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Ashra Kwesi – African Origins of Freemasonry pt. 3
Ashra Kwesi – African Origins of Freemasonry pt. 2
The Origin of Egyptian Civilization PT2
Who were the Ancient Egyptains?Also, many people today believe Africans are the only people claiming that the original Egyptians were black, if you don´t acknowledge brilliant black scholars like Diop or John Clarke, and then hear it from a Caucasoid. You can hide the truth
The Origin of Egyptian Civilization PT1
Who were the Ancient Egyptains? And where did they come from?
Cheikh Anta Diop, The Pharoah of Knowledge
One of the worlds greatest scientists. Let´s Get Scientific, to all those who doubt that the original Egyptians and the original man … all » was indeed Black. Listen to one of the world´s greatest Scientist. He put Racist European Scientist to shame. CHEIKH ANTA DIOP, The Pharoah of Knowledge Cheikh Anta Diop was born in Diourbel, Senegal. At the age of 23, he went to Paris in 1946 to become a physicist. He remained there 15 years, studying physics under Frédéric Joliot-Curie, Marie Curie´s son-in-law, and ultimately translating parts of Einstein´s Theory of Relativity into his native Wolof. In the 1940s, the study of African history was dominated by (racist) Europeans who considered Africans ´people without a past´. Diop recieved 5 PHd´s in Physics, African history, Egyptology, linguistics, anthropology,,and he also was well versed in Sociology and Economics, as he armed himself for the task of setting the historical record straight. Research In 1951, Diop submitted his first Ph.D. thesis at the University of Paris where he argued that ancient Egypt had in fact been a Black African culture. After 1960, Diop went back to Senegal and continued writing. A radiocarbon laboratory was established with the University of Dakar (which was later named Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar after his death), and Diop was made its head. He had said, « In practice it is possible to determine directly the skin color and, hence, the ethnic affiliations of the ancient Egyptians by microscopic analysis in the laboratory; I doubt if the sagacity of the researchers who have studied the question has overlooked the possibility. » One of his important works published in journals is the dosage test—a technique developed by Diop to determine the melanin content of the Egyptian mummies. This technique was later adopted by the U.S. forensic department to determine the racial identity of badly burnt accident victims. In 1974, Cheikh Anta Diop participated in a UNESCO symposium in Cairo, where he presented his theories to other specialists in Egyptology. He also wrote the chapter about the origins of the Egyptians in the UNESCO General History of Africa.
Cheikh Anta Diop African Origins of humanity
African Origins of Humanity by Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop is a very important piece of knowledge dealing on a very high level. Diop breaks … all » down the origins of the modern human man and woman and proves its origins scientifically while disproving all false theories, white supremacy and mis/dis-information fed to the public.
Documentary 1 hr 22 min 55 sec – Feb 6, 2006 The New world order exposed.
The New World Order Davidson Loehr
9/11 Truth: Davidson Loehr speaks at the Unitarian Church in Austin, TX on August 2, 2006.
The New World Order – Mark Koernke – America in Peril
Since the early 1990s, Mark Koernke – often referred to by his nickname, « Mark from Michigan » – has been one of the forerunners for the … all » patriot movement. Through a combination of shortwave radio broadcasts, widely distributed videotapes and personal appearances, the university maintenance worker has used his speaking skills to spread his message of « New World Order ». Koernke was one of the leaders in the birth and growth of the militia movement and achieved widespread attention after being « mistakenly » linked to the Oklahoma City bombing. Since then he has suffered numerous setbacks, including prison, but still maintains a loyal cadre of supporters. This is a lecture by Mark Koernke about the U.N take over of the U.S.
