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Electronic book trial

The Library has subscribed to a new e-book platform called MyiLibrary. This platform is currently providing free access to 26 course texts for business and management studies, engineering, media studies students as part of a national study. The e-books will be available for two years till Sep 2009 and students can print, copy and parts of the e-books as well as include excerpts in coursework, essays, presentations and dissertations.

All of the titles are listed on the Library catalogue and can also be browsed via the MyiLibrary website. Access to the e-books is available on-site, and off-site with an Athens account.

If you would like to comment on the e-book trial or require assistance please contact

Free e-books

CARRIE: Full Text Electronic Library

Free full text access to donated works still under copyright as well as out of copyright works.

Free books

Links to and information concerning a huge number of e-books available free on the Web. In most cases they can be read online in their HTML version, while many can also be downloaded as files to read offline. Site is based in Australia, but has excellent links to worldwide resources.

Internet Classics Archive

Full text classics from mainly Greco-Roman authors e.g. Aristotle, but other authors include Confucius, Lao-Tzu, Sun Tzu, Sa’di and Omar Khayyum.

Internet Public Library

Collection of over 13000 electronic books. Select « Reading room » for free publicly accessible books.

North American Slave Narratives

Selection of approximately 100 full text narratives.

Online Books Page

Digital library of approx. 16,000 English language works. Available free of charge for personal, non-commercial use. Produced by John Mark Ockerbloom, University of Pennsylvania.

Project Gutenberg

Freely available texts from out of copyright books. Good selection of « classics » chosen by Project volunteers.

University of California Press E-Books

Full-text, electronic versions of selected UC Press books in a range of subjects and areas, including recent publications relating to African, Middle Eastern and South Asian studies.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library

Full text documents on human rights issues with links to over 1200 human rights sites.


Institutions scientifiques

Autres sites concernant les musiques traditionnelles

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