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Spunk Press – Other internet resources

This section lists internet resources that are not anarchist or activist per se, but may hold information relevant to anarchists. Some links are here because they have little or nothing to do with anarchism (like the Gutenberg or punk-list references), some because the Spunk Press editorial collective couldn’t reach agreement about whether to include a link or not, some because we were sent a link but haven’t yet found the time to check a site.


Listing of gatherings
A listing of conferences, festivals and other gatherings, political, musical and other. Also available through email, contact Jen Angel, <>.
Communicationists’ manifesto
gopher:// Yes, this is a WWW page, despite the ‘gopher:’ prefix.
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
A source of « second opinions » to things you read in the mainstream press, mainly the US press.
Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg collect all sorts of literature and make it available in electronic form. Their main focus is on world literature, but they have a political section as well.
The On-line Books page
An index of hundreds of books available online on the internet. Includes pointers to works by Proudhon and Goldman, to name just two.
Radio Free Maine
Offer video- and audio tapes of Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn.
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
An effort to keep unwanted advertising off the internet by providing a blacklist of offenders. Check here before you buy.
Ursula Le Guin
Information on the writer of « the Disposessed ».
constructing a logical argument
Mike Huben‘s document on constructing a logical argument has apparently disappeared…
Propaganda takes a closer look at how propaganda works,
Democratic Socialists of America
A home page for the group of that name. They have a rather interesting (but US- and DSA-biased) document on history of left-wing ideologies.
a US-based « socially responsible marketing firm », in their own words. They have a nice collection of links, too.
Revolutionary Worker
The online version of the Revolutionary Worker, the paper of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Selected articles from the paper and info on the RCP (culminating in an « Ask the Chairman » section).
Adelante diario socialista [124 Kb]
Alexander Berkman [4 Kb]
(small image)
The Anarchist #1 (Brisbane, Australia)
The Anarchist #1 (Brisbane, Australia)
The Anarchist #1 (Brisbane, Australia)
The Anarchist #1 (Brisbane, Australia)
The Anarchist #1 (Brisbane, Australia)
The Anarchist #1 (Brisbane, Australia)
Anarchy in the U.K [2 Kb]
October 1994
Anarchy in the U.K. [17 Kb]
October 1994
Anarchy in the U.K. [11 Kb]
October 1994
Anarchy symbol [3 Kb]
Arne Anka [11 Kb]
Bakunin [36 Kb]
(small image)
Berneri (small) [4 Kb]
Better days [29 Kb]
Bill Haywood [2 Kb]
Bin the press [46 Kb]
BudWeasel [79 Kb]
BudWeasel II [62 Kb]
C.N.T. de España
C.N.T. de Espana
C.N.T. de France
Campesinos-POUM [85 Kb]
Car advertisement [72 Kb]
Cartoon – « a bas la calotte » « a bas la capote »
Cartoon – South american coconut tree picked by rich n. american
Cartoon CNT holding spanner
Cell – 1
Cell – 2
China: Tiananmen Square – man facing tanks [47 Kb]
Chomsky [123 Kb]
Chomsky [14 Kb]
(small image)
Class War – clenched fist
Class War – keep warm – burn out the rich
Class War – skull – keep warm – burn out the rich
Class War logo [5 Kb]
Class War skull [5 Kb]
Class War skull (part) [4 Kb]
Clenched fist through the bars
CNT – AIT tag
Columna De Hierro [95 Kb]
contraFLOW logo [39 Kb]
Corre de boca en boca – insubmisio’
Cut fences!
DeCleyre (small) [5 Kb]
Defend 121!
Direct Action magazine cover – issue 1 (gif)
Direkte Aktion symbol [3 Kb]
Dolgoff (small) [5 Kb]
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn [3 Kb]
Earth First! clenched fist
Jacques Ellul
Emma Goldman image [4 Kb]
Entre rejas (gif)
Evict the rich
EZLN photo
Factory – pollution – terror
FAU symbol [9 Kb]
Freedom Books map [14 Kb]
Freedom logo [1 Kb]
Garrido, Fernando and Elias Reclus, Jose Maria Orense, Aristides Rey, and Giuseppi Fanelli
Globe [1 Kb]
Godwin (large) [188 Kb]
Godwin (small) [4 Kb]
William Godwin lampooned
William Godwin engraved
Paul Goodman [4 Kb]
Grafiti: « no hay prision que pare la insumisio’n »
Grafitti -« un squatt d’expulse dix de reoccupe’s »
Grey banner [36 Kb]
Hand through the bars (gif)
Hands through the bars (gif)
Harvest – dancing round burning bulldozer
Haymarket martyrs 1 [2 Kb]
Haymarket martyrs 2 [2 Kb]
Ezra Heywood
Hoy te llevan a la huelga – antes ya te han vendido
I could make a coconut custard pie….
– cartoon by
Imprisoned (gif)
Inauguracio’n Del Gaztetxe De Lutxana (Barakaldo) – cartel
Insumisio’n total
Joseph Ishill engraving from Dandelion
IWA images: International Workers Association (large logo gif)
IWA images: International Workers Association (small logo gif)
IWA images: Program of anarcho-syndicalism by G.P. Maximoff (large gif)
IWA images: Program of anarcho-syndicalism by G.P. Maximoff (small gif)
Joe Hill [4 Kb]
Kronstadt 1921-1991 – don’t forget them! (gif)
Kropotkin image [5 Kb]
Peter Kropotkin
Lawrence Labadie and Oriole Tucker (Benjamin’s daughter)
Las naves de kuentoa – lokal autogestionado
Anselmo Lorenzo
Makhno [4 Kb]
Malatesta image [5 Kb]
Manacled and clubbed
Map of the Spanish Revolution
19 July 1935
Dora Marsden
Michel [5 Kb]
Monkey wrenchers
Noel a mururoa – cartoon
O Anapxikos – magazine banner (gif)
Out of jail
Lucy Parsons [5 Kb]
Lucy Parsons (large) [16 Kb]
Rafael Farga Pellicer
Prisoner (gif)
Private Air [63 Kb]
Proudhon image [5 Kb]
Pierre Proudhon
Pierre Proudhon
Pyramid of capitalist system (1911) (gif)
Radio Bronka
Radio Libertari@ – la onda anarkista (valencia)
Radio Libertari@ – la voz sin amo (valencia)
Sabotage capitalism (gif)
Sacco and Vanzetti [5 Kb]
Scam Publications (Melbourne
Seals from Spanish workers groups at the International
Skeleton with cars
sloth’s cafe flier (1989)
smash fascism!
Smash television!
Solidaridad Obrera [100 Kb]
Spanish Civil War image [125 Kb]
Squat symbol flag
– by george dread
Strangle fascism! (gif)
Swastikas smashed underfoot (gif)
They came to take away the squatters… (gif)
Tiananmen Square – man facing tanks (gif)
Trust Your Desires (sticker – Australia) (gif)
Votad Al Frente Popular [118 Kb]
Wildcat: A lesson about bosses [24 Kb]
Wildcat: Anarchist Bookfair [133 Kb]
Wildcat: Banner [5 Kb]
Wildcat: Bomb [4 Kb]
Wildcat: Flower [2 Kb]
Wildcat: Liberty now [3 Kb]
Wildcat: N is for nuclear bombs [19 Kb]
Wildcat: Push [16 Kb]
Wildcat: Spear [2 Kb]
Wildcat: The best looking anarchist in the world [8 Kb]
Wildcat: To the free society [17 Kb]
Wildcat: Wildcat at the demonstration [4 Kb]
Women cutting down army base fence (gif)
Woodchip – by wal

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