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Web articles
and commentaries on specific topics
in the History of Cartography

(The only comprehensive, annotated bibliography on the web for free online material in the subject,
comprising over 1000 links – updated at least every two months)
Last updates 1 March 2008



‘Web articles in the history of cartography’

Web articles in the history of cartography

What is included/excluded
This is a listing of several hundred free web sources whose text is substantial or original enough to be worth a visit, arranged under convenient sub-headings. Brief, superficial, speculative and politically-motivated texts have been ignored. So too have book reviews, but see a searchable list of all book reviews posted to the several HNET discussion lists. The works listed on ‘Web Articles’ range from fully footnoted, scholarly texts, to general summaries; and from interpretative works to map bibliographies. Some are dual (print and web) publications, but many are unpublished and accessible only via the web. Academic papers in PDF or PostScript format are usually not indexed by search engines and have (generally) not been included here.
Online exhibitions have been systematically included since October 2000, providing they include sufficient commentary. They are prefixed with +, which allows them to be searched for. Exhibitions with little or no text will usually be included on the Map Images pages.

Printed sources
While the number of web texts is growing steadily, most of the best work will still be found in a printed source, such as Imago Mundi: the International Journal for the History of Cartography, in other published journals, or in works listed under Reading Suggestions.

Citing electronic articles
See ‘Citing Electronic Sources’, created by Janice R. Walker (1995-7), giving rules and examples (Parks Junior High, Fullerton, California).

e-journals (cartographic)
MapForum appeared as a free e-journal until Issue 15 [2002]. There was no cumulative contents listing. However, its substantial articles have been included in this listing, and the ‘Atlas Collations’ come mostly from that source. In 2004, Map Forum became a print journal.

The bi-monthly magazine Mercator’s World provided a selection of its articles on the web. When it ceased publication the website disappeared. However, the site has been archived by the Wayback Machine. The entire run of the web-mounted articles (1996-2003) can therefore still be retrieved, mostly from these Web Articles pages, although the illustrations are not included.

e-journal sites (in general)
Only freely accessible sites have been listed. Those from Project Muse and JSTOR (an archive of digitised back issues of selected journals, available on subscription) have not been included. Increasingly, print journals offer online access via subscribing libraries. Such articles are not listed here, although their various online sources may be found via a search engine.

<!– Discontinued June 2006. Might be revived? For history journals see The History Journals Guide by Stefan Blaschke. –> Library of Congress site
Several of the links are to the excellent Library of Congress ‘American Memory’ site, whose map links can be accessed via « Map Collections: 1544-[present] ».

Oddens’ Bookmarks
Many of these links were found via the special antiquarian search option for Oddens’ Bookmarks (see particularly ‘History of Cartography – Literature and Maps and Atlases – Old’).

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