Shadows in motion – Exposing the New World Order
Mind Deprogramming 56 min 38 sec – Jul 19, 2006 Billed as the muslim view on the war on terror it covers a variety of topics: * The reasons behind the gulf war/saddam * history of the … all » freemasons/were originally christian heretics after the capture of jerusalem/Al Aqsa * how they came to control England/France and then the US * The dajjal * they´r involvement in the entertainments industry * how they plan to assume control using ID cards * they´re link with thie roschilds * only hope against them is Islam * the atrocities they have already committed using the UN * the AIDS virus
Liberty and Economics
Ludwig von Mises Institute 37 min 49 sec – Feb 4, 1991 What kind of man was Ludwig von Mises? As this unique film shows, Mises (1881-1973) was a man who never stopped fighting for freedom: not … all » when the Nazis burned his books, not when the Left blackballed him at universities, not when it seemed as if statism had won. With courage and genius, he fought big government until the day he died… in 25 books, hundreds of articles, and more than sixty years of teaching. Mises’s battles against Communists, Nazis, and other socialists, are featured in this film, as are his ideas of Liberty. There is also the old Vienna he loved, the Bolshevik prime minister he dissuaded from Communism, and a cast of villains from Lenin to Hitler, as well as such supporters and students as Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, Bettina Greaves, M. Stanton Evans, Mary Peterson, Joseph Sobran, and Yuri Maltzev. Among his many accomplishments, Mises showed that soclialism had to fail, that central banking causes recessions and depressions, that the gold standard is honest money, and that only laissez-faire capitalism is fully compatible with Western civilization. Mises was the twentieth century’s foremost economist, and one of its most important champions of Liberty. Here is a film that does justice to this extraordinary man, and to his equally extraordinary ideas.
Jim Condit – The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler
« The Zionists brought us to the Holocaust. It is well known that it was possible to redeem Jews from the Nazis with money, and save many … all » hundreds of thousands of Jews in Hungary…THE ZIONIST LEADERS WHO NOW SIT IN GOVERNMENT PREVENTED IT! » — Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich (circa 1954) To the billions of people around the world who know only the standard Establishment version of 20th Century history, the above quotation is incomprehensible, its implications impossible to fathom. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were the sworn enemies of all Jews, they will say, and to suggest there could be any collusion between Zionists and Hitler´s Third Reich is both beyond belief and a slap at the memory of those who died at the hands of Nazi persecutors. Incomprehensible, perhaps, but by no means impossible. The Zionist-Nazi collaboration, however suppressed it has been to the general public, is a little-known, but crucial, part of European history, one that continues to profoundly shape and affect world events in the 21st Century. This mind-boggling voyage is but one of many facts which have been compiled and collated, and which is presented in this DVD by Jim Condit Jr. in this fascinating new DVD entitled The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler. This thorough analysis examines Hitler´s career and influence, from his humble beginning in Austria to his appointment as German Chancellor by President Paul von Hindenburg, from his ascent to absolute dictator of the Third Reich to his role in bringing about the modern state of Israel and the emerging world government.
Bush Family are Nazi
Martial preview. The Nazi history of the Bush family.
Conspiracy: JFK George Bush Sr C.I.A. CIA Link Conspiracy 1 hr 30 min 27 sec – Apr 23, 2006 Movie proving George Bush Sr guilt in JFK assassination.
Nazis – Vatican Control Through Civil Law
Berean Beacon 59 min 20 sec – Feb 10, 2006 he Concordat between the Vatican and the Nazis – (Photo on ) Cardinal Secretary of State, Eugenio … all » Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII) signs the Concordat between Nazi Germany and the Vatican at a formal ceremony in Rome on 20 July 1933. Nazi Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen sits at the left, Pacelli in the middle, and the Rudolf Buttmann sits at the right. The Concordat effectively legitimized Hitler and the Nazi government to the eyes of Catholicism, Christianity, and the world.
Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy part 2of 2
Discovery Channel 56 min 31 sec – Jan 1, 1998
Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy part 1of 2
Nazis-the occult conspiracy is a documentary about how the Hitler and the Nazis made use of occultism to win the war, and to remind the … all » Germans that they were the best humans on the planet, the master-race. There are better documentaries around, but this is a solid documentary. There are many rare pictures from Nazi-Germany to be seen here, and you get to learn more about the religous beliefs of nazi-leaders like: Hitler, Goebbles, Goering, Hess and Himmler. I can`t advice people enough to watch documentaries about Nazi-Germany, because they show how crazy and evil humans can be.
Conspiracy Of Silence (Good Quality Version)
ryertuck 55 min 56 sec – Oct 3, 2006 Banned Discovery Channel Documentary
What Is Fascism?
