……… LIENS OLD JAZZ ………….

Wright’s Website
John lives
in Coventry, UK, and has the best website for
general information on collecting 78’s.
Everything you want to know about collecting,
restoring records, artists, values; you name it,
you’ll find it!
Settlemier’s Records & Phonograph Links
This is the
most complete list of 78 rpm links on the web
about 78 rpm records and antique phonographs.
www.schellacks.de Absolutely the most beautiful page about the 78 rpm era has been created by Marco Rosenkranz from Steinau in Germany. Unfortunately for those who don’t speak the language, this really tasteful designed website is in German. But you can find here a treasure of music, radio-programmes, photos and related topics. Good for hours of nostalgic internet pleasure! the 20-to-40-Style Syndicate Another website from Germany. But this one is also in English available (look for the British flag in the centre of your screen).
Katy, Markus and Frank are three passionate lovers of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. They have combined their historical interest and knowledge in this beautiful website. It is remarkable to see how modern people are inspired by lifestyles from the inter-bellum and the war-years.
Dismuke’s Virtual
Talking Machine
Mr. Dismuke
(he won’t tell us his first name) is a young guy
from Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas. His site
inspired me to build my own. It was the first
website that I came across that includes 78 rpm
music in Streaming Real Audio format (thank you,
Mr. Dismuke!). You can enjoy music from the turn
of the century (not the last one!) and the 1920s
and 1930s. Pay the man a visit and you won’t
regret it!
Shellac Shanty
He calls
himself Brad the Impaler. This funny guy built a
nice jukebox full of 78’s in Real Audio. Also
have a look at his Laughing And Crying Records
Nos « 78 Tours » On this website (in French) of Michel Essevaz-Roulet you can listen to an enormous amount of 78’s, from jazz to classical and of course lots of French chansons. Via this site a large database is accessible for people searching for recording data. His second site Jazz on-line is in English and offers loads of jazz music in realaudio format. Have a look!
Durbin Museum
This is the
site that I built especially about Deanna Durbin.
It features a collection of photos, biographical
and film information on the Canadian
actress/singer from the golden days of Hollywood
(in English and Dutch)
Jack Hylton
Official Website
and very complete website about the most famous
British bandleader Hylton. Made by the
musician/composer Pete Faint.
A marvelous
internet radiostation, playing hits from the 78
rpm era 24 hours a day. WMKV is a
member-supported, educational, public radio
station, broadcasting Big Band Era music as well
as Health and Wellness programming and talk
78-L 78-L is a
discussion group devoted to music and recordings
of the pre-LP era. The list is open to collectors
and lovers of all kinds of music of this era.
They also welcome discussion of recording
history, discography, the collectors’ market, and
vintage phonographs. The group is not slanted
toward any particular type of music or collector
Golden Age of British Dance Bands
discussion forum for all who love the Great
British Dance Bands of the 1920’s,1930’s and
1940’s (and relevant bands thereafter) as well as
the popular music of that era known as The Golden
Age of British Dance Bands
Mal Evans Memorial Band Beside my passion for ‘old’ music, I also play with lots of pleasure music from a more recent era in this frequently booked and well-playing Beatles tribute band. It is named after one of the roadies who worked for the Beatles during their entire career: Mal Evans, who was killed in 1976 at a tragic shooting incident. Check it out! Miss Joeri Miss Joeri from Amsterdam is completely fascinated by the era 1930-1945. She has arranged her life, both professional and personal, as to enable to dwell in the atmosphere of those years. How has she managed that? Visit her site, be amazed, and let her take you back to former times under her motto ‘Going Retro’.

I would appreciate it very much if you would put a link on your website to Jan’s 78 RPM Record Warehouse!
