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JF and I will be at SXSW to enjoy an early Spring break from the 6-11 March. If you’re attending – let us know – and we can hook up.

So if you see us (shiny pictures – provided for i.d.) – don’t hesitate to come up and say hello. We have loads of kewl 1″ inch pins and postcards from our feed your eyes* collection to give away.

Carole GuevinJean-Francois Simard

WE LUV EVERYTHING DESIGN is available for free as a .pdf print ready poster to inspire yourself. It is an original ad that appeared in IdN print magazine last issue.

Here is a bit of the creative process behind it. Digged in my stock photography – did some corrections to the original picture like removing a fire extinguisher on the back wall behind the couple snapped at Coupe Bizarre in Toronto, doubled it and integrated a pixellized color levelled cityscape extracted from a picture of a hotel lounge in Barcelona.

Shot one of my hand-drawn illustrations, live traced it, selected bits and pieces and finalized the layout. Some of the black and yellow items are spot color over-prints.

Finally, used horizontal boxes and set the copy of familiar tag lines we’ve used over the years.

We luv everything design poster

Download and print the poster

FOWD (Future of Web Design) returns to London! An unmissable event for people who are serious about cutting edge inspiration, advice and best practice.

Upcoming: April 17-18

MANNED CLOUD Cruise Airship, Paris, France

“Manned Cloud is an alternative project around leisure and travelling in all its form, economic and experimental, still with the idea of lightness, human experience and life scenarios as the guiding principles. It is a hotel with a capacity of 40 passengers and staffed with 15 persons, that on a 3-day cruise in 170 km/h permits man to explore the world without a trace.”

An original idea and design by Jean-Marie Massaud who mostly do product design.

Beam me up Scotty!

via Dezeen

His style of illustration is retro meets digital rich with details and saturated colors. Mostly using line art he owns a high technical knowledge of perspective. Ross MacDonald has succeed in carving for himself an undisputable niche with his versatility.

Carson Workshops presents Transcending CSS: Styling For A Beautiful Web. Learn to style the striking, the radical and the beautiful with CSS by Andy Clarke.

Upcoming: May 14

iA (Information Architects) is a strategic design agency in Tokyo, Japan. They analyze business goals, user needs and develop interfaces that match.

They have release a Web Trend Map 2008 Beta which is a work in progress and contains 300 of the most influential and successful websites pinned down to the greater Tokyo-area train map.

Information design is a fascinating and fast-growing field and how complex informations are rendered are often almost art worthy. Current map is available for download.

Far out! Check out what happened when someone took it on to render as Algebraic surfaces words, people and objects. The exercise seems to me completely geeky, click image to enlager to appreciate some of the visual results who are intricately shaped and colorized.

I would refer to the category of design for the Pasteleria ESCRIBÀ described as creator of illustions – a website that relies on visuals to capture visitors attention and right in the same line as Got Milk? – which collected a shelf full of awards this year.

I like immersive experiences – especially when there are numerous sections with content to integrate. Mouth watering and huggable critters manned the interface. Exquisite attention to details.. pure eye candy delight!

From Barcelona with luv!

XING by /// ICON5

ICON5 The Big Picture, is more than a slogan, it is the perspective through which we see our future – a future of limitless possibilities for illustrators as thinkers, story tellers and providers of creative content and the conference will examine and discuss the current creative and economic forces that our industry faces today.

Upcoming: July 2-5

Hyper is a collection of floating people in a supermarket by Denis Darzacq photographer extraordinaire. Luscious colors and composition – I have no clue how he pulled this together but my guess, lots of photoshop’ing and image editing.

There is another collection – La Chute – which involved a hip hop dance company who were captured, floating as well.

Must see!

I haven’t been this excited about a website in a while. Calliope is an Italian fashion line – and no – they are not launching an internal magazine but have used the look and feel of a magazine to build the navigation for their Spring-Summer website!

That is such a fantastic idea – watch out for this trend setting! You wann bet we’re going to see more websites picking up on this idea. Anyway – the photography is well manicured and splendid!

That’s a first for me. How about choosing to promote your work by showing all the (solo) exhibits you’ve done? Which means that your material must be gallery-ready. Well this is what Michael A. Salter has achieved and how he displays his work on his website.

Welcome to a world of mega sized characters most with in your face attitude and intricate robots of foam or cardboard and illustrations/paintings of all kinds.

Adobe AIR v1.0 & Flex 3.0 Released; New Adobe Open Source Site Launched

Continuing their march into the RIA space, Adobe announced today the official release of AIR v1.0 and Flex 3.0.

via Ajaxian

Can you believe these are plasticine sculptures about 6-8 inches tall??? The striking likeness of the original person, the captured character lines and expressions as well as attention to details, are impressive. Check Steve Job rendering for one and Benazir Bhutto – which are highly recognizable personaities.

More on Karen Caldicott website.

You may like or dislike his work – but I can assure you don’t have to take any particular stand to appreciate David Carson take on being a designer! And how – as a self-taught one – he seized the opportunities and ran with them… far!!!

The risks he took were phenomenal – and designing a new ‘grid’ for a magazine for each issue – is not your average joe graphic type assignment. It only points out to his will and capability of reinventing oneself and never standing so sure, as to having made it somewhere.

Explore his creative process and philosophy and how he thinks, we designers should approach same, and how litterally he did editorial design by reading the content and visually interpretating it.

The interview is is a pretty big quicktime file – be patient! It’s worth it!

Just found this gem: a simple and very kewl website for Marie-Hélène de Taillac who, perhaps you have guessed it – is an artisan jeweller. Her website feels as precious and delicate as her pieces are.