Irate Cinema Underground 1 hr 2 min 52 sec – Mar 10, 2006 This one hour film documents the United States government´s history of population control and murder of political dissidents. It also … all » explores the use of inventing major disasters to control the population, from Pearl Harbor, to Operation Northwoods, to Oklahoma City, to 9/11. It also examines where we´re heading, with footage of the military police state take-over and the human microchip known as the Verichip. Music from Public Enemy. Featured on Alex Jones´
The Money Masters – Part 2 of 2 1 hr 46 min 20 sec – Oct 31, 2006
The Money Masters – Part 1 of 2
The Money Masters the documentary discuss the topics of money (as it relates to central banking and … all » fractional reserve banking), debt, taxes and their development throughout the modern world. Private central banking and fractional reserve banking The documentary criticises the control aspects of modern centralized banking systems and regulation. The film uses as evidence the history of money and banking, showing the viewer how central banks came to be what they are today, and how they operate. It supports its assertions by references and quotations from past Presidents and major players in the banking industry. Media control The film contends that by the end of World War I private central banks owned and controlled much of America´s large media, paper and film outlets, and that they achieved this through the large consolidation of wealth generated by Fractional-reserve banking and later a fractional based finance system. The film contends this alleged near-monopoly of the financial system goes largely unnoticed or redacted from the human history because of the control of human information exchange through this mainstream media ownership. Tax The film touches briefly on the U.S. Federal income tax. See also Tax protester constitutional arguments. Monetary Reform Act By way of conclusion, the film presents an option for a different kind of monetary policy for the United States of America.
Monopoly Men (Federal Reserve Fraud) (1999)
The Federal Reserve, or the Fed as it is lovingly called, may be one of the most mysterious entities in modern American government. … all » Created during Wilson´s presidency to protect the economy in times of financial turmoil, its real business remains to be discovered. During the Wilson presidency, the U.S. government sanctions the creation of the Federal Reserve. Thought by many to be a government organization maintained to provide financial accountability in the event of a domestic depression, the actual business of the Fed is shrouded in secrecy. Many Americans will be shocked to discover that the principle business of the Fed is to print money from nothing, lend it to the U.S. government and charge interest on these loans. Who keeps the interest? Good question. Find out as the connective tissue between this and other top-secret international organizations is explored and exposed.
Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia visits Jamaica
When Haile Selassie I visited Jamaica on April 21, 1966, somewhere between one and two hundred thousand Rastafari (or « Rastas ») from all … all » over Jamaica descended on Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, having heard that the man whom they considered to be God was coming to visit them. When Haile Selassie I arrived at the airport, he refused to get off the aeroplane for an hour until Mortimer Planner, a well known Rasta, persuaded him that it was safe to do so. From then on the visit was a success. 50 min 34 sec – Apr 21, 1966
Haile Selassie year of the creator
blaza tv 1 hr 47 min 52 sec – Jul 30, 2006
Haile Selasie H.I.M LION OF JUDAH
What I´ve Learned About US Foreign Policy: The war against the Third World
IA Covert Operations and US Military Interventions since WWII What you didn´t learn learn in school and don´t hear on the mainstream media
Why We Fight #1: Prelude to War (1943)
he first part of a series of films produced by the United States War Department during World War II. The series explained the reasons for … all » the U.S war effort up to that time. This first part covers the rise of Fascism in Italy, Nazism in Germany, and Militarism in Japan and juxtaposes their political and social systems with that of the U.S. It also portrays the first examples of Japanese aggression in Manchuria and China, as well as the example of Italian aggression in Ethiopia. Supervised and Directed by Frank Capra. Be mindful of the ethnic stereotypes in this film. «
World at War (Part II) (1942)
Portrayal of the steps that led up to Pearl Harbor and total mobilization of World War II. Very well put together history of the events … all » leading up to the war using mostly news archives from the US, and as well from other news organizations. This has a lot of footage you´ve seen before, (aka the taking over of Germany, Pearl Harbor) and some you havent (Whoa! I never knew the Nazi Party had a rally in NYC, In Madison Square Garden no less!!) so some of it is quite fascinating. The first half is better than the second half, which is, excuse the term, a bit pedestrian. And there´s some rather spotty editing, not too sure if it´s splices or what, but some scenes are badly put together. But still, amazing footage! A feature length motion picture presenting step-by-step the events which led up to Pearl Harbor and total war. History, filmed as it happened, shows the massacre of Ethiopia, the invasion of Austria and Czechoslovakia, the blitz of Poland, the tragic fall of France. Material was taken from secret government archives.
