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2008 March
Kate and James Lina Scheynius
Untitled, Nevada 2007 Samantha Casolari
In from Out of the Rain Kristiina Wilson
Protectors Sabine Pigalle
From a Strange Dream Luke Duval
Collage Frank Rheinboldt
Dreams Made in the Past Leo Lam
A Particular Form of Beauty Johannes Schwab
A Bit of Magic Renat Touichev
An Afternoon Out Kim Taylor
The Dream Girl Wolf189
New Faces : Cait
New Faces: Sarah


Something Compelling Christina Richards
Colour and Surface Kalle Gustafsson
Georgian Bay Erika Jacobs
Visual Stimulation is Fundamental Ollie Smith
Districts of the Memory Yaniv Waissa
Take the Plunge Pascale Therien
The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds Miklos Legrady
Off Ramp Kristiina Wilson
Holiday Visits Kim Taylor
New Faces: Amber R
New Faces: Melissa H

2008 January
Tell Me Another One Nik Mirus
Welcome to… Ram Bhat
Mel is In Wonderland Elisabeth Hoff
Red By Wolves Lena Lipp
Children from the Dogon Country William Ropp
Milk Kim Taylor
Agency Focus: Artists and Creatives Nicholas Jbara
Dominique Palombo
Chadwick Tyler
Ashton Worthington


Dark Forests and Big Mushrooms Pawel Fabjanski
Consumed by Photography Markus Puustinen
Secret Garden Matteo Bertolio
Between Us Mario Sughi
Beauty in a Box Craig McKenzie
It’ll Happen Here Jan von Holleben
Five Rivers Carrie Schechter
Air Guitar Wolf 189
It’s Curtains Kim Taylor


From Scratch Chris Anthony
Kegelbahn Kubicfoto3
A Nostalgia for Naivety Marlene Marino
Winter Sonata Mikael Wardhana
Ring Cycles: The Jewelry of Ninaki Priddy Kim Taylor
A Quiet Way of Working Allan Jenkins
Bardo Time Jacek Gąsiorowski
Recurrent Fame Remco van den Bosch
Medieval Kristine Chin


Human Relations David Stewart
Life in the Frame Todd Norwood
Sinister Siblings Liz Dungate
Viking Visions Klaus Thymann
Leopold Francesco Brigida
If You Lived Here You’d be Home Now… Ruth Emily Hanson
Net Return Kim Taylor
Hybrids New book from Klaus Thymann

2007 September
An Off Day in an Empty House Wolf189
London Sonia Marin
The Rest is Just Play Joey L.
Forms and Lines Maria Candler
Short Stories Krzysztof Falcman
Cinemascape Aaron Hobson
The Lazy Painter Kevin Convery
Self Portrait with… Kim Taylor

2007 August
Love Me Kerstin zu Pan
Images in the Head Marianne Taylor
Organized Insanity Kim Taylor
Alone Together Leo Lam
Love, Images and Words Rod Stewart
It Comes Kim Taylor

2007 July
School Days Joyce Lee
A Small Light in the Darkness William Ropp
Hope, Urban Melancholy Tina Winkhaus
Dreams Speak August Bradley
Her Biggest Fan Tom McFarlane
Lace Kim Taylor
Special Agency Focus One Naked Egg Nicholas Jbara

Julian Hibbard
Natasha Papadopoulou
Sabine Scheer

2007 June
Naked / Noir Richard Harvey
La femme d’Anmee Keti Nikolova and Nicolas Laborie
The Places Between Giedrius Varnas
The Narcissist Kristine Chin
Life and Love Sonia Hensler
Things I Never Told You Denise Prince Martin
Boxing Match Kim Taylor

2007 May
Signs of Spring Diana Bezanski
Strange Creatures Kim Taylor
Rite of Passage Tom Chambers
Invasive / Beauty bREALinc
Dawn Patrol Kim Taylor
Happy Carts Craig Robinson
Plugged In – Tuned Out Dungate and Fraser
Between the Light and the Darkness Anne-Julie Aubry
An Uncomfortable Place Alison Brady

2007 April
What It Takes Benjamin Kanarek
Rheinboldt’s Paris Frank Rheinboldt
regression Nicholas Jbara
Want Janusz Miller
Chic Visions Chique
Northern Tales Natasha Gudermane
Broken Doll Kim Taylor