She likes colors and so do I. She favors the briolet shapes and so do I. She started her career in fashion and that I’ve never set foot on.

Making room for another colorful illustrator, Russell Brocklehurst who offers a wide range of business related concepts.

Jawa and Midwich (quite an interesting company name) likes white and so do I. They are a design studio based in the UK doing mostly corporate id, print work, product packaging. They’ve garnered both recognition and awrds for their work.

If you like, limited edition posters are now available.

Christeina McLean is a multi-faceted designer and artist who has since graduating held various positions, taught graphic design and was artist of the year at the Mutual Gallery.

I particularly like her well crafted print and textile projects!

Good 50×70 is back! Entrants are asked to design posters (on as many briefs as they wish) and the posters selected as the best by our jury of eminent graphic designers will be given to the charities to use for potential campaigns and exhibited around the world

Deadline: April 20

Manny Tan has been playing with flash probably in the very early versions. He is one of the first explorative sites to make it to the Flashware gallery under [ uncontrol ] which is – as he states – is his playground and you can download most of the scripts!

You have gotta see this animation! On his website you can download the algoritihm based experiments. Respect!

Computer Arts Graduate showcase 2008 call for entries

The Graduate Showcase is eagerly anticipated by the design industry and community, with both studios and agents looking to sign promising new talent. Your chance to get your work seen by over 20,000 design professionals worldwide!

Deadline: April 14

You have gotta see what Kristina Collantes does by using repetitive patterns to adorn photographs and build mesmerizing forms in her illustrations.

Sorry, Boys, This is Our Domain by Stephanie Rosenbloom

“Geek chic: not just for guys. THE prototypical computer whiz of popular imagination — pasty, geeky, male — has failed to live up to his reputation.”

Although the clichés are still hanging on tight: girls are relational, boys are technological, there is definitely something going-on. What’s the use of technology without content???

To the rise of all the Powagirrrls!

via Lauren Bessen

One Is the Loveliest Color by Joanna Goddard

“Commitment? Art project? OCD? Five New Yorkers who wear only one color all day, every day (and it’s not black).” Wow and I thought I was a bit extreme by wearing jeans and tees 365 days of a year.

These folks are definitely taking this dedication to a whole new level. Would you do something like this?

Rebecca Turbow wore turquoise for 8 years before switching to gray!


Kewl flash advert website for T Mobile Sidekick3 that contains 30 original characters and backgrounds designed by talented studio

ilovedust who have just relaunched their new website. Both must see!

Otto Steininger is drawing funny little doodles for people who pay him to do that.

I find it hard to come by that kind of talent, but then, isn’t it what photography all about? Telling a story instantly? I mean shouldn’t we get the vibe, the personality, the mood, the attitude upon first sight?

Well this is what Spiros Politis is capable of and if you dig into his portfolio, you will see what I mean.

Cookie is hiring! They are looking for hot shot PHP and Flash developers. These are full time positions and if you live outside of Gdansk, they’ll help you relocate!

If you want to see an illustrator who has mastered his own style using quirky scrawled lines, collage-like compositions and makes a living doing it, see Martin Haake portfolio.

If you’re guessing if this is a pixel characters experiment well to a certain degree it is, because, well the thumbnails are… but then again, you will be surprised. My Star Wars Collection is Joshua Budich display of his extensive collection of saga related toys which took 9 years to gather. I didn’t even know that sooo many had been released.

Oh the craziness!

Give it up for Nomint motion design studio! Reaping full of talent, visual extravaganza, excellent storyboarding. Good! So much goods I suggest you view them all!

From Greece with luv!

XING by /// Netdiver

Wanna reach a fabulous international audience of design achievers and developers always on their toes?

Advertise with us!

She designs clothes for a living and her collections are as elegant as funky. “The brand marries the rich reservoir of textiles and handcrafts from India with the contemporary fashion trends to create ensemles for a clientele with a penchant for artistic and an elclectic lifestyle.”

Meet Nimita Rathod our new powagirrrl!

50 Networking Thoughts Everyone Should Read by Scott Ginsberg

“Talk to everybody. Don’t sell them; don’t probe them, just make friends. Make friends with everybody. Because people buy people first.”

Guillermo Damian Fernandez aka GFERNA has reloaded his website with new works and he keeps on extending the boundaries between art and design. He is also runs Bluevertigo, a design resource from Argentina.

Just found this far out advertising shorts for the Madrid metro (subway) which allows you to see the world from under. Gabe Ibanez is the brilliant mind behind the project and he specializes in animation and special effects.

Dating back to 2004, the technique and editing are impeccable as the camera moves from one surprising location to another. Produced by Peliculas Ponder.

Fanny Khoo and Tom Merckx partners as Me and Mister Jones and design, art direct and do stuff as in exhibits!

You’re going to be blown away by the quality of their work!

The Rules of Digital Engagement by Jonathan Follett

“For contract web workers, consultants, and freelancers who work with far-flung collaborators, multiple clients, and constantly shifting teams, the rules of digital engagement—the way we interact with each other and resolve conflict in virtual space—are constantly changing.”

Welcome to the Zune Journey… that wanders with no end in sight using a flash built visual playground loaded with psychedelia illustrations and user interactions.. Click and zoom in any directions on your screen and see what happens.

Fantastic way to reach your audience with a lifestyle widget!

Things I have Learned in My Life So Far is a compendium of philosophical introspection tidbits by the design community enfant terrible Stefan Sagmeister, now an exhibit and also available as a book.

It seems that some of these taglines were used for clients after his return from his sabbatical year back in 2000. Well in my view, if you can convice clients to play along – given how corporations rather go for profits first than values – shows a high level of persuasion.

A list of my favorites:

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