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Dr. George Carlo
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Dr. George Carlo, Ph.D, M.S., J.D, is a public health scientist, epidemiologist, lawyer, and the founder of the Science and Public Policy Institute. Dr. Carlo headed the $28.5 million research program funded by the cell phone industry from 1993 to 1999. Dr. Carlo has appeared on 20/20, 60 Minutes, World News Tonight, CBS News with Dan Rather and The Today’s Show, as well as on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

TV Interview with Dr. Carlo (Campbell Live, TV3)
Dr. Carlo talks about the cell phone industry’s marketing towards children and the epidemic projections from cell phone use.

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Documentary Movie: « Cell Phone War »
The 55 minute documentary, « Cell Phone War », was aired on French television and translated into English and features Dr. George Carlo along with a number of other medical scientists concerned about the dangers of cell phones.

Watch 6-minute trailer for
« Cell Phone War »:

For more information about the « Cell Phone War, »
please contact the Safe Wireless Initiative

Radio Interview: « Your Cell Phone is Dangerous » (AchieveRadio)
Dr. Carlo reveals his alarming research findings about cell phone radiation and the industry politics that keep cell phones in the market with minimal government intervetion.

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Dr. Carlo’s Response to the Danish Study
In December 2006, a group of scientists in Denmark published a study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute concluding that there is no connection between cell phone use and cancer. Dr. Carlo dismisses the study as yet another attempt by the cell phone industry to mislead the public about the safety of their product. Here are the compelling reasons why.

Dr. Carlo’s Letter to the AT&T Chairman
In October 1999, Dr. Carlo, then head of the research program into wireless safety, wrote 28 identical letters and sent them to the chairmen and CEO’s of the cellular telephone industry. They were the ones who paid for his six-year effort and they deserved to hear, directly from him, his candid assessment of the findings their studies had produced.

Books by Dr. Carlo:

Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age (Paperback)
by Dr. George L. Carlo and Martin ScramFrom the back cover:
« For the more than 120 million Americans and over 500 million people world-wide currently using wireless phones, this thoroughly researched and documented cautionary work is an essential guide. Dr. George Carlo was hired b the cell phone industry in 1993 to study the safety of its product. In 1999, his research funds were not renewed, and the industry sought to discredit him. His findings on the dangers posed by the microwave radiation from cell phone antennas–disrupting cardiac pacemakers, penetrating the developing skulls of children, compromising the blood-brain barrier, and most startlingly, inflicting genetic damage that is a known diagnostic marker for cancer–are given clear voice as Carlo brings his case to the public in this examination of the hard science and the shady politics of a reckless high tech industry now mired in personal injurty and class-action litigation. »
Wireless Phones and Health: Scientific Progress (Hardcover)
by Dr. George L. Carlo (Editor)Wireless Phones and Health II: State of the Science (Hardcover)
by Dr. George L. Carlo (Editor)Papers presented at the Wireless Technology Research, LLC (WTR) Second State of the Science Colloquium in Long Beach, CA, in June 1999. Contains comprehensive research on the public health impact of wireless phones. Discusses the possibility of there being a health problem associated with the use of wireless instruments.

Dr. Carlo’s websites:
Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) – SPPI is a 501(c)(3) organization devoted to advancing scientific and policy debate in the public health arena.
Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI) – SWI is a program under the Science and Public Policy Institute dedicated to informing the public about the wireless radiation safety issues.
Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry (MTHCR) – Operating under the SPPI, the MTCHR was created to gather voluntary information directly from cellular telephone users, particularly those with concerns relating to cell phone use and subsequent health effects. Designed to count and track these effects, the Registry is a critical step toward further scientific understanding of how to control those health risks.

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Cell Phone Radiation – Problems and Solutions

Watch Sydney TV report:
« Brain Tumors and Cell Phones:
Are They Linked? »
Watch BBC report:
« EMF Damages Blood Cells,
Test Shows »
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Dr. George Carlo is not associated in any way with this website and does not necessarily endorse its views or product offerings. Dr. Carlo is one of the world’s foremost authority on wireless safety and is included here in recognition of his efforts to educate the public about the potential dangers of cell phone use.

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