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Social Sciences Social Sciences
This site keeps track of online information in the various disciplines of the Social Sciences as part of the World Wide Web Virtual Library. Sites are inspected and evaluated for their adequacy as information sources.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Sciences sociales.
Anthropology Anthropology
The main purpose of this web site is to provide resources in the many sub-fields of anthropology.
voir aussi: Archaeology, Archaeology and Prehistory.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Lettres, Peuples, Sciences sociales.
Archaeology Archaeology
ArchNet serves as the World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology.
voir aussi: Anthropology, Archaeology and Prehistory.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Archéologie, Sciences sociales.
Cryptographie Cryptography
This site deals with the two kinds of cryptosystems: symmetric and asymmetric.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Droit, Informatique, Sciences sociales.
Démographie et Etudes des populations Demography and Population Studies
Note: non-compliant site (see
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Affaires internationales, Études sur le développement, Sciences sociales.
UK Disability Resources UK Disability Resources
The WWW Virtual Library of UK Disability Resources: Products and Services, sports and the arts, good health, education, social care and mobility aids.(Ableize, Britain.)
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Médecine et Santé, Sciences sociales.
Évaluation des choix technologiques The WWW Virtual Library for Technology Assessment
La VL sur l’évaluation des choix scientifiques et technologiques contient des liens pour des ressources sur l’utilisation de nouvelles technologies dans leur context social. L’évaluation des technologies fournit les bases pour développer des alternatives technologiques et d’organisation et des éventuelles mesures regulatrices.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Ingénierie, Sciences naturelles et mathématiques, Sciences sociales.
Evolutionary Philosophy Virtual Library of Evolutionary Philosophy
Since the theory of evolution gained widespread acceptance in the late 1800s, scientists and philosophers have been searching for ways to relate evolution to how we live, how we interact with society, and how we think of our place in existence. This VL contains links to resources relating to the philosophical implications of the theory of evolution.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Lettres, Sciences sociales.
Historical Auxiliary Sciences Historical Auxiliary Sciences
This collection is part of the WWW-VL HISTORY project. It is maintained by Georg Vogeler (Historisches Seminar der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Abteilung Geschichtliche Hilfswissenschaften), Patrick Sahle (Universität zu Köln), Prof. Horst Enzensberger (Universität Bamberg) Prof. Thomas Frenz (Universität Passau) and various others (cfr. Organization and Operation).
ceci en allemand est classé dans: Histoire, Sciences sociales.
Indigenous Studies Indigenous Studies
Dedicated to wider understanding and appreciation of the ideas and knowledge of indigenous peoples and the social, economic and political realities of indigenous nations
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Peuples, Sciences sociales.
Migration et Relations ethniques Migration and Ethnic Relations
The WWW Virtual Library on Migration and Ethnic Relations objective is to create a superlative and easy to use guide that thoroughly catalogues in an organised and meaningful way, quality web resources on ethnic relations and migration topics.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Affaires internationales, Sciences sociales.
Natural Hazards and Risk Natural Hazards and Risk Virtual Library
A directory of links to sites with information on progress and study in the fields of natural hazards, risk analysis and management, and emergency preparedness.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Sciences naturelles et mathématiques, Sciences sociales.
Psychology Psychology
The Psychology Virtual Library keeps track of online information as part of The World Wide Web Virtual Library. Sites are inspected and evaluated for their adequacy as information sources.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Médecine et Santé, Sciences sociales.
Sciences Economiques Economics
Composed of two sub-sites, RFE: Resources for Economists on the Internet and WebEC: WWW Resources in Economics, which together comprise the WWW Virtual Library Economics.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Commerce et sciences économiques, Sciences sociales.
Social Policy Social Policy
The Social Policy Virtual Library provides access to a variety of Web resources of interest to social policy researchers. Updated regularly, it provides links to online databases and data sources, sites of major organisations, libraries, research institutes, publications, journals, documents and other educational material. It also provides access to information on research opportunities and funding.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Sciences sociales.
Social Policy – Evaluation Social Policy – Evaluation
The WWW Virtual Library: Evaluation is an online database of high quality Internet resources related to social policy evaluation.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Sciences sociales.
Sociology Sociology
The WWW Virtual Library: Sociology was established on January 15, 1995.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Sciences sociales.
Urban Environmental Management Urban Environmental Management
The UEM Homepage is an output of the Urban Environmental Management Research Initiative (UEMRI), a grouping of urban planning researchers from around the world. It looks at urban areas as the intersection of natural, built, and socio-economic environments, creating sustainable ecosystems.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Sciences de la terre, Sciences sociales.