U.S. 3rd Armored Division in Cologne, World War II
A glimpse of 3rd Armored Division troops and tanks during the capture of Cologne in March, 1945, the first major German city to fall to … all » Allied forces. This includes footage of the destruction of a German Mark V Panther tank by a 3rd Armored M-26 Pershing tank, in which gunner Clarence Smoyer of Pennsylvania scored three direct hits in rapid sucession. (Army Signal Corps film research by Dan Fong, with editing and film restoration [where possible] by Vic Damon, both of web staff) [ 3d Third Armored ] «
World at War (Part I) (1942)
Portrayal of the steps that led up to Pearl Harbor and total mobilization of World War II. Very well put together history of the events … all » leading up to the war using mostly news archives from the US, and as well from other news organizations. This has a lot of footage you´ve seen before, (aka the taking over of Germany, Pearl Harbor) and some you havent (Whoa! I never knew the Nazi Party had a rally in NYC, In Madison Square Garden no less!!) so some of it is quite fascinating. The first half is better than the second half, which is, excuse the term, a bit pedestrian. And there´s some rather spotty editing, not too sure if it´s splices or what, but some scenes are badly put together. But still, amazing footage! A feature length motion picture presenting step-by-step the events which led up to Pearl Harbor and total war. History, filmed as it happened, shows the massacre of Ethiopia, the invasion of Austria and Czechoslovakia, the blitz of Poland, the tragic fall of France. Material was taken from secret government archives.
Venezuela Bolivariana: People and the struggle of the 4th world war 2004 documentary on the impact of financial neo-liberalism on Latin America and other parts of the world and what Hugo Chavez is doing to stop its spread in Venezuela.
The Story of World War II – part 1/2
Massachusetts School of Law. World War Two was the defining event of the twentieth century. Concentrating on the Second World War through American eyes, Donald Miller … all » has written a fluid, fast paced and extremely interesting account of the war. In this installment of “Books of Our Time” Dean Lawrence R. Velvel interviews Donald Miller about his latest work “The Story of World War II.” Miller is a professor of history at Lafayette College. Miller’s account should be of great interest to students and scholars of the war. He draws extensively on well-chosen oral interviews, book excerpts and contemporary newspaper articles. Miller focuses on all the major campaigns: Torch in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Anzio, Tarawa, the Philippines, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, D-Day, and air wars in both Europe and the Pacific. This work will also be of great interest (part 1) to scholars of the war, as the interview centers around Miller’s historical method used in writing and researching about the war. Commager, crusade against barbarism, blunderers, cover-ups, mistakes, cowards, breakdowns, racial prejudice, atrocities, mass killings, Shirer, Germans, Hitler, world war, Japanese, United States, hidden holocaust, rape of Nanking, Russia, Finland, defense by the Finns, western front, French superior power to the Germans, but screwed up mercilessly, militarily, politically, invade England, bombing submarine campaigns, invasion, defeated, percentage of losses, German submarine service, heroism of the merchant seamen, why Hitler invaded Russia, defense by the Russians, relocation of Russian industry, Russian guerilla campaign, racial aspect of the Russo-German war, Americans and Japanese in the Pacific, battle of Leningrad, battle of Stalingrad, most savage battles, decisive battles of history, United States and Japan at loggerheads in 1941, Japan seek to accomplish, attacking Pearl Harbor, Nagami, Japanese caught MacArthur´s air force on the ground, regard MacArthur as a brilliant general, negligent, publicity hound, arrogant, mistakes in World War II and Korea, brilliant things, factors which caused the Japanese to treat prisoners so cruelly, Doolittle raid, Battle of Midway, John Keegan, « the most stunning and decisive blow in the history of naval warfare »,importance, battle for Guadalcanal, land and naval, Americans «
Webster Tarpley: The 9/11 Issue: Key to stopping World War III
How White Supremacists fabricate evidence to start wars/genocides. The hegelian dialectic. Cover-up agents
Théophile OBENGA: L´Unité culturelle et linguistique des peuples habitant le Congo-Brazzaville
Théophile OBENGA: L´Unité culturelle et linguistique des peuples habitant le Congo-Brazzaville. Interview de Théophile OBENGA par CongoPage
Théophile OBENGA: Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza à la cour royale du Makoko
Interview de Théophile OBENGA par CongoPage
Jacques VERGES
Jacques Verges « Dans les territoires coloniaux, on méprisait la vie des autres » Défenseur des militants du FLN durant la guerre d’Algérie, le célèbre avocat revient dans cet entretien sur les crimes du colonialisme. Jacques Verges est notamment l’auteur de « Malheur aux pauvres » aux éditions Plon.
