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You can watch all of these videos on-line with Real Player or Media Player. I have created this archive for use by educators and others who wish to view Internet documentaries and other films. Each set of videos has a corresponding topic. You can scroll down the page or use the navigation bar to the left. Enjoy! This page was last updated in July of 2006. Please direct any questions to me, Scott A. Lukas, Ph.D.



Internet Archive —View free feature films.

Prelinger Archives —Films on topics ranging from tires to Coney Island.

Independent News —Highly recommended (offers many features).

Open Source Movies —Just about every topic you can imagine!

Audio Archive—Features audio exhibits.

Brick Films —Another archive with multiple topics.

BBC Video Nation—An excellent collection on many topics.

Google Video—A beta from Google, some freebies, others are commercials for which you must pay.

Text Archive—Features electronic text archives.

Open Video Project—A huge collection of documentaries.

Underground Film—Offers many free films.

Research Channel—Loads of educational videos on many topics.

Link TV—A number of shows featuring live streaming.

Frontline—The whole series of videos can be found here.

Atom Films—Offers many short documentaries.

Escreening Room—Offers independent documentaries.

National Archives Videos—A project through Google and the National Archives; features many, many videos, most on political topics, war, etc.

Political FilmsAll sorts of video on too many topics to categorize here, so just take a look.

Free Films, Features & DocsThis is a very large site that should be looked at. There are numerous free films, and many documentaries on various topics.


Work and Business

FrontlineA Dangerous Business (on the topic of workplace crime)

FrontlineBigger than Enron (on corporate crimes).

FrontlineThe Wall Street Fix (on Worldcom and other matters).

FrontlineDotcon (focuses on the Internet crash and Wall Street deviance). {currently down}

FrontlineHilary’s Class (on Hilary Clinton and women’s issues).

FrontlineThe Farmer’s Wife (considering the U.S. farm crisis).

Jobs and Work—From the BBC.

Frontline—Tax Me If You Can

Frontline—Is Wal-Mart Good for America?

Frontline—Can You Afford to Retire?


The War in Iraq

Frontline—Beyond Baghdad

War TV—Videos on the war in Iraq.

The War in Iraq—From the BBC.

FrontlineTruth, War and Consequences

Frontline—Rumsfeld’s War

FrontlineThe Insurgency

Frontline—The Torture Question

Frontline —Private Warriors (contractors)

Frontline —A Company of Soldiers

Frontline The Soldier’s Heart

Frontline The Dark Side (Cheney and the CIA)



Carlyle Group Exposed—Worth a look!
Commanding Heights—On the global economy.


The Holocaust

Frontline —A Jew among the Germans

Frontline—Memory of the Camps


 Crime and Deviance

FrontlineThe Secret History of the Credit Card

Cannibis—A number of free videos.

Live from Death Row—Mumia.

Crime Shorts—From the BBC.

Hemp for Victory—A governmental propaganda film.

FrontlineAn Ordinary Crime (on a person wrongly accused).

FrontlineThe Meth Epidemic

Frontline—The Plea (on problems with U.S. criminal justice).

Death—Mumia #2.

FrontlineThe OJ Verdict

FrontlineAmerican Porn (on the U.S. pornography industry).

FrontlineBurden of Innocence (on the prison system).

FrontlineThe Other Drug War (on prescription drug abuse).



Designer Babies—On Genetic engineering.

NOVAThe Elegant Universe

Technology—Technology and age (from the BBC).

Computer Chronicles —A collection of technology films.


Popular Culture

Arts—From the BBC.

Sport—From the BBC.

FrontlineThe Way the Music Died

Food—Over 50 videos from the BBC.

Reggae Memories—From the BBC.

Music—Over 50 videos from the BBC.

Frontline The Persuaders (advertising)


Social Issues

Media that Matters—An excellent activist site that covers a variety of issues.

Talking Teenagers—A feature from the BBC.

Christmas—The BBC’s feature on the holiday.

Big Spender—A video feature from the BBC (focuses on debt in society).

Views on Social Values—From the BBC.

FrontlineAbortion Clinic (on abortion in America).

FrontlineThe Last Abortion Clinic

FrontlineInside the Teenage Brain (a feature on the mysterious teenager).

FrontlineMerchants of Cool (one of the best Frontline’s to date; considers marketing and socialization).

Scientologymany videos related to scientology.



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