto their problems and continue to
experience their problems; or they can hand them over
to the devotee of devotees, who can and will take care
of everything. Can anyone name any other person, human,
leader or hero, guru or spiritual leader, who has done
the same for millions of devotees?

7) EHV program not designed by

Sathya Sai Baba has never claimed he designed this EHV
program. Every EHV course starts explaining that Sai
Baba defined the Human Values and other people have
devised and refined a method to teach them that is
effective. What has this to do with the Divinity of Sai
Baba? In fact, the Sathya Sai Institute does not even
mention the NAME of Sathya Sai in connection with
Education in Human Values.

8) Sai schools are expensive

On the COnvocation day discourse of 1994, Sai Baba
spoke about the cost of maintaining a student in the

Our University spends Rs.60,000/ per head per annum on
Arts Students, and Rs.90,000/ per head on Science
Students, but we do not charge any fees. Free education
is offered. So much money is spent on imparting
education to you. What benefit do we get out of this?
The only benefit is to make your lives exemplary to the
world at large. We want you to carry on your secular
life with spiritual outlook. Enjoy the world keeping in
view the spirituality as the goal. (Convocation
Discourse, 22 Nov 1994

Investigation reveals that private schools in India
have fees and charges amounting to 30,000 Rupees per
year. The 20,000 Rupees mentioned in The Findings would
be moderate, but it actually does not cost anything to
attend a Sathya Sai School. Accommodation and book
charges are moderate, and parents deposit weekly pocket
money for their children. All students have to wash
their own clothes or pay the dhobi. Meals are free,
Swami frequently provides rice and other foods and
distributes the food HE provides equally among all the
colleges. Swami QUESTIONS the boys about meals and
supervises diet (this has been amply documented for
years). Statements about children in the village having
to pay Rupees 20,000 have not been substantiated by
parents or others who have come forward and taken legal
depositions to the truth of this matter. Use of
discrimination and independent investigation is
recommended to verify or dismiss allegation, gossip and
interpretation of facts in these minute matters or any
other matter.

9) Sai students are good because they are
strictly selected for admittance.

Sai Baba personally approves all admissions to the
colleges. No one else. Academic capacity or standard is
not the criteria for admission. Apply to Sathya Sai
Baba for explanation of admission criteria. Parents are
directed to ask Sai Baba in addition to completing
enrollment forms, for permission to enrol children in
class and Head Teachers are advised of admissions by
Sathya Sai Baba only. Sri Sathya Sai Institute of
Higher Learning is a deemed University and has had that
accreditation since 1982. Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the
government appointed Chancellor of this deemed
University. University admission standards conform to
All-India Admission standards and are advertised in
Sananthana Sarathi and in Andhra and All-India

10) Students get no employment after

The Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
(SSSIHL) receives at least 5 solicitation phone calls
weekly from prospective employers seeking graduate
students for placement and employment. The SSSIHL
policy is not to make referrals or recommendations. All
graduates are guided into employment by Swami, and many
stay on for MONTHS and sit in the old student’s area
waiting until Swami gives both direction and permission
to depart.

11) Vibhuthi growing on Sai pictures is a
natural phenomenon.

If this is the case, why does it matter? Why does
The Findings bring this up? What is their
scientific proof? Science uses the experimental method
of enquiry where all parts of an experiment can be
duplicated by any person and the same results obtained.
Hence, independent verification can be made. This is
called ‘Scientific Method’. Where is the evidence and
verification in this matter? Have the Baileys managed
to ‘naturally’ produce vibhuti in their home? Where are
the photographs, the reproducible demonstrations in
accord with scientific method?

12) Four students went to kill Sai Baba but
instead policemen willfully killed them.

  • – They were not students, but ex students;
  • – at numerous strategic locations in the ashram they
    hid sufficient explosives to burn down the Ashram
  • – and hid sufficient potassium cyanide to pollute the
    entire ashram water supply.
  • – Police found evidence.
  • – Police recovery of explosives and cyanide have been
    documented in many newspapers.
  • – These were criminal offences.
  • – The Police attending the mandir on the night of the
    shootings were doing their duty.

Please follow this link to read responses to the MAIN ALLEGATIONS


  1. Please correct the dead links such as
    « Priddy, former leader of the Sai Organisation in his country, interprets for Sai Baba and the tsunami. » The correct link is

    The link to the main allegations does not work. One can go to for sexual abuse history and
    for the 1993 and other murders history

    On the water project the extra link should be

    The site said to be removed ( may be a mistaken title There is a very active site at
    which is the English part of Danish/Swedish

    Note that the Snowcrest link given, which is stated to be NEW, is age old and has not been updated for one decade.

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