Les enfants du blanc
Une levée de voile sur un sujet tabou : celui des colons qui firent des enfants aux jeunes femmes Burkina bé. On les appelle des métis. Le territoire du Burkina Faso d’aujourd’hui fut conquis par l’armée coloniale en 1901.Il fut intégré à ce que l’on appelait l’AOF, c’est-à-dire l’Afrique Occidentale Française. La nouvelle colonie fut appelée Haute-Volta, découpée en unités administratives et confiées à des commandants de cercle ou chefs de subdivision.Ces hommes venus de France, étaient surnommés « les dieux de la brousse » car leur autorité échappait à tout contrôle.
Les prisonniers coloniaux
– Documentaire sur les prisonniers coloniaux – Les trois couleurs de l´empire – Un oeil sur la planète : que fait la france en Afrique
Noirs (2ème partie)
Noirs (1ère partie)
NOIRS – L´IDENTITE AU COEUR DE LA QUESTION NOIRE Le 10 mai 2006, la France commémore pour la première fois de son histoire, l´abolition de l´esclavage. Ce documentaire, tourné en France métropolitaine, aux Antilles et au Sénégal, soulève la « question noire » qui se pose aujourd´hui. Il s´agit d´un sujet brûlant et parfois confus découlant souvent d´une méconnaissance de l´histoire de l´esclavage et de la décolonisation entretenue dans le pays. Quels sont les effets de la traite négrière et de la colonisation dans la représentation des Noirs au sein de la société française actuelle ? Existe-t-il une histoire commune à tous les Noirs ? En quoi le travail de mémoire est-il indispensable ? Quel lien peut-il exister entre un Antillais et un descendant de tirailleur sénégalais qui se retrouvent autour de revendications semblables ? Quelle est la condition noire et où en est l´intégration de cette minorité ethnique en France ? S´appuyant sur de nombreux témoignages parmi lesquels ceux de Christiane Taubira, Disiz La Peste ou Aimé Césaire, ce film tente de répondre à ces questions. Mené sous la forme d´une enquête et ponctué d´images d´archives, il retrace aussi les différentes périodes historiques qui ont lié la France à la communauté noire.
Bob Denard, le procès
Bob Denard, mercenaire de la FrancAfric
Tout sur la barbouze en chef de la république. C´est un peu voyant malheureusement , quand la France permet à un bateau bourré d´armes et de combattants de quitter un de ses ports direction les Comorres . Une fois arrivé sur place , ils n´ont aucune revendications particulière ni de projet politique , non , ils paralysent simplement l´état comorrien , le temps qu´on dise partout que le l´Etat comorrien est en mauvaise passe suite à un coups d´état . Et bref , c´est un peu naïf de croire que personne n´a compris ce qui c´était passé quand l´armée française intervient peu après pour réinstaurer l´ordre, et changer comme par hasard les dirigeants en place .
FrancAfric: histoires secretes du BIAFRA
La Françafrique au Nigeria, dans toute sa « splendeur » : 2 millions de morts. Un magnifique docu de Joel Calmettes, et des révélations incroyables des proches de Jacques Foccart.