2007 March
The Altis Martin Cooper
Chic Chess Chique
Risky Relations Evgeny Freeone
Unplanned Babies Miss Aniela
A Day in the Life Rik Scott
Revealing Fantasy Zwerchwerk
Down to the Empty Shore Jacek Gąsiorowski
It’s always a Dame Kim Taylor

2007 February
Unknown Destination Jill Coleman
Hold Your Breath Zena Holloway
Fall Kim Taylor
Transitions Adam Makerenko
Dreams of Flying Jan von Holleben
Drawing a Line of Passion Mikael Wardhana
Kat Dancing Kim Taylor

2007 January
This is What I’m Doing Leonard Nimoy
Always Dreamed of Landscapes Al Magnaldo
Skin Tales Gaetano Belverde
Houdini in Amsterdam George Otigbah
Only Ordinary Pictures Darek Siatkowski
Inconnu Cyril Lagel
Don’t Just Stand There Kim Taylor

2006 December
Saut Créative Ben Goossens
Everybody Has a Story Jennifer Zhou
Uncovering the Past Liz Dungate
Naked Faces Oleg Dou
November Rain Viet Nguyen
Spectral Fred Hunsberger
It’s in the Air Elena Kulikova
Love, Longing and Fragility Kevin Rolly
Lost Colours of the Fall Leo Lam
Iconography Kim Taylor
Nobuyoshi Araki: Self, Life, Death review

2006 November
Muga Miyahara Muga Miyahara
4 days in NYC:
Downtown Corners George Otigbah
4 days in NYC:
Uptown Streets George Otigbah
Fembot Eric Striffler
Something to Explore Francesco D’Isa
Good as Gold Sean Azar
Kate’s Closeup Tabb and McNeese
Mondrian Mod Kim Taylor
Tacita Dean review by Kim Taylor

2006 October
Hero and the Dark Wave Gundega Dege
Lynn Bianchi: Exploring the Universe
Belle de Nuit Nicolas Laborie
Verolite Robert Alvarez
Warrior in White Liz Dungate and Fred Fraser
Water and Woods Julia Fullerton-Batten
B7 Eric Striffler
Eternal Ephemeral Kim Taylor
The « Hair » Apparent Kimea Blake
Egon Schiele (book review)

2006 September
Urchins Andrejs Vahrusevs
Not About the Obvious John Casado
Boys Will Still be Boys Johan Pinto
Emotional Beauty Michael David Adams
Five Decades: Jean-Jacques Andre
The Tease Darryl Martin
What’s Beneath Kim Taylor
Shoes and Twos Style Bites
Body Basic Kimea Blake
Shadow Chamber Roger Ballen, book review
Teun Hocks book review
Media Received new books, videos etc.

2006 July
Images from the Hidden Realm Martin Reeves
A Creative Odyssey Stephen Nicholls
Odd Bodies Peter van Stralen
Get Real George Otigbah
Roadkill Kim Taylor
The Finer Things In Life Are Free Natalie Cushing
Style Bites The Photographer is (not) God
The Basics of Big Bag Chic Kimea Blake
Toronto Model Bookings
Bantam Belle: Amabelle Singson Model of the Month

2006 May
Refractive David Mitchell
Red Orchids Annabelle Verhoye
Incantations Virgil Brill
InCorporation Kim Taylor
A Sea Story Toro Art Studio
L’Oréal Fashion Week Toronto Steve Daunheimer
Model Man: Gordon Hysen Model of the Month
Find That Perfect Vintage Piece Natalie Cushing

2006 April
Line and Flow Ira Bordo
We All Look Different Sarah Underhill
the underwear Eric Scot
Mouth of the Wolf Nicola Ranaldi
Life at 1/60th Second Howard Dion
Primary Kim Taylor
RULES: The ones we want to keep George Otigbah
Natural Makeup Rita Kanarek
Fashion Spring 2006 Kimea Blake
Incarnate: Your Guide to the Ultimate Spring Collection Kimea Blake
Man on a Mission: Joshua Hyman
Singular Images: Essays on Remarkable Photographs
Tina Modotti
Abelardo Morell

2006 March
There’s Always a Story John Argentsinger
Hotel Rossia Gulliver Theis
I never knew her name David Mitchell
Femme Derek Caballero
To and Fro David Stith
No Parking Jarod Lam
Frankie and Johnnie Kim Taylor
Hair and Makeup Thomas Wright
Drive By Sarah Underhill