…………………………………………… MEGA MP3 COLLECTION …………………………………………

Artist, direction, composer title, (year), listen with REAL format is free
Erskine Hawkins & His Orch Riff Time (1940)
Mills Bros Will Handy St Louis Blues (1932)
Sonny Boy Williamson Goodbye Red (1938)
Bob Howard & His Orch On Revival Day (1938)
Mills Brothers I Don’t Know Enough About You ()
Capitol Jazzmen With Barney Bigard Sugar (1944)
Gene Austin Ya Gotta How To Love (1926)
Fats Waller & His Rhythm Baby Brown (1935)
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra Vocal Refrain By Edythe Wright Harold Adamson-walter Donaldson Did I Remember (from The M-g-m Film « suzy ») (n)
Count Basie And His Orch The Glory Of Love (1937)
Red Norvo & His Orch You Leave Me Breathless (v M. Bailey) ()
Andrews Sisters Lullaby To A Jitterbug (1938)
Louis Armstrong I’ve Got The World On A String (1933)
Louis Prima New Orleans Gang Afraid To Dream (n)
Mills Brothers London Rhythm (1936)
Tommy Dorsey & His Orch Let’s Disappear (1939)
Louis Armstrong & His Orch Henry Creamer-j.p.johnson If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight (1930)
Woody Herman & His Orchestra East Side Kick (1939)
Lu Watters’s Yerba Buena Jazz B Annie Street Rock (n)
King Cole Trio The Best Man ()
Peggy Lee W Dave Barbour Orch It’s A Good Day ()
High Hatters Moonlight Savings Time (1931)
Glenn Miller And His Orch Perfidia (1941)
Byron Parker Mountaineers A Beautiful Life (1940)
Roy Eldridge & His Orchestra After You’ve Gone (1944)
Hal Kemp & His Orchestra I Couldn’t Tell Them What I Thought (1933)
Louis Armstrong & His Orch Tea For Two Pt.1 (1947)
Glenn Miller & His Orch Our Love Affair (vre) (1940)
Enric Madriguera & His Orchestra Brazil (1941)
Fletcher Henderson & His Orch Leader-coleman-eller Money Blues (1925)
Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra Back In Your Own Back Yard (1928)
Sara Martin ’tain’t Nobody’s Bus’ness If I Do (1922)
Benny Goodman And His Orchestra I’m Here (1941)
Benny Morton’s All Stars Limehouse Blues (1945)
Billy Murray (tenor) In My Merry Oldsmobile (1906)
Cab Calloway & His Orch Who Calls (1941)
Bunny Berigan & His Orch Mother Goose (1937)
Leo Reisman And His Orchestra, Vocal By Harold Arlen Stormy Weather (1933)
Woody Herman & His Orch Schoebel-p.mares-l.rappolo Farewell Blues (1939)
Eddie Cantor Fisher I’m Hungry For Beautiful Girls (1922)
Katie Crippen Cocal Ac. By Henderson’s Novelty Orchestra Play ’em For Mama, Sing ’em For Me (1921)
Ellis Stratakos And His Hotel Jung Orchestra John Hyman (wiggs) Silvers-clarke Weary River (1929)
Dolly Dawn’s Dawn Patrol Who Blew Out The Flame (vdd) (1938)
Pete Johnson’s Allstars Pete’s Lonesome Blues (1946)
Charlie Barnet & His Orch Girl With The Pigtails In Her Hair (1939)
Art Kassel And His « kassels-in-the-air » Angeline (1942) Hit 118 of 1942
Rex Stewart & His Orchestra Baby, Ain’t You Satisfied? (1934)
Henry Burr (tenor) Fisher You’re The Only Girl That Made Me Cry (1920)
Bessie Smith Bessie Smith Baby Doll (1926)
Freddy Martin And His Orchestra Symphony ()
Will Bradley And His Orchestra Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar, Part 2 (1940)
Tiny Hill And His Orchestra Auld Lang Syne (n)
Dorsey Brothers Orchestra Gordon-revel « gay Divorce » Don’t Let It Bother You (v3) (1934)
Allen Brothers Mother In Law Blues (1931)
Dykes Magic City Trio Golden Slippers (1927)
Frankie Laine I Believe ()
Henry Busse And His Orch Harry Warren-al Dubin With Plenty Of Money And You (vbob Hannon) (1936)
Ray Noble & His Orch The Moment I Met You (1933)
Bing Crosby Lazy Day (1932)
Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra Nagasaki (1935)
James Pete Johnson James P Johnson Over The Bars (1944)
Woody Herman & His Orchestra The Rhumba Jumps (1939)
Louis Armstrong & His Orch L.armstrong Hobo, You Can’t Ride This Train (1932)
Lionel Hampton & His Orch Barris-clifford-crosby I Surrender, Dear (1937)
Helen Kane I’d Go Barefoot All Winter Long (1930)
Benny Goodman & His Orchestra These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You (1936)