Theophile Obenga – Entretien
Interview réalisée en Août 2002
Bwemba Bong: L´industrie occidentale de l´esclavage
Conférence sur le thême de l´esclavage des noirs perpétré par les occidentaux.cette intervention de Bwemba Bong fait suite à celle d´Alain Coutte.
Bwemba Bong les rendez vous de bwemba bong n°4
Colonisation, immigration, les dictateurs africains, le massacre du camp de Thyaroye, etc… sont au menu du 4ème « rendez vous de Bwemba-Bong »
Bwemba-Bong sur la Renaissance Africaine
Analyse synthétique de la Renaissance Africaine par Bwemba-Bong.
Rosa Amelia Plumelle Uribe #1
Rosa Amelia Plumelle Uribe auteur de « La férocité blanche, des non-blancs aux non-aryens. Génocides occultés de 1492 à nos jours.  » Interview Thotep partie 1
Rosa Amelia Plumelle Uribe #2
Rosa Amelia Plumelle Uribe auteur de « La férocité blanche, des non-blancs aux non-aryens. Génocides occultés de 1492 à nos jours.  » Interview Thotep partie 2
Le plus beau but du Stade de France
Quelques buts de Patrick « Magic »Mboma, double champion d´Afrique,champion Olympique,buteur spectaculaire de l´équipe desLIONS INDOMPTABLES DU CAMEROUN. Mention: Rien à redire
Musicien(ne) : Mr Samuel Eto´o

Ballon d´OR 2006 – Qui dit mieux
Musicien(ne) : Mr Samuel Eto´o
Tous Indomptables
Musicien(ne) : Mr Samuel Eto´o
Bwemba-Bong suite au visionnage du Film
Dans le cadre de la conférence-débat du samedi 2 Decembre 2006 organisée par A.B.I.K.A-C.E.R.V.A, le doyen Bwemba-Bong s’exprime suite à la projection du film « Le cauchemar de Darwin ».
Relations entre la France et L´Afrique
carlos-au-cameroun: la comedie même avec les traditions profondes du pays
Ce comedien qui est accuelli en grande pompe ua Cameroun avait dit: « Quelle est la différence entre l´homme et l´animal ? Réponse : « La méditérannée »… Signé : Carlos aux « Grosses têtes »… Voyage rédemptoire sans doute… les africains sont tellement hospitaliers, tellement chaleureux que ce n´est pas étonnant que les autres en profitent. C´est ca l´Afrique, on y fait tout ce qu´on veut…
cameroon-connection-le-film (artistes autour de Koko Komengne)
Voyage au coeur du combat artistique des plasticiens de Douala. Ce documentaire de 25 minutes réalisé en 2001 fut présenté en marge de l´exposition Cameroon Connection à Paris en 2003.
Conférence d´avril 2006 sur le phénomène colonial par Théophile Obenga. IV
Pour voir le début : Site internet  » La Renaissance Africaine  » : Groupe AFRICA VIBES :
Conférence d´avril 2006 sur le phénomène colonial par Théophile Obenga. III
La suite ici :
Conférence d´avril 2006 sur le phénomène colonial par Théophile Obenga. II
L suite ici :
Conférence d´avril 2006 sur le phénomène colonial par Théophile Obenga. I
La suite ici :
Zoos humains
pays gaulois puis avec les invasion romaines gallo romain . invasion germanique dans l´empire romains( franc,burgonde,wisigoth….). invasion normande des vikings sacré patchwork !!!! la principauté d´ile de france conquiers et francise au fur et a mesure le territoire au cours de ses conquetes. je passe les details mais c´est quoi un francais de souche ?
Hommage à Cheikh Anta Diop au Centre culturel la clef.