National, International, and World Music

Ethnomusicology Resources

  1. Andean Wind Instruments: Rumillajta and Panozo
  2. Ethnomusicology Links / provided by the University of Washington
  3. Ethnomusicology Links / provided by Susan Turkel, Rutgers University, (New Brunswick, NJ)
  4. Ethnomusicology Online (Peer-reviewed multimedia Web journal)
  5. Ethnomusicology Research Digest
  6. House of Musical Traditions
  7. An Internet Guide to Chabad Literature (includes music and art galleries)
  8. Khazana – Indian Music Recordings and Instrument
  9. Lark In The Morning (World Music Catalog, Articles, Playing Tips, Much More)
  10. Mathers Museum of World Cultures (Indiana University)
  11. Mid-East Mfg., Inc.: Ethnic Musical Instruments from around the world
  12. Society for Ethnomusicology
  13. Traditional World Music Recordings / Todd M. McComb
  14. TuneWeb: Archive of traditional tunes, mostly Celtic or American tunes
  15. World Music: Your passport to global culture! (World Music brings the finest live music and dance from the far and near corners of the globe to the New England area)
  16. World Music Institute (New York, NY)
  17. World Music Links (compiled by Chris Smith)
  18. World Music Page (from SPeakeasy)
  19. World Music Store Multicultural Media (Audio, Video, CD-ROM, and Books on Traditional Music, Roots Music, Contemporary Music) Africa
  20. African Music Archive of the Institute of Ethnology and African Studies, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
  21. African Music Encyclopedia: Music From Africa and the African Diaspora
  22. Cora Connection (West African Manding music)
  23. East African Music Page
  24. International Library of African Music from Rhodes University, Institute of Social and Economic Research (Grahamstown, South Africa)
  25. Mbira (for people who have an interest in Mbira, Marimba and Chimurenga styles of music from the indigenous cultures of Zimbabwe)
  26. Music Africa Home Page
  27. Songs of the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda ? African-American
  28. Archives of African American Music and Culture Indiana University
  29. African-American Music – from the Western Historical Manuscript Collection (University of Missouri-Columbia)
  30. Afrocentric Voices (focuses on African American performers and composers and on the vocal music forms they influenced, especially opera, art songs and spiritual arrangements) America
  31. American Music Center
  32. American Music Network (The Society for American Music) sponsored by the Sonneck Society for American Music
  33. American Music Resource
  34. Experience Music Project
  35. Rainbow Walker Music: A Native American/Canadian Music Site
  36. ™: Where Professionals Find Songs Argentina
  37. Cybertango: Argentinian tango in the Internet (Garrit’s Tango Home Page – Frankfurt)
  38. Ernesto’s Tango Page
  39. Index.AR: Argentinian Music and Danza
  40. Música Popular Argentina
  41. Música Argentina Asian American
  42. ImprovisAsians Online!: The Newsletter of Asian American Creative Music form Asian Improv aRts Australia
  43. Aussie Music Online ?
  44. Australian Folk Songs Bolivia
  45. Music of Bolivia Brazil
  46. Brazil Online – Music
  47. Música Popular Brasileira (list of lyrics maintained by Patrícia Coelho)
  48. World-Wide Samba Home Page Great Britain
  49. Supersonic Guide To British Indie Music ? Bulgaria
  50. Bulgarian Music Guide Canada
  51. Northern Journey Online — Canadian Folk Music Website
  52. Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Page
  53. Rainbow Walker Music: A Native American/Canadian Music Site Caribbean
  54. Afro-Caribbean Music
  55. AfroCubaWeb–Music
  56. Caribbean Music & Dance Programs
  57. Cuban Music & Musicians
  58. CubaNet: Music – Newspaper online (use the search option to find music related information)
  59. La Danza Puertorriqueña
  60. The History of what is called `Salsa’ / Martin Morales Celtic/Ireland
  61. BMG Classics:
  62. Bodhrán Page
  63. Ceolas Celtic Music Archive
  64. Ceolas Celtic Music Archive –ftp
  65. Irish Traditional Music Archive
  66. Irish World Music Centre, University of Limerick
  67. Thistle and Shamrock Stations List
  68. Tunes at Ceolas Chinese
  69. Chinese Folk Dance Company (New York, NY)
  70. Chinese Music
  71. Chinese Music –ftp Croatia
  72. Music from Croatia Finland
  73. Finnish Institute of Recorded Sound
  74. Finish Records France
  75. French Music Database
  76. Le Rap Francais
  77. Manca – Musiques Hungarian
  78. Hungarian music Iceland
  79. Icelandic Music Page India
  80. Batish Institute of Indian Music and Fine Arts
  81. Indian Classical Arts by N.S. Sundar
  82. Indian Classical Music
  83. Indian Film Music and Tabla
  84. Sursangam School of North Indian Music Indonesia
  85. Aradin.Com: Web Guide to Indonesian Music Italy
  86. Italian Live Music and Night ? Jamaica
  87. About Ska and Reggae — Complete Directory of Resources for Jamaican Music Jewish
  88. Jewish Music Resources
  89. Shema Yisrael Torah Network – Jewish Jukebox Latin America
  90. (news and more)
  92. Iberian & Latin American Music Online
  93. LANIC: Latin American Music Resources Online
  94. — Latin Music On-Line!
  95. LatinGate — your gate to the latin world
  96. Latino Jukebox (Salsa music)
  97. Mundo Latino – Música Latina Norway
  98. Nordic Music Organisations Philippine
  99. Russia
  100. Music under Soviet rule / maintained by: Souther Illinois University at Edwardsville
  101. Russian Classical Music
  102. Russian Classical Music Links
  103. Russian Independent Music Site Archive (no longer updated)
  104. Russian Music Page ? Spain
  105. Cultural Page: Spain – Spanish Music and Dances
  106. Flamenco
  107. Flamenco & Jazz / Falmenco
  108. WWW Spain – Art: Music Turkey
  109. Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar, Classics of Traditional Turkish Art Music in Printed Form from the 20th century

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