High Hatters (l.joy) Gotta Feeling For You (1929)
Bing Crosby – J.s.trotter Mandy Is Two (1942)
Louis Prima’s New Orleans Gang The Stars Know (1936)
New Orleans Feetwarmers Joe Jordan-tommy Ladnier Sweetie Dear (1932)
Tommy Dorsey And His Orch Let’s Get Away From It All (1941)
Buster Bailey & Ho Eccentric Rag (1940)
Arnold Ross Qt Stairway To The Stars ()
Roy Eldridge & His Orch Roy Eldridge Florida Stomp (1937)
The Smoothies Easy Does It (n)
Coleman Hawkins Allstar Jam Thomas Waller Honeysuckle Rose (1937)
Charlie Spivak And His Orchestra Vocal By Jimmy Saunders For Sentimental Reasons ()
Claude Hopkins & His Orchestra Ain’t Misbehavin’ (v O. Roberson) (1934)
Al Jolson Milton Ager Who Cares (1922)
Freddy Martin And His Orch Get Rhythm In Your Feet (1935)
Artie Shaw And His New Music Afraid To Dream (1937)
Ink Spots It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie (1941)
Wayne King And His Orchestra Evening Star ()
Benny Goodman And His Orchestra Chloe (1937)
Bing Crosby – J.s.trotter Marcheta (1940)
Cab Calloway & His Orchestra Are You All Reet (1941)
Benny Goodman And His Orchestra Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (1941)
Lester Young You’re Driving Me Crazy (1946)
Edmond Hall Allstar Qunitet Blue Interval (1945)
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Or. Buster & Bennie Moten Let’s Get It (1929)
Alberta Hunter Stingaree Blues (1923)
King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band J.oliver-l.armstrong Canal Street Blues (1923)
Charley Patton Charley Patton Banty Rooster Blues (1929)
Stuff Smith & Onyx Club Boys Robins And Roses (1936)
Sy Oliver & His Orch Four To Go (1947)
Ink Spots Roy Brodsky Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart (1948)
Buddy Johnson & His Band Please, Mr Johnson (1940)
Bing Crosby-trudy Erwin People Will Say We’re In Love (1943)
Carter Family M.carter My Home Among The Hills (1940)
Bing Crosby Paradise Isle Trio When I Lost You (1940)
Duke Ellington Famous Orch My Heart Sings (1945)
Glenn Miller & His Orch Al Dubin – Ernesto Lecuona* The Angels Came Thru (vre) (1941)
Frank Crumit Gershwin S’ Wonderful (1927)
Mckinney’s Cotton Pickers Redman-hudson I’d Love It (1929)
Artie Shaw & His Orch Through The Years (1941)
Ben Bernie & His Orchestra Au Revoir Pleasant Dreams (1930)
Billie Holiday W Eddy Heywood She’s Funny That Way (1944)
Art Hickman’s Orch Tell Me Little Gypsy (1920)
Gene Krupa & His Orch Wallington Lemon Drop (vfrank Ross) (1949)
Bessie Smith Green A Good Man Is Hard To Find (1927)
Sam Lanin’s Dance Orchestra [al] Dubin;[joseph] Burke Sing A Little Theme Song (vsl) (1930)
Three Peppers Fuzzy Wuzzy (1938)
Billy Banks & His Band Oh! You Sweet Thing (1932)
Dorsey Brothers Orchestra Spina-burke It’s Dark On Observatory Hill (vbc) (1934)
Earl Hines Trio Waller-link-rose I’ve Got A Feeling I’m Falling (1944)
Eddie Cantor Over Somebody Else’s Shoulder (1934)
Louis Jordan & His Tympani 5 How ’bout That? (1941)
Kay Kyser & His Orchestra Collegiate Fanny (1929)
Bing Crosby-jack Teagarden The Waiter And The Porter & The Upstairs Maid (1941)
Meyer Davis & His Orch On A Steamer Coming Over (vc.palloy) (1933)
Paul Whiteman & His Orch Rykers-marijulis Forget Me Not (1928)
Al Jolson Chloe (1920)
Slam Stewart Qt On The Upside Looking Down (1945)
Paul Howard Quality Serenaders Gettin’ Ready Blues (1930)
Nat Shilkret Trio There Is A Happy Land (1929)
Sweet Violet Boys Hinky Dinky Parley Voo Part 1 (1936)
Glenn Miller & His Orch Sam M. Lewis – Terry Shand* What’s The Matter With Me (vmh) (1940)
Coleman Hawkins It’s The Talk Of The Town (1945)
King Cole Qt I Like To Riff (1941)
Andrews Sisters Here Comes The Navy (1942)
Leo Reisman & His Orch There’s Something In Your Eyes (vfl) (1932)
Gray Gordon And His Orchestra Molly Malone (1940) Hit 317 of 1940
Louis Armstrong Savoy Ballroom Don Redman No One Else But You (1928)
Gene Krupa & His Orch Everybody Loves My Baby (1946)