Musicien(ne) : Dr. – Father of Medicine – Imhotep
longue longuele liberateur
O temps d enos ancetres il y avait la paix en afrique, kan les blancs sont arrivés la guerres a commencés.Ils ont pillés nos richesses.ils sont venus commes des missionnaires les blancs pour s installer en afrik ont presenté la bible.ils ont creer les religions, ils ont divisé nos parents.Cameroun nigeria, gabon congo.A coz du petrole ils ont bombardé l irak.On vous connait deja.Bakala.Pourtant c est nos parent ki ont construit le metro.Ils ont monté njoya contre douala manga bell.Ils ont monté ton ami contre toi sankara.Ne privatisez pas le palais d etoudi…le palais d etout les camerounais et non de ki ke ce soit, detrompez vous…ils ont tjrs pris nos matieres 1eres, ils ont exploité, les caprices dindés n envoyés plus ohh,les blancs rejettés la bas, ils sont les cadres chez nous en afrik.Ke ca cesse.
Musicien(ne) : Mr Longue Longue
À la Belgique la dent. A la C.I.A la tête. Aux complices le pouvoir. À la terre du Congo le sang. Voilà le sinistre tango de la colonisation.
Musicien(ne) : Mr Ruben Um Nyobe
Ce n´est pas pcq nous sommes Noirs que nous sommes pauvres, c´est pcq nous sommes pauvres que nous sommes Noirs. Identité pour l´Afrique.
Greedy People – Amos Wilson
having or showing an intense and selfish desire for something, esp. wealth or power. greedy adjective 1 a greedy eater gluttonous, ravenous, voracious, intemperate, self-indulgent, insatiable, wolfish; informal piggish, piggy. 2 a greedy capitalist avaricious, acquisitive, covetous, grasping, materialistic, mercenary, possessive; informal money-grubbing, money-grabbing, grabby. 3 she is greedy for an award eager, avid, hungry, craving, longing, yearning, hankering; impatient, anxious; informal dying, itching. All words to define what these people are that have hoarded the wealth of the entire world. Hoarded verb [ trans. ] amass (money or valued objects) and hide or store away : thousands of antiques hoarded by a compulsive collector. … (more)
RBG White Supremacy Defined: Dr. Neely Fuller Jr.
What is Black Oppression?: Born in the USA My definition: The violent and coercive suppression of people of Afrikan descent in America by the global white elite minority from a nation, class and gender perspective from our natural self-expression; disallowing us the opportunity to defend, define, and develop in our own image and interest. It is part and parsal to the business of white supremacy and is based on dint force and falsification ( violence and fruad)… »Oh yah, most white people are so racist they don´t even know it. So forget about appealing to their Christan conscious, they revealed that impossibility when they shot Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.—worthy of note, the bullet hit him in the front and blow a hold in his back large enough for a football to fit in; and all he was doing was non-violently struggling for our civil rights ». A quote from Dr. King,  » If a man is not willing to die for something then he is not fit to live. »…
Burning Spear // Mutabaruka Live at the Reggae Sunsplash 82
Yes, I remember. Oh, how I remember.
BLACK MALE THREAT- Francis Cress Welsing
Frances Cress Welsing is an African American psychiatrist practicing in Washington, D.C.. She is famous for the ´Cress Theory of Color Confrontation´, a theory that explores the practice of White Supremacy. Author of The Isis Papers; The Keys to the Colors (1991). According to Cress Welsing, White Supremacy is practiced by those people who classify themselves as « white » to ensure the genetic survival of « white » people. Her theory is predicated on the work of Neely Fuller (1969), who states that White Supremacy is a global system of domination against people of color. this video is part of the bonus scenes from Owen ´Alik Shahadah award winning film 500 Years Later (, produced by M.K. Asante,Jr.
To understand the entire Eurocentric discourse on Africa and African people is a vivid exercise in the removal of agency from a people. The almost primary purpose of this study, new and old, is the continuous reassertion of Conrad´s  » Heart of Darkness . » This is the Eurocentric tradition in anti-African scholarship that provides the moral-academic justification for the slave trade; the most successful commercial venture in the history of humanity. In Europe´s bid to protect their trade interest it is clear the marriage between racist academia and the exploitation of Africa were not strangers. The need for the continuation of this tradition is not lost in today´s markets which are heavily dependant on sustaining the impoverishment of Africa. this video is part of the bonus scenes from Owen ´Alik Shahadah award winning film 500 Years Later (, produced by M.K. Asante,Jr.
