The Witches Brew
KILLER information Deep Funk site from the UK. Lots of great articles, listings etc. Good reading.

Click Here to browse over 50,000 rare vinyl titles

Visit Craig Moerer’s Records By Mail site. One of the better on-line record dealers.

DJ Deepfeel aka Jaime Lopez started a site to go along with his funk/soul DJ nights in Texas. The opening says it all ‘By Dancers, For Dancers’. Includes interviews, Top Ten lists, playlists and downloadable sets of funk and soul. Nice looking site too!
Cool new site dedicated to the Hammond combos of today like the Nick Rossi Set, The Diplomats of Solid Sound, the Slim Allen 3 and the Link Quartet. very Cool!.
Hellhounds & Holy Ghosts
Cool music blog.
Jazzman Records
Home of the Jazzman, Stark Reality and Funk45 labels, as well as Gerald’s set-sale list of ultra rare funk and soul 45’s and LP’s
Soul Strut
Well done site by beat diggers for beat diggers. There’s a hip-hop bent here but they do know their funky beats. Great features, mixes and info.Check out the discussions in their forums too.
The Boogaloo Investigators
Scotlands hottest funk/soul/R&B combo has a brand new site up with info on the group , links etc. Check it out!
Intrepid diggers from Texas. Their Excavation section was a major inspiration when Funky 16 Corners got moving. They craft their own beats as well.
The Black Hole of Funky Music
Peter Wermelinger’s MONUMENTAL funk and soul site features the amazing Funky & Groovy Records Lexikon, which seeks to catalogue all of the great funk, groove and hard soul discs of all time. Also features a huge amount of label scans and cover art, all of which can be purchased in book form.BRILLIANT!
THE place where the elite meet to beat the heat and check out rare funky 45’s. Recently the beneficiary of an outstanding redesign!. Tons of cool stuff to check out!.
Australian funk fan – and all around nice guy – John Item’s new site, with records for sale and trade and links to cool sites.
C.J. Grogan
My brother Christopher’s web site and it’s all about his music, melodic, haunting pop. Not necessarily funk or soul, but quite good. Check out the new album!
Soul Explosion
DJ Soulpushers site, over yonder in Germany. The text is in German, but the graphics are cool, and you know his heart is in the right place.
UK DJ Funkadelia Smith’s site for info on his Clubagogo nights, as well as label scans, sound files, playlists and info. Very nicely done.
Ohio Soul Recordings
Dante Carfagna’s comprehensive survey of Ohio soul and funk labels includes discographies
Very cool new site from the UK! Lots of setlists, 45 scans/reviews and best of all a section of soul food recipes!!
Eddie Bo
The home page of the man himself. See what Mistrah Hook and Sling is up to these days and get in the groove on why he’s so important to the folks at Funky 16 Corners!
Uppers Organization
The Uppers gang recently changed domains to www.uppers.org. Our link has been updated accordingly.Mod culture website with contributions from Brian Poust, Bill Luther and myself among others. Lots of cool stuff to read, especially the interviews with the Northern Soul and Funk DJs and collectors
Dennis Brennan 45 Records
Home page for Dennis Brennan, another highly reliable record dealer. Dennis sells via his own auctions, and on E-Bay. Good guy!
Hammond Grounds
Super comprehensive site dedicated to Hammond organ sounds. News, reviews, audio, pictures and links make this your number one resource for contemporary organ grooves!
Georgia R&B and Soul Records
Brian Poust’s survey of Georgia record labels includes discographies, label gallery and related articles.
The Ozone
Oliver’s site covers a lot of ground. He’s a writer (mostly on hip-hop) and a CRAZY digger, which is best seen in the Soul Sides section (click on Beats Rhymes & Life) of the site (the man is down with Melvin Brown, so you know his heart’s in the right place). He has stuff on some of the funkiest wax ever pressed.
Soulful Kinda Music
The on-line end of Dave Rimmer’s excellent soul zine. A major source of information (especially the discographies) , lists of upcoming events, articles, interviews etc. One of the best.
Vinyl Exchange
Great DJ/vinyl site. Links to all kinds of turntablist supplies, places to score new (and old) records and cool reading. Check the back issues for interviews with DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and PB Wolf of Stones Throw.

The Doodlin’ Lounge
Excellent Jazz-organ site with bios and tons of info. Lots of info on some of the lesser known (but great) Hammond players of all time.
Solid Hit Soul
Great rare soul and funk site, with lots of cool label scans and sound files. Some very informative features on rare groups like the TSU Tornadoes.
Town B
Very cool one-stop source for internet radio, with a great funk section. Links to live broadcasts and info on when they’re accessible .
John Manship: The Rare Soul Man
UK site for the author of the famous Manship guide and seller of all matter of rare soul vinyl. Monthly auctions, books, CD’s and videos.
And last but certainly not least, Gone, my jazz zine. I haven’t updated in a while but there are some cool articles. Hopefully this fall I’ll get a chance to update it.

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