Edgar Hayes & His Orchestra Sophisticated Swing (1938)
Bob Howard & His Orch Much Too Much (1936)
Louis Prima And His Orchestra (louis Prima And Lily An Hitsum-kitsum-bumpity-itsum ()
Meade Lux Lewis Lewis Bear Cat Crawl (1938)
Al Jolson Al Jolson-bud Desylva Arcady (1923)
Washboard Rhythm Kings Benny Carter Blues In My Heart (1931)
Chick Webb And His Orchestra Vocal Ella Fitzgerald I Got A Guy (1937)
Victor Young & His Orch Flirtation Walk (1934)
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Or. Bennie Moten Sad Man Blues (1928)
Big Three Trio I Feel Like Steppin’ Out (1949)
Pete Brown Sextet Pushin’ The Mop (1945)
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra Duke Ellington Across The Track Blues (1940)
Benny Goodman Qt Smiles (1937)
Harmonians I’m Looking Over A Four Lea ()
Cab Calloway And His Orch Miss Otis Regrets (1935)
Benny Goodman Sextet Ac Dc Current (1939)
Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra Cover Me Up With Sunshine (1926)
Ruth Brown Daddy, Daddy (1952)
Willie Bryant & His Orch Mary Had A Little Lamb (1936)
Ernest Tubb Slippin’ Around (1949) Hit 157 of 1949
Dave Harman And His Orch Lew Brown-jay Gorney We’re Out Of The Red (1934)
Jimmie Lunceford & His Orch I Had A Premonition (1941)
King Cole Trio The Man I Love ()
Anna Jones (i Wish I Could Shimmy Like My) Sister Kate (1923)
418th Aaftc Band Under The Direction Of Captain Glenn Miller Buckle Down Winsocki (1943)
Muddy Waters I’m Your Hootchie Kootchie Man ()
California Ramblers The Pay Off (1928)
Perry Como Temptation (1945)
Louis Prima & His Orch Prima-skylar-kaye Hitsum Kitsum Bumpity Itsum (v L P- L A C) (1944)
Louis Armstrong & His Orch. Me And Brother Bill (1939)
Charlie Barnet & His Orch Slim Gaillard-bud Green Jump Session (1939)
Billy Kyle Swing Club Band Sundays Are Reserved (vocal Palmer Bros) (1937)
Willie Bryant & His Orch Long About Midnight (1935)
Bing Crosby W Georgie Stoll Sailor Beware (1935)
Duke Ellington And His Orch In A Sentimental Mood (1935)
Modernaires To Each His Own (1946)
Glenn Miller Aaf Band Honeysuckle Rose ()
Oscar Peterson How High The Moon ()
Clarence Williams Blue Five C.williams-c.smith-henry Troy Cakewalking Babies (1925)
Charlie Barnet & His Orch I Wouldn’t Give That For Love (v J E) (1939)
Earl Hines & His Orchestra G. T. Stomp ()
Benny Goodman And His Boys Edward Ory – Ray Gilbert Muskrat Ramble (1929)
Harry James And His Orch Two O’clock Jump (1939)
Jean Shepard A Dear John Letter (n)
Busse’s Buzzards Deep Elm (1925)
Bing Crosby – J.s.trotter Or. Too Ra-loo-ra Loo-rai (1944)
Ella Mae Morse Shoo Shoo Baby ()
George Olsen & His Music Desylva-brown-henderson Lucky Day (v F F-b R-b B) (1926)
Billy Murray – Chorus – O For Me And My Gal – Foxtrot (george W. Meyer – Edgar Leslie & E. Ray Goetz) ()
Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra Feat. V/bob Goday Whistle While You Work (1938)
Lee Morse Rocking Chair Blues (1925)
Tommy Dorsey & His Orch Marching Along With Time (1938)
Django Reinhardt Et Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France Avec Stéphane Grapelly I’ve Had My Moments (1935)
Lionel Hampton & His Orch I Just Couldn’t Take It, Baby (1937)
Charlie Barnet & His Orch The Wrong Idea (1939)
Glenn Miller And His Orchestra Adamson-lazzaro The Woodpecker Song (vmarion Hutton) (1940)
Boyd Raeburn And His Orch Interlude – Night In Tunisia (1945)
Freddy Gardner I Only Have Eyes For You (1948)
Bunny Banks Trio Wm Campbell. Don’t Stop Now (vbonnie Davis) (1942)
Jones-collins Astoria Hot 8 Joe Robichaux-ted Purnell Tip Easy Blues (1929)
Bob Crosby & His Orchestra Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree (1942)
Waring’s Pennsylvanians Little White Lies (1930)
Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band Stompin’ At The Savoy (1944-)
Alvina Rey & His Orch Picnic In Purgatory (1942)
Jelly Roll Morton (piano) Ferdinand Morton Freakish (1929)
Bill Harris And His New Music Everything Happens To Me (1946)

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