Media Received

Gabriel Basilico
reGeneration 50 photographers of tomorrow

2006 February

The Glamour Issue

Letter from the Editor: Lindsay Jolly
Colors of Life Serg Shushyn
Amour De Glamour Cait Mizzi
Winter is Tomorrow Jean-Sebastien Monzani
Style and Culture Toronto Lindsay Durney
Pinup Glenn Specht
the sensuality of film Rene August
Glamour: Magic Spell(s) Makeup Rita Kanarek
Sweater Bob House
Model’s Secrets Pierre Thomas Karkau
The Presence of Sizzle George Otigbah
Vargas Ephotique
Scantily clad young ladies:In High Heels Kim Taylor
Rebuilt Michelle Blioux

2006 January
Never Tasted Coffee Andrzej Dragan
Moscow Trafic Frampol & Tasher
Escape George Vucak
Water Sebastian Szwajczak
Sore Eyes CAB
By Beauty Bitten Sev Seven
Face Time Rita Kanarek
Black Magic Woman Frank Hoefsmit
Will Adams’ Girl Kim Taylor
Fashion Supremacy Kimea Blake

2005 December
The Rules A. Brito
Smooth Light Davolo
Girls at Play Viet Nguyen
Poker Pizzazz Kimea Blake
Bella Gypsy Karen Evans
Nevada Working Girls Marbel
Castaway Kim Taylor
Camera Addicted Kimea Blake
Style and Culture Toronto Lindsay Durney

2005 November
Vermeer and the Art of Digital Sensors Editor
Juju and the Boys Stéfan Bourson
Omote Ura Hiromi Iguchi
Alice Kim Taylor
Ahayo Fernando Freudenthal
A Quality of Light Julia Gerace
Eyes West Dexter Quinto
Conceal and Reveal Pierre Thomas Karkau
Style and Culture Toronto Lindsay Durney

2005 October
Business Trip Eric Striffler
On the Beach Kim Taylor
Inside Outside Nico
Dancers Pamela Reed
Street Wear is Chic Wear Kimea Blake
One Night Only Darryl Martin
Mooishi shoots Tasha Tilberg Mooishi
Bead Dazzled Kimea Blake
Style and Culture Toronto Lindsay Durnay
Eager for More Kim Gorenko, by Kimea Blake

2005 September
Mayan Civilization Bryan Steffy
Past Present and Future Tense Michal Barteczko
Patterned Response Koby
Head, Heart and Hands Jochen van Eden
The Glorious Dream Kim Taylor
Behind Glass Bogdan Zwir

2005 August
The Fashion Idea George Otigbah
Country Life, City Life Adrian Samson
Take one white shirt.. Cleon Manz
Blue and for breakfast… Bernard Radvaner
Geometry Lesson Brian Ypperciel
All Eyes On Her Kimea Blake
Style Me Invincible Steven Emberton
Deja Vu Andres Hernandez
Frames Johan Sorensen
Lost in ‘Transitional Forms’ Robert Cheshire
Concrete Kim Taylor

2005 June
Rear Garde Sean Armenta
Spring Trends Kimea Blake
Renaissance Light Sin Vida Padre
Elena Bulik Kimea Blake
Nuclear Spring Kim Taylor
Extra Warm Rony Kaula

2005 May
Inside the Grid Annabelle Verhoye
Jesse Ship Kimea Blake
Raven Jean-Sébastien Monzani
boulevard of broken dreams Ewa Brzozowska
Erotic Butterflies Bogdan Zwir
Body of Work Kurtay
In the Raw Kimea Blake

2005 April
the Self Portrait issue

letter from the editor
Balazs Borocz
Lilya Corneli
Nicholas DeSciose
Paco Ferrer
Sirena Firaz
Jeanette Hägglund
Dinu Lazar
Johann Pinto
Donatella Tandelli
Ilona Wellmann

2005 March
Ventures in Art Kimea Blake
Plant/Predator Bryan Steffy
Montreal Eldor Gemst
Pearls Before Crime Jaques Bagios
Vested Interest Kim Taylor

2005 February
Consumerism Stefan Fekete
Stairway to… Rene Asmussen
Dolly Antony Green
Barsoom Boys Kim Taylor

2005 January
Paco’s Friends Paco Ferrer
Noir City Jaques Bagios
The Future is Now Kim Taylor
Pink Satin Guy and Orlanda Devine

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