The new attack on African history manifests itself in blame reassignment and statistical downsizing. Blame reassignment refocuses on African and Arab slavery. Statistical downsize serves to make lessen the volume of Africans enslaved. The problem this posses is authentic study is often masked with political objectives; whether these objectives are Islamaphobia, Anti-African, European supremacy or African supremacy. The issue is the detraction from factual research that seeks to explore the full dynamics of slavery. But equally unacceptable is the denial syndrome some African reactionary academics have employed. Honesty cannot be a one-way mirror. African history needs to be studied both as an experiment in sociology and as a historical discourse.this video is part of the bonus scenes from Owen ´Alik Shahadah award winning film 500 Years Later (, produced by M.K. Asante,Jr.
short Black History/Katrina video I compiled..Original Video from SeldomScene …
Police brutality on Blacks
Black is beautiful
Afrikan Slavery – Maulenga Karenga
Kwanzaa – Maulenga Karenga
Black Mic Mac – Part 4
Black Mic Mac – Part 3
Black Mic Mac – Part 2
Black Mic Mac – Part 1
Black Mic Mac – Trailer
Chef – Documentaire de J.M. Teno
Pouvoir, sous le paradigme de la Postcolonie
L´assassinat de Félix Moumie et la destructtion de la civilisation Camerounaise
Nous vous invitons à suivre cette video sur l´assassinat de Félix Moumie et la destructtion de la civilisation Camerounaise
Musicien(ne) : Mr Ruben Um Nyobe
Free entertaining documentary about life in Cameroon.
North West Province of Cameroon. Culture and History
DE GAULLE, DÉCOLONISATION: « Vous savez, cela suffit comme cela avec vos Nègres. »
Quelle étrange humeur poussa un jour De Gaulle à invectiver ainsi Jacques Foccart (Tous les soirs avec De Gaulle. Journal de l’Elysée, … Alle » 1965-1967), alors Secrétaire général de l´Élysée et bâtisseur des réseaux français en Afrique, à propos de la présence de « Nègres » à l´Elysée ? Pas facile à deviner, non, pas si facile… Dans cet entretien, l´essayiste Alexandre Gerbi aborde les thèmes du Déni Démocratique et du refus gaullien d´intégrer les populations africaines dans la République : savants calculs, considérations inavouables, technique du judoka… Depuis, les vues se voudraient moins délétères dans les couloirs de la Vème République
Musicien(ne) : Mr Ruben Um Nyobe
I have a dream – Martin Luther King
I have a dream (Je fais un rêve) est à la fois le nom du discours le plus célèbre de Martin Luther King et une partie importante de l´American Civil Rights Movement.
Musicien(ne) : Mr Ruben Um Nyobe
Bokassa – Entrevue Défendu
Dans ce reportage exclusif vous verrez comment l´Afrique Centrale a été dévalisée de son uranium, son or, son ivoire et ses diamants par … Alle » avion-cargo entier. Par qui ? La France sous Giscard D´Estain avec l´aide de la Suisse. Ce documentaire, interdit dans les grands médias, témoigne à quel point l´afrique n´est qu´une « ressource » exploitable…
Musicien(ne) : Mr Ruben Um Nyobe
Le roi blanc, le caoutchouc rouge, la mort noire
À la fin du XIXe, le roi Léopold II de Belgique a réduit en esclavage des millions de Congolais avec une rare brutalité. Un tribunal fictif … all » le confronte aux témoins pour reconstruire cette page particulièrement sombre de l’histoire coloniale.
Musicien(ne) : Mr Ruben Um Nyobe
Interview du Professeur Bwemba Bong sur la Francafrique
Musicien(ne) : Mr MEMBRES-VIP de PPS
Samuel ETO´O
Musicien(ne) : Mr Samuel Eto´o
Cameroon-Colombia Italia 90
Musicien(ne) : Mr Milla Roger
Cameroun-Colombie Italie 90
Musicien(ne) : Mr Milla Roger
Elements Vidéos et WebTV des patriaches SAWA
Nous vous proposerons des éléments vidéo et WebTV des patriaches qui nous parlerons de l´ histoire et de la culture SAWA. Pour que rien ne soit perdu. Tout soutien est la bienvenue !

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